Saturday, January 27, 2007

Coming out safe from a 'russian roulette'

At the risk of being re-nicknamed mushroom head, I took the plunge last week and asked my hairdresser for a fringe.

Jeng jeng jeng! I think I look more blur, lol.

The reason I cut my hair is because my hair was getting split-end and messier. But a week after the picture was taken, my hair has regained its messiness and unexpected curls and such... oh well. The fringe was supposed to be much shorter, because when I was erm... playing around in Photoshop by sticking various hairstyles on my head (with hilarious consequences), a fringe like this made me look... well, unhuman, but the shorter one looked much better on me photoshop-wise. But when I told my hairdresser to cut my new fringe unevenly and nearly an inch above my eyebrow, he was giving me the classic look of "OMFG!!! Are you being absolutely serious???" and the other guy there asks me why do I want it that way if I'm not in secondary school...

And so I flailed in my apparently steadfast decision. And let him do whatever he thinks is best. I mean, worse come to worse my hair will grow again, right?

However, When final strands succumbs to his scissors, I was surprised that it didn't look half that bad as I've usik-ked in photoshop imagined it. I mean, I still look human right??? XD In fact, it was wayyyy better than I expected. Pretty happy with it, since cutting hair has always been a Russian Roulette for me.

As always, the dark side squats at the edges, just waiting. Number 1, the pimples will invade and conquer my forehead with it's little victory flag waving. It'd be like an astronaut's trip to the moon =(((. Also, during new semester orientation, Derek shouted, "OI! No helmets allowed in the hall!!"

ME: .... *sends a flying kick*

Okay, actually that was damn funny. I mean, if I'm on the bike, I can cheat the police right? No need to wear helmet so it won't mess with my hairstyle *flips hair bimbo-ishly* XD Just kidding... don't try it ya.

And lastly! In creating my fringe, sacrifices must be made. Much of my hair from the sides and back were dragged to the front and now the scalp at the back of my head is shivering due to sudden removal of their 'curtains'. Of course I wish for thick, luscious locks, but all I've got is the very opposite. I like my fine hair, but it's the number that bothers me =(. If I am Rapunzel, the prince who plans to rescue me will be like, "... I give up."

..... orz

(PS: 'orz' is a person kneeling down, facing the left. See it? Classic "I failed..." position XD)

Reminds me of my primary schoolmate Shi Min; she had hair on her head like woah! Seriously. She has like, three times the amount of my hair and each strand is thick! Man... I want to channel her hair's spirit into me.

Note to Seiji: Oi, you're on the road of commenting rage while I'm typing this, hahaha!!!

Recently I've found something that instantly cheers me up when I'm down. It's magical. The answer to all the questions of the universe is contained in it. The spirit of "Awww!!~" is beaming from this, and their power is greatttttt. And?

It's just a mouseclick away. On my desktop.

Give it up for the llama, people!

Hey, better than the number 42 (If you've watched Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy, you'll know)... Okay, imagine the Uncle Sam going, "If a llama can be happy, why can't YOU???"

Of course, another way to cheer self up is to go to YouTube.

What would you do if 100 people starts chasing you? This clip is from 'Troop of One Hundred', where a 100 people chase after random strangers and you see their reactions. Sinfully funny!

The translation For the 1st and 2nd guys, they shout: "There's a tsunami!!" (tsunami da!)
For the 3rd guy they shout: "That's the guy!!" (koitsu da!)
For the 4th guy they didn't say anything, but did a celebration thing
Last scene: "Watch out!! (danger)" (abunai!)

Oh you crazy (yet fun) Japanese... XD

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gianne said...

1. 'Jade' posted this on Sat 27 Jan 2007, 12:35 pm
Honestly, the fringe looked good on u.At least it looked way much better than mine, it was toooo short.I'm counting to the days where it'll grow longer.In the meantime, constant reminder that I looked like a China Girl... :'(

2. 'GenieOnTheLoose' posted this on Sat 27 Jan 2007, 3:12 pm
Yea yea, scared get called China girl too (but then again we ARE Chinese, but erm erm... it would be too 'Susie Wong' XD) I actually like short fringes... I think they are quirky!