Saturday, March 31, 2007

Teddy bears and us

While slurping my wanton noodles, I saw from the corner of my eye that something white was falling. It turns out to be Madie taking the stuffing out of her teddy bear with a furry vengence of some sort. So I took it from her, stuff the cotton (or polyester fluff?) back in and gave it back to her, but at the same time, flipping it over so that the offending part wouldn't face her. Yet Madie promptly turn it over and resumed pulling out the stuffing. The scenario above repeats, and after that I just confiscated it from her and decides to fix it once I'm done eating my lunch.

Then in comes my mother with her own bowl of noodles (I ate straight out of the plastic bag, being the lazy arse that I am) and I told her about Madie disemboweling her fave toy. Immediately she goes, "I'll sew it now!" and promptly puts aside her lunch to repair it for my rather forlorn-looking Madie.

Madie stopped pining because she had her favourite toy back. My mother puts back the sewing set and eats her lunch. Madie is currently biting her toy, until a new hole will appear. And most probably, my mom will pause whatever she's doing to patiently fix it for her again.

I was just looking at the scene and it strikes me that it's funny how a simple action like this says a lot about how we do things.

And how we are like.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Random updates

Why can't I look like this for my student ID and MyKad?

Make up: before and after. (Answer for abv ques would be , "Because you can't choose?")

      For my aunt's wedding. Over a month back. I should get the award for make-up n00bist of the year. No foundation, no concealer, no blush. Don't bloody care la. Aiya. Anyway, my aunt could kick people's ass (elegantly) because she's so pretty in her gowns. Gorgeous couple, and gorgeous deco (me and my cousin snitched a couple of flowers). As usual, I skipped the shark fin's soup (FIGHT THE TEMPTATION YEAAAA) and went to the loo when it was served so I could dodge lame jokes from others around the table guzzling down the poor endangered animal.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Stolen flowers (it bloomed the next day!!)

     I was digging into some steamed fish every enthusiasticly, but suddenly halted. I meekly gave the rest to my mom and she was all, "Har? Why the sudden change? Something wrong?" I just smiled. Nothing wrong with it... it's just that I pierced my cartilage few days back and haven't told her. No seafood for me =(((. (I have since told her and she took it well)(I have since told her and she took it well)

Want. More.

All in all, a regular wedding dinner la.


Guess what happened the next day though.


Let's not imagine what contaminated the food...

     Lucky in my case, it didn't hurt nor did I vomit. I just... utilise the toilet a lot, lol. My bro as well. My mom's fine. But my aunt (not the 'down the aisle' one) vomitted and other people had terrible stomachaches. Some ended up going to the doctor. From toddler to pregnant woman to old people kena.

I won't name the hotel that the wedding was held... no, it's not the one in front of Sg Wang. And no, the hotel initials is not PR either -cough-

     Anyway, my grandaunt was really mad, because what could had been a happy fairytale moment for her daughter was ruined, blown into bits, placed in family history for the mass diarrhoe etc. They are planning to seek damages and all, which they should rightly. Claim for doctor fees also. I'm not sure about Malays and Indian weddings, but for Chinese weddings, if you attend the dinner, you'll have to pay about RM100 each, depending on how 'high-class' the place is, to help out the newlyweds. So I mean, if you go for a dinner with your beloved with an RM200 bill, you'd be pissed if you spent the next day stinking up the toilet wouldn't ya? Of course, not pissed at the family la. For me, I'm not mad at all. Because I didn't have anything important to do the day after that and I was at home XDXD.


Let's counter the stinky report with Madie.

Cuteness cures.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Love love her pink-ish nose


My cell phone was wonky enough until my mom wearily asks me to get a new one. Wonky as in, it keep dying whenever someone calls me. And knowing how exciting my social life is, 80% of my calls come from my mother.

From my very abused 4-year-old Nokia 3330....



















.... to Sony Ericsson w300i!!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Words fail me to explain the scale of how much I adore it

I ignored my work and spent a whole day playing with it, but had to stopped myself from flipping it open too much... now I kinda understand how some guys goes into spasms of delight upon getting a new gadget.

Oh, I used to not care about my cellphone safety before as in, I'd leave it my bag to go elsewhere, or put it on the table as I chow food down, because who the heck wanna steal my 3330??? I think the thief will take pity on me and exchange it with a better one, but it's a different story now, haihz.

Big thanks to my oyaji for paying for me first. I could only pay him RM150 for the moment, so am planning to give him the rest once I start earning.

First ever video I took using my cam:

The Tour de la Gianne's Room
Maybe it's not such a good idea to rise from your bed then decide to do an impromptu videolog (But hey, it was just a day after I got it! Still excited wtf). And I fail at clear pronunctiation, orz...

For an extra fact, the inspiration corner leads into the bathroom XDXD. Oh, you can see the character that I'm working on for my project in the second photo that has my cell opened.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The lightbox is high and I have no tall swivel stools, therefore I sit on two cushions and hover

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Anglia Shandy is yum.


Image of the day: Beware of the giant squid


Oh yea, forgot to mention that I've planted my tushy back into -insert home location-.

     Staying in Cyberjaya is quite alright and quite fun really. I'm actually more disciplined when I live outside, as compared to the me that turns into the slothest of sloths when I'm at home.I don't think I've slept before 12am in 7 consecutive days since I was 12 (but i slept after midnight for a few days, damn) ... well, mostly because my cousin tucks into her bed around that time, and it makes me sleepy too, hahaha.

     However, I realised that it's better to get a lightbox of my own so I could stop bothering the class and at least I can work straight into the night. Gawd, the amount of drawings I did, oh my achy arm.

     It's really amusing to sit in some classes (I can sit in as long as there's extra lightboxes), because you'd see different types of 'class environment'. For Monday's class, I made friends with two or three people because they are ultra friendly. There's a class that is reallllly quiet and polite. There's one that has a mushy couple in it where it involves baby talk. My favourite class to sit in is Thursday's class, because they're loud, crazy, sings in class, hilarious, plays this game called "Bookball" (like baseball, only the bat is their book and the ball is some crumpled up paper)... basically it translate to the fact that it's a very fun class.

     As for the lightbox, here's the VERY interesting and VERY enlightening story on how I got it (/end sarcasm). Christina told me that there's a shop selling lightboxes in near TOA, and she helped me to check it out (THANKIES!!!). Then on the morning I was going to go there, Yudi told me he could sell me his lightbox. But I wanted to check out the ones near TOA anyway, so I went. Met Christina and her friends briefly in the TOA gallery. Ate lunch nearby. I so envy people studying in that area... amples of food stalls to choose from and THEY HAVE WANTON NOODLES AHHHHHHHHHHH! Oh right, back to lightboxes, they said if I wanted one, I'd have to book and collect it the day after. Since there's still Yud's lightbox, I took the nice lady's card and would call if I wanted it.

     Cut long story short, I ended up getting Yud's. Because you could tilt it up and he charged me RM100 wheeee~! I like his cupboard, because he stuck a great many photos of his friends on it (not like IC photograph la, like having fun/crazy kind)... thought it's a great idea. Anyway, I declined Yudi's help to carry the lightbox to my place (which is about 5-8 minutes walk away) because I wanted to be a girl capable of carrying significantly heavy objects -cough-. Thus, I huffed and puffed and stopped every half a dozen steps while my face turned a shade of a ripe tomato. Then I climbed 3 flights of stairs up to my place and YATTA!!! I'M A GIRL CAPABLE OF [abbr.]!!!


Two Sundays back, my cousin and me woke up at 7am to go swim in the pool. COLD!!! My greatest talent in the pool is swimming on my back. I can't do breaststroke or laps(?) for shit. What I CAN do is doggy paddle.

Yes, doggie paddle. Keeps your head up but your arms will hurt in a while. It's so sad, everyone is like, swimming from one end to another with big arm movements in an Olympics-here-I-come way, and then there's me, looking like a dog in a blue swimsuit... orz.

Halfway through the pool, I passed my cousin and I made a beeline (should it be sealline? dolphinline? Or.... whaleline? orz) towards her.

ME: Doggie paddle to cousin!!
COUSIN: WTF, don't come near me!!!

... okay, she didn't say that. She did laugh like mad and went something like, "My cousin can only do doggie style~~" and I'm all =_=;;;, "Oi, don't put it that way... PADDLE, okay, not STYLE!"

     After half an hour, when more people is coming in, we dried ourselves off and went back. Later we took public transport to KL Central, to meet Christina and Tiff to go gallivanting in The Curve. BTW, bought something from IKEA and I had to go downstairs to pay for it. All I can say is that it took me more than 10 minutes of rapid walking through a nearly neverending path to get to the damn counter. GRAH!

     For dinner we went to SS2's Murni (garlic naan & tandoori) and then Christina drove to Cyberjaya and Putrajaya where phototaking was aplenty XD. We had to go home early though, because my cousin had to study for an exam and my parents were coming to pass me some soup my mom boiled (miss me le XD).


Quote gems from my friends

Chun Li's Biggest Fan stays near my block, and he smsed me saying he wanted this comic called Magic Knight (Magic Knight Rayearth, CLAMP), which I have. And when I was living in Cyberjaya, I was at college from 9am till 8pm, and reached home around 8.30-9.00. So anyway, in class next day:

ME: Hey, tonight I go to your place to give you Magic Knight, okay?
WILLIAM: Huh? Oh, okay.

[a few seconds later he pokes me]

WILLIAM: You know, for a moment there, I thought I heard that you're going to give me a magic NIGHT.
ME: .............................................................................

Another case, I went for lunch with Chris and William (another William). Chris drove us to Streetmall and we saw this bunch of tiny kittens romping around rambunctiously inside an unused locked shop. Very very adorable.

CHRIS: Wah, the black and white one would totally suit my room!
ME: ... you'd get a cat for that?
WILLIAM: It's Chris....
CHRIS: Aiyo, will really suit la. Neh... you know Formaldehyde?
WILLIAM/ME: .............................. WHAT THE...!!!

For your information, Formaldehyde is this chemical to... preserve animals.

CHRIS: Yea, then hang it on my wall.

Of course, he's joking. I hope. Really hope.

What will I be without friends like these? (Brain still pure XD)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Hundred Series

Inspired by Leah Budin I've started my own project called "The Hundred Series". The idea is to draw any damn thing I like... they may or may not have concepts, and I have a secret title for each of them.

All approximately 7"x5.5"

So far, all of them are drawn using Artline only (except one, for I sketched it first with a pencil) therefore mistakes give me half-a-heartbeat skip and mouthing "Sheeeeetttttt".

Drawn whenever I'm weary from assignments or needed a break or just need a momentary creative outlet. I really enjoy drawing something that could be completed in one sitting. Where I can experiment freely. Long projects that takes 3 months to complete (like a traditional 2D animation) can make you feel a bit numb sometimes.

When I'm done with the 100 faces, I'm thinking of sending them out to anyone who wants them. There's a catch though. In return, I want $300.... -kaching!-.....

No la, I'm KIDDING!!! Again, I'll be taking a leaf out of Leah Budin's book (because I think it's a really cool idea). It's more like an exchange thing; just send me a drawing of anything (made by you ya!), and I'll randomly select one to send over to you! I'll post up what I receive.

Honestly, am not entirely sure who actually wants my drawings, but hey, worth a try... besides, I have 96 more to go. The whole sending out part will happen once I reach 50 drawings because randomly choosing one out of four is so not fun! XD

I wonder how long will I take to reach the big 1-0-0.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Moving to Cyberjaya for a week, or two or more.

Just to be nearer to my college so I could use their lightboxes.

Traditional 2d, oh man, I'm starting to sweat... I'm not trained in it, yet I chose it for my final assignment evaaaa.

Pray I'll be able to pull it off.

The will-be-dragged along:

One with clothes, towels, and stuff. One with books, 2 rims of paper, phone charger etc. My bed will be a sleeping bag with a comforter beneath it, and my comfy pillow. My bag with the usual student stuff.

Even if it's for a few weeks, as I was looking at these bags, I felt a sort of weightlessness.

Cold showers, bad internet, no stove and my cousin said it's slightly hot. Doesn't matter, I could handle that because I just need a place to sleep.

Loads to update, but I'm not feeling as diligent as I should.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

.... CNY Rou-, I mean, Day 2 *ting ting ting*!!!

When there's a mountain of pineapple tarts, ga koo, roasted meat, fried seaweed, cookies and tidbits in front of you, one can't help but to reach out to one of them containers, unscrew it, and spend the next 2 weeks of CNY munching happily.Which could only mean one thing.

Fats on return journey singing, "Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho!"

You know, an annual thing.

Okay, I lie, pants on fire... I lied. My fats go "Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho" everytime I open the fridge for chocolates or the cupboard to cook instant noodles at 3am in the morning. But still, extra fat during CNY due to big dinners, foods eaten at pai-nins and so on. Plus someone with a big kind heart gave my family a box of Ferrero Rocher~ must write a love you long long time note to this person XDXD.

On the second day of CNY, it's off to my uncle's house, on my mom's side. Loads of people there, which is good, because I get more magical red packets =DDDD.

My grandma, or as I call her, PoPo

Dong Dong Chang!!!

Oh oh!!! Gotta introduce my daughter to you:

My 'daughter' is on the right =O

Fine fine, she's my niece (so I'm a liar). Apparently my niece looks a hell lot like me when I was younger. At least that's what the 'older generation' were gushing about. Man, I gotta dig out my baby pictures... And it doesn't stop at looks, because her attitude is similar to mine as well. Did I mention her brother? He is 3 years older than her, and looks and acts like MY brother (who is 3 years older than me) when he was younger. A sort of amazing coincidence...?

Cho kawaii deshou?

I love standing next to the instruments. Love to feel the drums messing up my heartbeats.

My brother's mini doppelganger XD

My nephew took this!! He used to fall frequently as a kid, which earned him a lot of 'bungalows ' on his forehead XD

OI MUSIC TOO LOUD!! ME APPALLED!!! (with her grandpappy, or my uncle)

My niece looks so sweet in this dress!!

Of course, what's a family gathering without the usual questions?

Got bombarded with "Got boyfriend already? Why not?" or if they'd like to be more -hint hint- discreet, they will go, "So, what's your boyfriend's name?" Yea, which one, Monday to Friday, everyday got new one *gets shot*. Seriously though, what's up with these very expected questions? Am I worth less if I'm single? ; ___ ; I never thought my day would come for those questions D=... Frankly, singledom is fun and I'm not saying that in a bitter singleton way....

The hilarious part in my case was my uncle saying he could match me up with some decent boys, then doing a verbal matchmaker proposal number (my brain conjures up a bow, arrows and diaper; oh cupid, how different you look!). After a while of this, I'm like, oi, why find for me, find for your daughter la (who I'm very close to and I'm only three days older). And he replied something on the line of wanting his daughter to remain his little girl for a bit longer.

ME : .... then other people's daughter....
HIM: Hahahahhahahahahah

I'm seriously more comfortable with the relentless advice just a few short years ago, how I shouldn't get a boy, concentrate on studies etc etc (perfected the art of nodding my head). Because if don't have, great; if have, whatever, I can keep it a secret. But now it's a totally different ballgame where if you were to lie that you DO have a boy, you gotta have evidence.

So that day on the train with LC, we were joking about hiring a 'stand-in' partner for CNY. You know how some people would hire someone to be their 'girlfriend/boyfriend' for family gathering purposes? Yea, that one. The train ride is slightly dreary and we cooked up a situation where everyone is at the dinner table and then the said 'stand-in' partner would go, "Susan, pass me the steamed chicken."

My name is not Susan.

Then everyone at the table will be oh-so-silent, all frozen with their chopsticks in midair and the aunties will perk up their five senses for potential gossip. So what would you do in this situation? Sit quietly, in a sad way, and everyone fumbles for a change in topic thinking that this relationship will be in deep shit later, while my thoughts will go something like this, "You bastardddddddd, cut your pay 50%.....".

Or better yet... fan toi. Or in English, flip the table over.

When that happens, the rest of the people there will snap out of it and be like, "Ahhh...! The food...." and they would turn their head sharply towards the only person holding the last prawn fritters in his chopsticks, eyeing it with very hungry eyes and clicking their chopsticks, and the said person would quickly spit on the prawn, like how a dog would piss on his property. That would be fun.

Then the whole "HOW DARE YOU CHEAT ON ME I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS YOU *BLEEEEEEEEEPPP*!!!" and "What? No no, Susan was nothing compared to you, my darling honeyplum!" and drama drama banana, tears, tantrums and children having their ears shielded from an argument that could put drunken sailors to shame (Oh, pass us an Oscar, will you... ) and then declare that you'll go home while relatives shoot imaginery daggers to fake partner who trails after me, and once in a safe distance from the place, I'll shake that fella's hand vigorously for a job well done.

And you know what, after that, I doubt they will dare to ask you if you have a new boyfriend for at least 3 years. I'm sure they wouldn't want to sacrifice any more prawn fritters.