Monday, January 29, 2007

"Selamat pagi, cikgu...."

Pinpon... Dilemma's at the door! No worries, it's... minor (?) and I'll keep whole story short.

How do you go about teaching a 10-year old English?

I am clueless on the whole teaching thing. I have some vague ideas from searching the Net (though still lacking), but I'd love to hear from your perspective. The general idea so far is to not concentrate too much on the technical aspect, and to improve her speaking skills. Oh, most importantly, fun lessons/activities...

If it was a class, I could do roleplay or something, but this is just one student.

How would you approach the lesson? What kind of activities would interest her to practice speaking the language? What did you wished your lessons was like back during your school days? (<-be specific if possible!) How would you approach a shy student? Or if you just have any ideas, advice or suggestions, it would mean a great deal to me if you would tell me. I will love you long long time! I'm half-panicky and half-happy about this whole thing. Wha--? Well, the girl kinda chose me, the teaching-virgin, over some others with years of experience under their belt, and I haven't even taught her yet. I'm glad about that of course, but here comes the panicky part. So yes... help?

I'll be totally anal about my grammar if the classes goes well XDXD

PS: You know what, I'm so happy that I grew up learning English, because English language is tough! I just realised how friggin' hard it will be to learn from scratch...

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Coming out safe from a 'russian roulette'

At the risk of being re-nicknamed mushroom head, I took the plunge last week and asked my hairdresser for a fringe.

Jeng jeng jeng! I think I look more blur, lol.

The reason I cut my hair is because my hair was getting split-end and messier. But a week after the picture was taken, my hair has regained its messiness and unexpected curls and such... oh well. The fringe was supposed to be much shorter, because when I was erm... playing around in Photoshop by sticking various hairstyles on my head (with hilarious consequences), a fringe like this made me look... well, unhuman, but the shorter one looked much better on me photoshop-wise. But when I told my hairdresser to cut my new fringe unevenly and nearly an inch above my eyebrow, he was giving me the classic look of "OMFG!!! Are you being absolutely serious???" and the other guy there asks me why do I want it that way if I'm not in secondary school...

And so I flailed in my apparently steadfast decision. And let him do whatever he thinks is best. I mean, worse come to worse my hair will grow again, right?

However, When final strands succumbs to his scissors, I was surprised that it didn't look half that bad as I've usik-ked in photoshop imagined it. I mean, I still look human right??? XD In fact, it was wayyyy better than I expected. Pretty happy with it, since cutting hair has always been a Russian Roulette for me.

As always, the dark side squats at the edges, just waiting. Number 1, the pimples will invade and conquer my forehead with it's little victory flag waving. It'd be like an astronaut's trip to the moon =(((. Also, during new semester orientation, Derek shouted, "OI! No helmets allowed in the hall!!"

ME: .... *sends a flying kick*

Okay, actually that was damn funny. I mean, if I'm on the bike, I can cheat the police right? No need to wear helmet so it won't mess with my hairstyle *flips hair bimbo-ishly* XD Just kidding... don't try it ya.

And lastly! In creating my fringe, sacrifices must be made. Much of my hair from the sides and back were dragged to the front and now the scalp at the back of my head is shivering due to sudden removal of their 'curtains'. Of course I wish for thick, luscious locks, but all I've got is the very opposite. I like my fine hair, but it's the number that bothers me =(. If I am Rapunzel, the prince who plans to rescue me will be like, "... I give up."

..... orz

(PS: 'orz' is a person kneeling down, facing the left. See it? Classic "I failed..." position XD)

Reminds me of my primary schoolmate Shi Min; she had hair on her head like woah! Seriously. She has like, three times the amount of my hair and each strand is thick! Man... I want to channel her hair's spirit into me.

Note to Seiji: Oi, you're on the road of commenting rage while I'm typing this, hahaha!!!

Recently I've found something that instantly cheers me up when I'm down. It's magical. The answer to all the questions of the universe is contained in it. The spirit of "Awww!!~" is beaming from this, and their power is greatttttt. And?

It's just a mouseclick away. On my desktop.

Give it up for the llama, people!

Hey, better than the number 42 (If you've watched Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy, you'll know)... Okay, imagine the Uncle Sam going, "If a llama can be happy, why can't YOU???"

Of course, another way to cheer self up is to go to YouTube.

What would you do if 100 people starts chasing you? This clip is from 'Troop of One Hundred', where a 100 people chase after random strangers and you see their reactions. Sinfully funny!

The translation For the 1st and 2nd guys, they shout: "There's a tsunami!!" (tsunami da!)
For the 3rd guy they shout: "That's the guy!!" (koitsu da!)
For the 4th guy they didn't say anything, but did a celebration thing
Last scene: "Watch out!! (danger)" (abunai!)

Oh you crazy (yet fun) Japanese... XD

Friday, January 19, 2007

Sashaying into the new year and characters coming to life

Wow, one whole month of blog-inactivity.

I've been thinking for a minute or two as to how I could explain my looonnng absence, but I think I've got it:

*rises from grave*



A very Happy New Year to anyone reading this, hope you had a good one!

In my case, I ended up in The Curve with Charlene, PY, LC, Amelia, and a whole bunch of PY/Amelia's buddies, though it was only me, PY and LC at first. The Curve was so far from where LC and me live, so we decided to sleep over at PY's. While we're walking in the market in the Curve, LC got a call from his ma, and almost went home because he forgot to turn on the lights at home. Luckily though, the problem was solved. Watched "Night in the Museum" where everyone was in stitches as the movie progressed (Very funny! There's a Brokeback Mountain reference in there XD I love it when everyone laughs, and not just me and my friends guffawing).

Before that, there was this emcee-girl giving out vouchers on stage, where all you have to do is answer one simple question to get one. PY and LC so semangat to answer, and in the end, I'm the only one left without. So they were fervently egging me on to get one too. But at that moment, the free voucher giveaway was at a pause as they had models sashaying on the stage promoting clothes, makeup, shoes and whatnot. Finally, it's questiontime again! *cue LC and PY chanting "Raise your hand, raise your hand!"*

Unfortunately, during my turn, where the question was: "Who sponsored the makeup on the models?" to which I replied with PY's whispered answer, "Elianto!!" and the girl asked me to get on stage =_=;;;;. Ho shit.

So, there was I, on the last day of the year, possibly going to make a complete fool of myself (again?!?). Yes, I'm not even given a day off until the end =(. But on the bright side, there are four other 'victims' on stage with me. I turned to the guy next to me, who has to do a Justin Timberlake thing, and told him, "I have a bad feeling about this..." Anyway, what we had to do was to model + promote for the products that we answered, and most of us were given a shopping bag with the name of the said brand. Justin Timberlake guy was up first and me second in line (with a modest amount of shaking). Just thanking god that I wasn't first in line, haha.

Remembering all the America's Next Top Model episodes that I've seen *coughcough* (never mind that I'm half the normal model height and twice the size horizontally...) while taking very quick mental notes from it, I took a deep breath and step forward.

For anyone wishing I had fallen flat on my face... HAH! I didn't! Although when I got to the middle of the stage, I lifted the shopping bag up to show the audience, and the emcee went, "Hey, it's okay to show your face, you know..."

Mortifying yet funny, can?!? PY took a video of me sashaying across the stage with her digicam, and I can't watch it without ZOMG-ing. But good fun, really and I got two vouchers! To be specific, two unused vouchers which I'm going to chuck into the bin soon, because I don't go to 1U much XD Therefore, all for nothing?

After the movie, we met the rest of the people, and had dinner in Ikea. I've always heard about their meatballs! Verdict is... delicious. Later, we joined the crowd to celebrate the coming new year. Danced in the crowd to live music then watched a fireworks after the countdown. Pooped by the time we got back to PY's place (3am-ish) because we ate our cup noodles quietly, then plonked off to bed.

As for new year resolutions... none from me, nope. You can't break it if you don't make it, right?


For Christmas, I was living in a backpackers hostel in Singapore with PY, and I came back armed with much blogging materials, so much that my head was swimming in little paragraphs that I would write, confused as to how to make it short and snappy, digicams filled to the brim with pictures... but alas! I've been struck by a dreadful condition called "Writer's Block" and the entry is still stewing slowly in Notepad, and PY is ready to strangle me real soon... Oh, she has blogged about it already! I'm getting my version of the trip up by end of this week (hopefully). Was planning to blog abt CF after the post about my trip to Singapore, but oh well.

What's CF? Stands for Comic Fiesta , it's an annual event where fans of Japanese cartoons and comics gather, sell/buy artworks by local artists, cosplay (AKA costume play, where you dress up like a fictional character), watch performance, art contests etc. I actually planned to cosplay this time around, but I decided to use the money to travel instead.

Anyway, I really enjoyed myself! Went with Kez, her sis and my cousin. Nearly got lost. TJ was already there, and later on, Seiji and LC came as well. This is my 2nd time going to CF, and am getting used to the crowd. Also, it's first time that I poked ppl that I knew from CF forum and LJ, and also got poked back!! It's kinda fun to recognise people that you've only seen on static pictures on screen and to see them actually moving... in 3D. XDXD Of course, it feels a bit weird and awkward, but ain't it always? Something like... you don't know the boundaries? And to be honest, I can get quite shy, so have to gather up courage! And I'm glad I did.

Although, I might had irritated my accosts, because I was really excited when I met my online friends and kept going, I know her! I recognise him! etc. Erm. Sorry...

And so, pictures speak louder than words. Thank you to the cosplayers who graciously posed for me when I snapped these photographs! Some of them I know had spent a lot of time working on their costumes, so it's awesome to see it all complete and detailed to last bit of thread.

From Sailormoon and Bleach

Kairi from Kingdom of Hearts

The crack screening, as seen between anonymous CF-goer and a Bleach captain =DD
The anime mixture onscreen had me and my cousin cracking up, I liked the Ouran gay gay, Brokeback FMA and Shinji's wedding rings (all la) and the MCs really gave whatever they've got and they were a great pair, because the audience kept doubling over to laugh at their antics! My only complaint is that there seems to be less artists this year? More variety for 2005... Friends were complaining of lack of cosplayers, and I reminded them it's not Sunday (last year we went on Sunday, the 2nd day is usually the cosplay competition day)

RENGE!!! High powered machine not in sight XDXD
(From Ouran High School)

Uber cute lolita!

Is this from Hyung Tae-Kim's illustrations? Very cute!

Sakura from Tsubasa Reservoir... two thumbs and toes up for the props!

He was doing a Hyung Tae Kim (Magna Carta) but it wasn't complete.

I think he's kinda cool though XD

Haruka naru Toki no Naka de 3


...very tempted to steal them....

Haruka naru Toki no Naka de 3 gang

Hani-sempai!!! Gave me a lovely rose
(Ouran High School)

Pigs don't fly.

...only because they are smarter, they hitch a ride.

While paying the entrance fee, my cousin spotted Harima Kenji from School Rumble, but he disappeared after that. We ended up hunting for him for the first hour. XDXD but, YATTA! Found him!

He was following Tenma all along, oh you lovesick boy! XD

Warning. Be forewarned because I'll be in fangirl mode. The next sequence of images was the same scene but at different angles because my *squeeeeee*-mode was on fire. Who could generate such a reaction, you wonder.... Who else other than Mori-sempai carrying Hani-sempai clutching his Usagi-chan?? (From Ouran High School Host Club)

Hani: Jan! *be cute*
Mori: *hoists Hani up* ... Hani. Did you put on weight?

Hani: Ehhh?!? I only ate 5 cakes today!
Mori: I thought I told you not to eat so much cake...

Hani: But, but...Usagi-chan helped me eat some!!
Mori: My head.....


Here it looks like Hani sayang Mori~ Awww....

Hani: Kochi! Kochi!!
(This somehow reminds me of Bleach... don't lose your way, Mori-senpai!!!)


OS-Tan, Dos-Tans... the one on the left is an absolute sweetheart!
On the previous CF, she kindly gave me and Kez a ride to Sunway Pyramid

Yzak! (Gundam Seed)

Misa (Death Note)

The funny part abt this was that I saw this guy, his shirt inside-out, with Misa and I thought he didn't look in the mirror today but didn't connect it to him being L... *fails*

CF crowd!


she's not cosplaying, but i love how interesting her outfit is!

Lovely costume, and he says my dolphin pendant is cool,
so he earns a 2-extra stars in my book XD

Haru_reika and her friend, Tammy.

Oosaki Nana (NANA)

Ootori Kyouya-kun! Plotting some hidden scheming plans I presume,
but damn, this guy is really Kyouya-ish (Ouran)

Recognised Aiko-jin(left) and called her!

This guy is cosplaying as TJ. Hahah, just kidding, it's my buddy TJ!

At Luciole 's booth! Macam same pose with TJ only... XD

Also at Luciole 's booth... I didn't get anything, but I really wanted to.

Aiko-jin, dess, me and pineapple_miki

Aiko-jin, TJ, dess, Seiji, and pineapple_miki

Seiji says dess looks adorable.
I'm using this picture as blackmail. XDXD

Suddenly, we came across many anime characters writhing on the floor in pain... then dies!

My favourite character from Advent Chidren just mati-ed. TT_TT

Oh no, not you too Kadaj!!!

What the...!!!! L, PUT THE DEATH NOTE DOWN!! NOW!

Kidchan , cosplaying Ritsuka from Loveless!

Ichigo on the left. On the right, Ganju rules. (Bleach)

And right after this, my camera's battery ran out. That's the 2nd set of batteries. Real pity, because didn't get to snap Renji's picture! That guy looks damn cool, but he's quite shy when asked to shake his bon-bon on stage XD Oh yes, the stage performance after that was real funny and enjoyable!

Thus, the end of CF day 1... pity I can't go for Day 2.