Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Mylo is currently giving me the puppy eyes treatment because she and Madie (aka Something Furry) are stuck in my room due to the arrival of electricians for some electrical ailments my house is having. I'm not to 'release' them until they are gone.

... crap, now Madie joined forces with Mylo. I must be strong, I must be strong....

Also, if there's such a thing as fixing something too well, these electricians did it on my air-con. Because for the past 3 days, my snot have been turning into icicles it's too damn cold in here, even when I raised the usual temperature by 3 degrees. Or maybe I've just gotten weaker or smthg... Why isn't my gemuk protecting me from the cold?? ????????

Fabrics gotten from memorable taxi ride day:

Most of them are only 50cm long... I love the brown one best!
Tartan, is it?
... I think I got 2 or 3 meters of this. Momentary obsession really ;__;.
Loving the texture, but it's shiny. No idea what to do with it ^_^;;;. Any bright ideas?

Uhm, have yet to make the plushie, aiks. Think I've found one fabric store to add to my favourites. Wished there were more selections for cotton fabrics here. So hard to find quirky novelty prints. And why is it so bloody hard to find T-shirt fabric in KL??? Cotton knit, stretch knit, jersey knit etc. The closest one I found are these really cheap jersey fabric from Kamdar, but those sucks big time because when I ironed them, it shrivelled and harden. Yes yes, lower the iron heat, but I still don't like that fabric.

Here's an update on the dress:

WIP dress01WIP dress02

Just testing around with a velvet ribbon (stand-in for bow) and a folded black cloth (black belt?). Doesn't look lolita-ish by now, but still looks quite nice, like in a 50's poodle-skirt kind of thing. But you know what, took these pictures around last week, and I have yet to resume my work. Have done the one armhole, but it's hard. Hemming curved edges gives me a headache because I don't know how, thus they look rather wonky. As in, you fold the edge twice to prevent fraying and sew it. I've read a tutorial on it and wanted to pengsan. *stares at skirt's big big curve*

WIP dress 03
Ze armhole there... Cacat-ed, right??
My dad agrees ;__;

Quite a number of flaws here and there actually, like the waist line is higher in the back, and please don't look inside the dress because it's n00b-galore XDXD

Random related pictures:

I like this seam because it's straight~
Oh you can see the scribbles on Jenna too, lol

Flare big big....

... then realised there's not enough cloth XDXD

Four pieces of this.

Feeling lethargic lately. Sleeping 10 hours a day = not good.

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gianne said...

1. Cleeyy left...
Friday, 15 December 2006 9:42 am :: http://cleeyy.multiply.com

Wow, you know how to tailor? I am amazed at your work :D

That dress looks fantastic - especially with the effect of the black bow and sash ;) - very girly and angelic.

Are you making this beautiful dress for any special occassion in mind *curious* or is it just one of your hobby?

2. GenieOnTheLoose left...
Friday, 15 December 2006 3:01 pm

Am a huge fan of circle/poodle skirts! I think they're a sort of... epitome of femininity? I even like petticoats _;;;. Have been a tomboy for 18 years and now I'm taking back some of the 'lost' time XD

Thanks for your compliments, but I must admit that the dress looks better in pictures (and on Jenna XD) than in real life (and on me TT_TT). This is my first time making a dress from a non-stretchable material and from a pattern (so it will fit to your body la)(also, the pattern isn't drafted by me). Still learning, loads of cuba-try and JUST-DO-IT-DAMMIT XDXD. Isn't it amazing what the internet can teach you? ;P

Oh, no special occasion! Hobby. I have a lot of hobbies, really _;;;. Don't think I ever want to be a tailor, it's very frustrating at times, lol.