Saturday, December 02, 2006

Of taxi rides

Feeling slightly pooped, but typing this up anyway.

Am planning to make something for this little girl's belated birthday, so went fabric shopping around Sogo area today. Supposed to go alone then my mom decided to accompany me so I get to sit in the comfort of a taxi instead of taking a bus and a train, hurrah!! But then again...

The first taxi driver was a real friendly and nice fella... had a mop of lovely curly hair on his head. But the the lovely tag kinda died when he was frequently AND vigorously scratching his head with BOTH hands, while speeding. Not only that, at every traffic light, he took a short nap and a car at the back kept honking when the light was green. I mean, yea, pity the guy that he has to work when he's that tired, but my mother was rather worried; she was frantically digging through her purse hoping to find a sweet to give him, but all she has is some really old ginseng sweet which I think has, well, melted. And no, she didn't give it to him anyway! Dei, it's prolly spoilt.

The taxi ride home was better, although it could had been without the insects. As in, while looking out the window, a baby cockroach sauntered by (damn slumber like that), then disappeared in the back of the seat. My mom says it might go into my ear. After a while of sitting at an uncomfortable angle and with a finger stuck in my ear, the roach finally came out to the window, and I quickly rolled the window down, blew the little bugger onto the oncoming traffic road. A minute after I closed the window, a fly suddenly appeared from behind the car =__=;;;.

I give up la.

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