Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Squeeeeeeee- worthy bento!

Before everything, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! You folks with your own darling, sweetums, widdle bunny-wunny~, babypie, char siew pau, sushi or whatever, do enjoy yourself. For people like me, let's cheers in the spirit of singledom =DDDD


I never bothered on how nice a dish looks, or gasp at how creatively the food is placed, bacause all I care about is that it's edible. Or so I thought. Because I do dislike it when a dish is decorated so nicely, but the food itself tastes like something a dog wouldn't approach with a five foot stick. So if the food looks good, it'd better taste good, because even in the food line, first impression counts.

But then again, if the food looks like something you'd find on a pile of rubbish BUT tastes like the heavenly God-chef has descended to personally prepare that meal for you, there's always an element of a very pleasant surprise there.

I don't even know why I'm talking about this. I just wanted to post some food porn.

[Photo Credit: E-Obento and Akinoichigo]

Holy orga-...Why these people have so much time to put in *squuueeeeeeeeeEEeee!* factor into bento/boxed lunches?!??!?

On a related note, I made two boxed lunches for my mom. Nothing fancy at all, just straightforward un-creative food haha (damn). Went to KLCC the other day to buy japanese rice and some sort of ... sesame seeds, seaweed mix etc to go with it. I think the latter is called furikake? Just sprinkle some on the rice and it tastes super yummy! I never knew of furikake until me and LC went to PY's house and we had them with rice for a late late supper. My first attempt at a boxed lunch is somewhat tragedy-like funny, knowing my cooking skills (or the lack of...)

Conversation with shopkeeper when buying rice
Me: Bang, nasi ni boleh buat sushi ke?
Him: Aku rasa boleh... juga boleh cuba ni. *points to the expensive one*
Me: Alamak! Tu terlalu mahal, saya ambik ni sahaja la!
Him: ROFTL!!!

I tried frying some sausage so it will look octopus-like (octo-dogs... see if you can spot octo-dogs in the abv pictures!), but it ended up getting erm, overcooked to put it mildly... So the result is some really retarded looking octopus sausages, that looks like it got tortured, not once, but perhaps a few hundred times.

I asked for my dad's advice to boil eggs, and he told me to just put the egg in a bowl full of water and microwave it for 3 minutes. So I did just that.

Anyone heard of exploding eggs before?

I assure you that it is not a pretty sound at ALL. Not to mention the mess it made. Ugh.

Fine, I'll use the pot to boil the egg. After taking the egg out and cracking it, hey, it looks great! but then I could somehow feel the yolk being very liquid-like inside. So I was thinking 5 secs in the microwave won't do no harm. 2 seconds into it, the pot of rice started boiling. So I went over the stove to lower down the fire, just in time to hear the 2nd egg exploding.

FUCK! (<-- that would be me exploding)

Third time in the pot is the charm... yes the charm... I ate the exploded eggs btw. I'd like to question the existence of a beginner's luck o(>.<)o

Kiwi, tomatoes, boiled eggs, soya sauce, black sesame seeds onigiri and octopus sausages.

Okay, sing this with the tune from 'Mulan' when they were crossing the river or smthg: The only person who will eat my cooking is my mother............ orz.

I swear to the love of Smoochy that the sausages are NOT that black in real life. It doesn't taste THAT bad, really! If I can't even do something as simple as that decently, then I really have nothing to say, lol. My cooking is unfortunately based on luck, rather than skill. Haih, lazy to practice...

Second time, I made a simpler one. No, the sausages are cooked nice and proper, it's the lighting that makes it dark. (Not in denial, not in denial...)

Tomatoes, carrots, black pepper sausages, rice mixed with salmon and seaweed

... you know what? After writing all of this, I was thinking that maybe I shouldn't had placed such lovely-looking pictures in the beginning of this post, because there's a stark constrast when compared to the two pictures on the bottom....

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gianne said...

1. Silhouette left...
Thursday, 15 February 2007 6:36 pm

omg woman! Never ever microwave an egg!!!! It gets into all the cracks in the inside and stinks the entire thing! Haha interestig first time luck... Aiyah, teach you how to cook super yummy food like fried noodles and tori katsu don la! Damn simple one! Hahahaha. The bentos at the top are damn cute btw, I think i might want to dip my feet in that!

2. Jade left...
Thursday, 15 February 2007 8:15 pm

*googling at the bento*

i loved all of it, looked soooo cute even the one u made urself.

p.s if u want to microwave an egg, do it without the shell and put it in for less than a min...i'll turned out fine!

3. GenieOnTheLoose left...
Friday, 16 February 2007 10:00 pm

Munz: Hahah, but it worked for my dad!! Why...? T__T Yes yes, come and teach me! Although I have a feeling I'll just be, y'know... eating them XDXD

Jade: Hahahah, thanks! Eh, do it without the shell? But wouldn't it be not round? I think I'm gonna wean off microwaving stuff soon though. Everytime I approach it with uncooked food, my mom would give me repeated talks on how using a microwave will cause cancer...

4. PuiYee left...
Tuesday, 27 February 2007 11:53 am

er..exploding eggs....waht happened to a good honest pot of boiling water on a stove? got holidays in april? phantom of the opera showin gin esplanade, signapore. but tix pricey least S$50 :( im lookin for kaki. btw, ty fer the cny hosting, heh. mwahs woman.

5. GenieOnTheLoose left...
Wednesday, 28 February 2007 3:52 am

PY: april ah, takde wor. my holiday starts mid may i think? I SAW THAT AD!!! am not to inclined to spend 200++ for that though, so skippin'...

come by my house anytime (rules and regulations: leave not with any of my dogs, especially the overgrown rat XD)