Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Here, I would like to declare my utmost love to the host of my written vomit: Blog-City.

For once, I'm glad that my decision to flee from your server to another (oh you scarlet woman you!) has come to naught, though I must admit the limitations before this refreshing change tempted me to do so, very muchly. Although, it could be that my laziness and procrastination, to transfer and design a layout for my blog, that is the main factor on why I never really moved. But still! Considering that I've signed up for xanga, blogspot, multiply, wordpress, blogdrive, typepad and God knows what else more, but I never felt truly at home at any of those.

What would had generate such an adoring declaration, with renewed pledge you may wonder? The answer is simple. Look at this 'little' section on the right that says, "Rewind to the past". Yes, archives. Archives. Archives. -in glee- (I'm easily pleased, aren't I?) I've always wanted this on my blog, but I couldn't, simply couldn't, fork out USD$25 for a paid membership. Why pay for a blog when you can get about 10 books++ with that money in Pay Less?

Moreover, I can put a lil icon there. Yes, I understand my nose is big, please press if you love erm, chocolates. (Warning: I am not to be held responsible if passing people thinks that you're a loony for poking your computer screen. Or if you've used too much force and there's a suspicious hole on your screen)

I had a fun time reading my past entries... Some of them choked me up. A little. Really. Because I remember writing them when I felt utterly devastated, but it doesn't show. What else? Because I captured a piece of myself in writing... the weird thoughts of Gianne, aged 17, jotted down and noted and kept in dusty shelves waiting to be rediscovered. Because I've come to a point where I can look back fondly. Because I've broken out from the little snow globe that I've lived in for many years.

I'm still me, only I've lost a certain voice, but all is well, because I've gained something more.

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