Saturday, December 02, 2006

Three-way Battle in Head

Goddammit, couldn't get a job. Because of short holiday and the fact that I'm gonna have to take a few days off around Christmas. My dad tells me that his friend is looking for people to pass leaflets and it's only for a few hours with a 100 a day attached to it. Hence, I'm very "gimme gimme gimme!" and my dad is going, "Haiya, this kind of job, not worth it."

Imagine me with slanted eyes.

I can't afford to say what he did, lol. Currently there's a threeway battle in my head.
1) Work. My wallet is hungry for money.
2) Internship. The experience will be very beneficial, but I'm sort of repelling from it because I'll have my lifetime in it soon and also of ,:
3) Personal projects. Drawing, making clothes, and resuming Japanese studies being the main ones.

Yesterday, the battle was at its peak. I was offered with the possibility of a job, made the possibility of an internship and my own freedom. There's no three-headed coin to toss. And I have some serious decision making to do!

Anyone got an 8-ball I could borrow???

Anyhoo, for the past two days (well, with a whole lot of dilly-dallying *cough70%cough*) I was trying to make a dress. Since I'm just testing it out, I used really cheap cotton fabric. The top was a pattern made by grave_13 and I modified it so it'll look more loli-fied. There's 7 pieces there. I'm sorry I have boobies. But next time, I'll just do four pieces, with darts.

The part I haven't done is the skirt, because I
can't decide to do a half-circle skirt or a long rectangle (attach two ends together and scrunch the top of it to fit. Very bell shape) or smthg..[Note: haven't sewn the edges yet, so it's messy]

Jenna says, "Woman, ABOUT TIME!!!" (Jenna who? )

Sorry if the fabric pattern hypnotised you or smthg... it's very thin stripes of alternating black and white, something I got on an impulse and then got dizzy after I stared at it for too long. Imagine me tracing the pattern over it... if my 'willpower' was lesser than it is, I'd prolly get minor fainting spells.

I'm taking off about 4 inch from the bottom, so the skirt will be higher. Any opinions or suggestions for the skirt? The neckline is lower than the ones on Jenna btw, like the first pic. since it's just pretty much a mock-up, I doubt I'll be adding any decorations to it. Maybe some bows...

My sewing machine is giving me some problems, and I tried to take the top off so I can oil the parts, but the darn screws are unscrewable, the hellllll. I tried with about 5 different screwdrivers (yes), but failed. My dad says it needs another type of screwdriver. Oh well, till then I guess. Also, tried shirring. It's fun!!! But I don't look good with shirring because I'm a stubby hobbit. Need to lose weight.

PS: I ended up choosing number 3.

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