Friday, November 10, 2006


Uhm. I just majorly embarassed myself today.

Quick! Hole!!!

It involves my stage fright (which returned in giddy vengence, buAHahahahaha!!! TQ for asking), my big mouth, a huge stage (Hall of Fame...), a panel consisting of industry people and lecturers, and a nice little crowd of people.

The ripples that your cup of water made was not from T-Rex, but rather, me. Sorry to the people who felt my hippo tremors T_T. I was shakin' like Elvis but I ain't dancin'.

It's not as bad as I may make it seem, but it's still VERY mortifying for me. I haven't felt like a fool for a long long time. This visit from the past that I'm not to inclined to meet again, but fate, ah! Nearly wanted to cry but didn't, because I'm reminding myself that I'm still learning, step by step. Even if it will bring a lot of clumsy tripping and many falls on my face (metaphorically), my falls are getting less frequent.

???????????????! ?????????????????????

Even though sometimes I blink and I'm back at where I started. It's annoying, all I can say. I feel like such a weak creature. Keep, keep walking forward. Fix your eyes on the path in front of you.

But it's good I suppose. It volley-smashes my flaws to the ground for all to see, but at least I can see what went wrong. I mean, I moaned to a few people abt this, but all of them go, "Nevermind, chalk it up as experience." If it was supposed to make me feel better, at that moment, it didn't lol. As said, am very embarassed, but then again, what's this compared to the number of times I've embarassed myself? The number is amazzzzing, like phwoar!!! I have my super thick hide to rely on. Not to mention my layers of gemukness. I love my friends for still being a friend even though I can be a little weird, awkward and unOrthodox sometimes.

It's a bit hard to admit your own shortcomings. In fact, I had to pull my self-confession out by cajoling, quick sharp tugs, and finally, threats. Bloody mule. Then I'm glad I did.

On another note, I'm very easily amused. Chat log with William, I can't look at it without chuckling:

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gianne said...

1. Seiji left...
Tuesday, 14 November 2006 4:19 am ::

"Stand! Walk over there! Always. Always. I want to go where the future is."? Haha. Not sure correct or not XD

Damn! William's doodles never fails to make me chuckle! Extremely good blog-material, I'd say. It seems like he's always talking about blogging but I never quite went off.. hopefully he'd post daily doodles on his future blog

2. GenieOnTheLoose left...
Tuesday, 14 November 2006 4:45 am

"Stand up! Then please walk. Always, forever. I want to go to where the future is"

Hahaha, gawd, my japanese have some major problems! I was debating over "sore de" and "soko de", but my meaning is "Then walk. (an order)"

Yea la, but miss la, that day forgot to screenshot... neh, the hendriyo and the 'V penis' one XDXD

3. William-Li left...
Saturday, 18 November 2006 12:31 am


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