Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Non-halal year!!!

HAPPY PIGGY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! Of course, eat like gluttonny pig and hope that this year won't be boar-ing!!

Unfortunately my CNY eve and 1st day was just that. Boar-ing. You see, for the past 20 years, my family has always gone back to my grandma's shop. It may be little but it's awesome, I think, in those old Chinese shops way. It's primarily a stationery shop, but they also sell uniforms, BATA shoes, perfume, cheap-sort-of-jewelry, soap, cloth, bags, wallets, cassettes, electronic stuff, condoms, gifts and so on and so forth.

A big part of my childhood memory belongs there... it was where I always save up 40 cents to 'chiim card' or those vending-card-machines, not to mention those egg capsules that comes with a toy inside (more expensive, like RM1 or 50 cents XD). I never got tired exploring the store, sometimes abandoning my relatives chatting in the dining/living room to go out and be among the dusty abundance of items.

Of course, back in the good ol' days when we were still allowed to sell fireworks (the minors ones la, like pop pop, sparklers and those small ones that would spin when you light it up), my whole family will go back to help out in the shop because the shop will be packed during CNY. It was very chaotic; people would yell to get my uncle/aunt's attention to cut some plastic tablecloth or red cloth for them and my uncle/aunt would squeeze through the crowd with those 1 meter ruler and a very sharp pair of scissors, hoisting the whole roll onto the table. I'm usually the one standing behind the fireworks counters, inhaling all the gunpowder while handing baskets to people and telling them the price if they asked. I was really young that time, and it helped my memory. By the end of the night, me, my brother and my cousins will be all sticky and sweaty, but we're rewarded with free Pop-pops and such. My favourite was this short pink cylinder called 'Crimsom', if I'm not mistaken, which changes colour as it spins on the ground.

When fireworks were banned (dammit), it got a little boring (because I lost my 'job') and quiet but still, loads of people coming in and out to get CNY goods because the shop also sold lanterns and decorations, and toys will be hung on horizontal poles to entice ickle kiddies to part with their angpow money XDXD. We would stand around, eating 'ga koo' and cashew nuts while watching Wah Lai Toi when there's no customers.

However, this year, my grandma bought a new house, which is hunky dory and gorgeous and everything, but gosh, it's too quiet... and clean XD. I miss the smell of the shop. The rest of my relatives was taking care of the shop, and didn't go to the new house until late at night, so it's only my family and my grandparents. Ended up playing 'Snakes' on my cellphone. Back to the house, I love the garden though, because one of my uncles made this amazingly gorgeous rock pond with koi fishes and lotuses, and you could walk barefooted on the carpet grass (as in, no dogs around to 'decorate' the lawn) and sit on a little table next to the pond.

Sometimes new things doesn't necessarily mean good things. I don't know. I just really miss the loud chaotic atmosphere, well, the whole Chinese New Year feeling, because CNY is starting to feel like any other sinfully ordinary day. Boy, do I lament that fact.

Oh yea, first event that heralds in the Chinese New Year: wounded my tushy.

Damn you very new very polished parquet floors!

Sure it looks great and shiny, but add that with a sock wearing person, the lack of friction would turn into a disaster for someone's bum. Mine, in fact. Steps to wound your buttocks (no pun intended):
1) slide down about 2 steps
2) make a futile attempt to gain footing...
3) ... only to thud a further bloody 3-4 steps

And then you'd be yanking off your socks and jumping up while vigourously rubbing your going-to-be very sore bum, trying not to invent new curse words (what? On the 1st day of CNY?? *gasp!*).

For the few days after that, I had to sleep on my sides ;__;. I suppose my fats would had protected it, but it was counter-balanced by my weight....

merrycarousel: you know what happened
merrycarousel: i fell on my ass today
merrycarousel: on the stairs... big ass bruise, on my, well, ass
merrycarousel: XD
*'~Silhouette~`*: HAHAHAHAHA
*'~Silhouette~`*: we call it lok dei hoi fa
*'~Silhouette~`*: litereally translated
*'~Silhouette~`*: fall on floor open flower
*'~Silhouette~`*: also meaning
*'~Silhouette~`*: prosper
*'~Silhouette~`*: hoi fa is good
merrycarousel: wtf
merrycarousel: must post this on my blog
merrycarousel: but but
merrycarousel: hoi fa?
merrycarousel: macam...
merrycarousel: skirt flew up or smthg...
*'~Silhouette~`*: AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA

Happy Chinese New Year, y'all.

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