Friday, December 01, 2006

College ramblings

     Semester 5 ended a little later for me because I'm too anal abt little details and such therefore making my progress slower than it is. Was working on a motion-graphics animation, which i was really excited about... in the beginning, haha. Midway through, I got pretty disappointed in my designs, as had wanted it to be more quirky and something-familiar-yet-new kind of thing, and for the animation to have more life, but I kinda fell into the trap of making my graphics look complete and rushing to finish the animation. the whole animation is just like, okay. Needs more feeling imho. Okay doesn't seem good enough, because I've been hearing okay my whole life and I'm still mediocre. Not too sure which is better; to lean into one extreme side, or to be right smack in the middle for my whole life.

     Done with 3d animation presentation last last Friday, I didn't sleep the night before and was feeling very tired lately, therefore I was blur the whole time and replied irrelevantly to conversations (especially to Kezia and William, haha). Found it hard to keep a train of thoughts and it keeps veering off course and crashing into other train tracks. So, passengers (aka brain cells) were like, "Choo Choo, wtf???" However, I really really liked this presentation, because the lecturer encouraged us to give constructive criticisms. Well, it's more like at-least-2-crits-or-else-you'd-be-here-alllll-day, and whether our classmates would invest in our works.

     I love to hear people's opinions and their thoughts more, because not only you get to learn something new, it gives you a knock out of your little world as well. It's not too common here to criticise someone in public. Especially when you know that they've probably spent a lot of time and effort on their work but it still doesn't come up to par. Maybe it's an asian mindset, culture or smthg? Like, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all? Directness is refreshing, and could be crucial in times like these imho. It could be quite scary and could turn hurtful, but then again, not many people outside of college would be that thoughtful to our, ahem, artist's 'sensitive souls' hahaha... *gets bricked*

Too bad that for this presentation there's not we can say other than the lighting, shadows, compositing, editing etc, and not the idea itself.

     Okay, this might be a little creepy to some, but when I was watching Edmund's presentation, I was hit with this serious case of dejavu because, honest to Smoochy, I've dreamt that part of his presentation before. The hills part. No shit weh.

Edmund: im in j00r head, invading ur dreamz

Scary... DX

     My presentation went alright, but I felt kinda meh because mine was the simplest model of all (cupcake, haha. ) so I put a whee more effort on editting and music... I got a few chuckles out of mine, but william's simply win big time for its crackiness and spoofness!!! I'm not sure if it will be amusing to people who has not seen the original video, but everyone in our class were in stitches over that! So, Youtube link !

Oh, and also, Adam's awesome trailer . If you're into grungy and kinda creepy feel, dark-ish arts, you'd totally love this.

     Out of all the classes this sem, I like 3D class best. I think that Irman, our lecturer, is one dedicated dude. He doesn't do all those coffee breaks, and would teach pass the allocated class time (well, mostly it's just individual progress checks), helpful, treats us as if we're already in the working world and he says 'whatnot' a lot. Okay, the last one is totally irrelevant, but i just chucked it in because it's my blog and all that jazz. It's something i noticed that's all, haha.

     Next up, NKB. At first I saw him as this serious guy. Maybe it's his experience from working in the industry. Maybe it's that businessman sounding initials. Maybe it's because Ike was telling me, Kez and Seiji that this new guy is good, even Eugene don't dare touch or smthg like that. Hence, imagination commences: cowboy showdown at dawn, with Eugene and NKB at opposite sides. Wearing chaps. Don't know about you, but the scene looks pretty cute in my head XDXD.

     Anyway. so with these thoughts in mind (minus the chaps), I checked my mail and I nearly sprayed my screen with Milo when his email's display name reads "kimkim". F-kun (name protected ;P) nicknamed him "kimochi~ pizza", "kimchi" and "my name is kim sam soon kim kim". Really beh-tahan, cannot look at him the same way again after that XDXD.

He earns another plus point for being a triplet.
NKB, Pinky-Mi, and Seiji

     Resemblance discovered on my birthday XDXD. It's Seiji's awesome "Mini-Me Austin Power"-style Pinky-Mi that he customised to resemble himself!! More on Pinkies in the coming posts.

For the web lect, I'll be nice and say, "No comment."

     Limay and Anis's advice is worth taking heed of, so I'm rather grateful to them. Shelby wouldn't had been created if it weren't for their prompting! Who is Shelby? Erm, guess what, I'm still kinda working on it... Anyway, memorable events: Derek teasing Anis and her expression + response = priceless.

As you can see I've ran out of battery to type. And not like people are gonna read all this shit anyway, lol. Damn, got a few backlogged entries summore...

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gianne said...

1. Seiji left...
Saturday, 27 January 2007 3:15 am

Haha. I noticed that 'whatnot' thingy too. During the first class, I was like... huh? "Is he nervous or something?" Then after the first few classes, I found it getting waaaay to cliche.. >_<

w00t!!! NKB and Eugene: cowboy showdown -----------------> BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN??? LOLSHITMEPANTS!!

1-800-55-699 *doot* *doot* "Hello, Kimochi Hut. Would you like some Kimochi delivery service? Kimchi flavour? 'Cheesy' crust or 'sausage' crust? Thanks for your order, your pizza will reach your doorstep before you can say 55699 (fai fai sik nai nai)."

p/s: Me and Pinky-Mi shall rule the earth

2. GenieOnTheLoose left...
Saturday, 27 January 2007 3:34 am ::

Wow. you seem more excited about the showdown than anyone else... are you absolutely sure you're straight??? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM...!!!!!

Eh, you damn crappy in such early hours of the morning XDXD