Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Oh yea, forgot to mention that I've planted my tushy back into -insert home location-.

     Staying in Cyberjaya is quite alright and quite fun really. I'm actually more disciplined when I live outside, as compared to the me that turns into the slothest of sloths when I'm at home.I don't think I've slept before 12am in 7 consecutive days since I was 12 (but i slept after midnight for a few days, damn) ... well, mostly because my cousin tucks into her bed around that time, and it makes me sleepy too, hahaha.

     However, I realised that it's better to get a lightbox of my own so I could stop bothering the class and at least I can work straight into the night. Gawd, the amount of drawings I did, oh my achy arm.

     It's really amusing to sit in some classes (I can sit in as long as there's extra lightboxes), because you'd see different types of 'class environment'. For Monday's class, I made friends with two or three people because they are ultra friendly. There's a class that is reallllly quiet and polite. There's one that has a mushy couple in it where it involves baby talk. My favourite class to sit in is Thursday's class, because they're loud, crazy, sings in class, hilarious, plays this game called "Bookball" (like baseball, only the bat is their book and the ball is some crumpled up paper)... basically it translate to the fact that it's a very fun class.

     As for the lightbox, here's the VERY interesting and VERY enlightening story on how I got it (/end sarcasm). Christina told me that there's a shop selling lightboxes in near TOA, and she helped me to check it out (THANKIES!!!). Then on the morning I was going to go there, Yudi told me he could sell me his lightbox. But I wanted to check out the ones near TOA anyway, so I went. Met Christina and her friends briefly in the TOA gallery. Ate lunch nearby. I so envy people studying in that area... amples of food stalls to choose from and THEY HAVE WANTON NOODLES AHHHHHHHHHHH! Oh right, back to lightboxes, they said if I wanted one, I'd have to book and collect it the day after. Since there's still Yud's lightbox, I took the nice lady's card and would call if I wanted it.

     Cut long story short, I ended up getting Yud's. Because you could tilt it up and he charged me RM100 wheeee~! I like his cupboard, because he stuck a great many photos of his friends on it (not like IC photograph la, like having fun/crazy kind)... thought it's a great idea. Anyway, I declined Yudi's help to carry the lightbox to my place (which is about 5-8 minutes walk away) because I wanted to be a girl capable of carrying significantly heavy objects -cough-. Thus, I huffed and puffed and stopped every half a dozen steps while my face turned a shade of a ripe tomato. Then I climbed 3 flights of stairs up to my place and YATTA!!! I'M A GIRL CAPABLE OF [abbr.]!!!


Two Sundays back, my cousin and me woke up at 7am to go swim in the pool. COLD!!! My greatest talent in the pool is swimming on my back. I can't do breaststroke or laps(?) for shit. What I CAN do is doggy paddle.

Yes, doggie paddle. Keeps your head up but your arms will hurt in a while. It's so sad, everyone is like, swimming from one end to another with big arm movements in an Olympics-here-I-come way, and then there's me, looking like a dog in a blue swimsuit... orz.

Halfway through the pool, I passed my cousin and I made a beeline (should it be sealline? dolphinline? Or.... whaleline? orz) towards her.

ME: Doggie paddle to cousin!!
COUSIN: WTF, don't come near me!!!

... okay, she didn't say that. She did laugh like mad and went something like, "My cousin can only do doggie style~~" and I'm all =_=;;;, "Oi, don't put it that way... PADDLE, okay, not STYLE!"

     After half an hour, when more people is coming in, we dried ourselves off and went back. Later we took public transport to KL Central, to meet Christina and Tiff to go gallivanting in The Curve. BTW, bought something from IKEA and I had to go downstairs to pay for it. All I can say is that it took me more than 10 minutes of rapid walking through a nearly neverending path to get to the damn counter. GRAH!

     For dinner we went to SS2's Murni (garlic naan & tandoori) and then Christina drove to Cyberjaya and Putrajaya where phototaking was aplenty XD. We had to go home early though, because my cousin had to study for an exam and my parents were coming to pass me some soup my mom boiled (miss me le XD).


Quote gems from my friends

Chun Li's Biggest Fan stays near my block, and he smsed me saying he wanted this comic called Magic Knight (Magic Knight Rayearth, CLAMP), which I have. And when I was living in Cyberjaya, I was at college from 9am till 8pm, and reached home around 8.30-9.00. So anyway, in class next day:

ME: Hey, tonight I go to your place to give you Magic Knight, okay?
WILLIAM: Huh? Oh, okay.

[a few seconds later he pokes me]

WILLIAM: You know, for a moment there, I thought I heard that you're going to give me a magic NIGHT.
ME: .............................................................................

Another case, I went for lunch with Chris and William (another William). Chris drove us to Streetmall and we saw this bunch of tiny kittens romping around rambunctiously inside an unused locked shop. Very very adorable.

CHRIS: Wah, the black and white one would totally suit my room!
ME: ... you'd get a cat for that?
WILLIAM: It's Chris....
CHRIS: Aiyo, will really suit la. Neh... you know Formaldehyde?
WILLIAM/ME: .............................. WHAT THE...!!!

For your information, Formaldehyde is this chemical to... preserve animals.

CHRIS: Yea, then hang it on my wall.

Of course, he's joking. I hope. Really hope.

What will I be without friends like these? (Brain still pure XD)

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