Sunday, March 11, 2007


Moving to Cyberjaya for a week, or two or more.

Just to be nearer to my college so I could use their lightboxes.

Traditional 2d, oh man, I'm starting to sweat... I'm not trained in it, yet I chose it for my final assignment evaaaa.

Pray I'll be able to pull it off.

The will-be-dragged along:

One with clothes, towels, and stuff. One with books, 2 rims of paper, phone charger etc. My bed will be a sleeping bag with a comforter beneath it, and my comfy pillow. My bag with the usual student stuff.

Even if it's for a few weeks, as I was looking at these bags, I felt a sort of weightlessness.

Cold showers, bad internet, no stove and my cousin said it's slightly hot. Doesn't matter, I could handle that because I just need a place to sleep.

Loads to update, but I'm not feeling as diligent as I should.

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