Monday, April 30, 2007

Oh Rubbish!

[GAHHH, no internetz in mah home!! Bad luck really does come in threes ; __ ; . At cybercafe now, bloggin' from my mail (gotta love blogger). Written on 28 April '07]

My butt has been parked here the whole day, trying to complete my business plan. And I've probably only typed 5 or six short paragraphs in 24 hours. I suck at this, really.

All these business jargons like revenues, venture, expenditures, 'aggressively prospecting new relationships' and etc simply throws me off my feet. I mean, I understand what it means ... but to ask me churn out a 20++ page report using business language simply stumps me. As in, you could see my pupils getting larger and my mouth forming these words: Oh God, I'm Screwed.

For example, the whole "aggressively prospecting new relationships" sounds more like a playboy-on-heat hunting for fresh meat, rather than seeking potential customers to me. And when I think aggressive, the feedback my mind gives is:

Man: I'm sorry for being such a bad bad boy, forgive me...
Woman: Are you really? *tests leather whip on ground* And call me 'Mistress', b*tch!



You should really read my business plan; it looks more like an story-based essay. I'm stuck, and I've only got up to 15 pages. And not only that, my lecturer asked me to elaborate on the points more.

Oh lord, bless me with the magical power to write believable fluff.

Either that miracle, or I'm getting a C or worse for this class.


Oh yea, my imaginery product is an self-powered eco-friendly bin which basically shreds and compresses rubbish and uses the liquid and compost for energy. My imaginery company's name is... BravoBin!! Cute, right? xDxD

SO I've been reading loads about waste facts and management in Malaysia. Did you know that an average Malaysian in the city generates at least 1.7kg trash a day? Shame on you city ppl! (---> also from the city, hahaha)

I did enjoy researching about it though. I'm those sort of people you'd like to punch because I don't eat shark's fin soup, often found erasing the content of an A4 paper to use it again, saving even the minuscule pieces of paper for recyling etc. Anyway, throw me general questions about environmental issues and waste management, and 80% I might be able to come up with an answer. Either that, or I'd be able to cook up some fluff for you (I've had enough practice for that).

Anyway, I was just thinking. This Thursday I'd be up front, presenting my 'business pitch' on Powerpoint, probably shaking enough to bring the entire building down... and guess what I'll be doing?

Talking trash, wtf.

(Literally weh!)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The arrival of Lady Malady and SPARTAAAAAAAA

MIRACLE Youth Conference!! Anyone going? It's open to anyone between the age of 15-23, and the whole thing sounds awesome and not-to-be-missed kind. I'd really love to attend it. I mean besides that it'll be an interesting experience, it's probably the last time I'll be able to attend something like this. Will attend but only if my mom allows me to skip some family gathering in A Famosa Resort (which I bloody hate... been there once, saw the way they treat their animals and am completely put off forever).

Lady Luck is on leave and Lady Malady is in charge, baby! The day after my computer ate my homework, my graphic card kaput-ed. Which resulted in me trying to fix it for hours before my dad replaced it with an older graphic card, as my computer does not support any newer versions wtf. It only allows 800x600 resolution and nothing above that, but fine with me, as long as I'm able to do my assignment.

Just to clear up something/ When I say my computer hanged, it translates to my computer system being totally frozen; screen stagnant, the music going ttatatatatatat because it's repeating 0.5 seconds of the part where it got stuck and no frantic amount of pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete would generate any response from it. So, I gotta restart the computer.

I finally watched 300. Visually, niceeee (*coughDavidWenhamcough*) but the rest; storyline, characters etc fails to entice viewers (at least, not me). Certain parts captured me visually besides men in underwear. Like the dance of the Oracle and Leonidas's solo scene in battling the Persians. But other than that, meh. First, the characters are bland and one-dimensional. There's not even a climax point in the movie. Not that I'm strict in wanting the whole 3-act structure thing... all I care about is whether it's good or not, and it's not.

Now, costumes. Despite the outfit for Sparta soldiers are thoughtful in the sense that it gives us girls some eye candies to drool about, don't you think it's fitting in a cliche way? The whole underwear and cape. Fulfilling superhero costume requirements...

Also, is it just me, or is the movie like, really gay? Especially King Xerxes, wtf. King MeYesYes more like. Man, I felt my yaoi-sense tingling when he placed his hands on Leonidas's shoulders. Speaking of Leonidas, his perfect beard is ever so distracting (Oh, Gerard Butler, what had they done to you?)

But Leonidas's wish to be immortalised in history came true anyway.

Only, not in the way he imagined. Observe.

MOAR?!?!?!11one! (go through the comments for moarrrrr) (wtf-age in LJ is ♥)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Down the stairs you go

You know what really sucks?

Drawing a scene for 2 days, and then when you're finally done, you save it, nearly 100 frames. Then close the file. 20 seconds later your SHIT of a computer hangs. But shouldn't be a problem, right? Because the file was closed 20 seconds ago.

But no.

File corrupted.

I feel so damn frustrated. NOT THE FIRST TIME IT HAPPENED!!! Although it's the first time for -this- kind of error. Usually it's when I'm working halfway when my computer hangs, or when I'm saving it then it hangs =_=;;;;;. I have back-ups for other files, but I havent made one for this. It's so ironic. I didn't have any trouble with the other files until I have to resort to the back up, but the only one I haven't backed up, f-ed up.

Once I get a new computer, I'm gonna frigging chuck this computer of mine down the stairs, with sheer pleasure. For all the headache and stress it gave me by eating my work countless times.

Okay, I'm not in a blubbering mess now, but I'm nearly crying, but I gotta force myself to stay calm, and redo 2 days' work. omg.

Now I'm so so so back in my work. IT'S ANNOYING! I don't have time for all this!!!

EDIT: I checked out google for any way to save it, but none for this kind. Oh, well. Feeling calmer now though. Don't want to kill mah soul over something like this srsly. I'll just redo it, ya.

Is this a filler post or what?

... previous post reveals inner-keganasan.


But fear not, I'm a pretty non-violent person in real life (that's what I think anyway). I'm a Buddhist and as you know, everyone kills Buddhists (sauce source: 5th paragraph from the bottom).

So no, I don't support a mob of vigilantes beating up snatch thieves (even if they are morons who deserves a hundred more crazy mobs on their ass). And yet, somewhere in my mind, I do think that the victim could justify just one *little* revenge, that comes in the form of a swift kick to where the sun don't shine the shins.


No time, can't type much. But here's some pictures that was supposed be up here earlier, if only the blog owner could stop procrastinating and be more of an attentive one.

There's outer beauty and inner beauty.

There's also outer pimples and inner pimples. You'd find yourself cursing more to the latter though.

It made one side of my nose grow bigger (than it already is, orz), and I can't even have the satisfaction of squeezing the white goo out.

One side is bigger!! Can see??

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Red Pimple.

Better lighting. God, my nose is so bulbous-y.
(Why do I look like a man here?)

Inner pimples = pain pain ;__; Sigh. Couldn't dig my nose on that one side for a whole week.


Don't you love cooks in your family? (Me mam)

Wayyyy overdue, but I like this one.

The left page is so gung-ho about the beauty of big girls, how curves are in, how people like Jennifer Hudson could grace the front cover of a mag,so curves are greattttt... then you have the right page going, "Wutevaaaa."

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lazy shit criminals

Hey look, crime closer to home!

Guess who's infiltrated my neighbourhood?

In front of my house no less?

Snatch Thieves.



... these little lowlifes should be strung upside down on a cable laced with broken glass, beaten up with a rusty spiked club and then doused with a big pail of chilli padi essence *breathes fire*

Damn, they better not be reproducing. I HOPE ALL YOUR SPERMS ARE LAME AND EXPIRED!!!

-takes deep breath 10 times-

Okayla, here's what happened:

Quiet night shattered by my mom yelling, "CHEONG YE AH! CHEONG YE AH!" Me and my dad dashed to the front gate, my dad grabbing this metal baton he had, but we reached there enough to hear my mom and her friends going, "Aiya, just drove away already." Wtf. The thief and accomplice fled off in their car. (...CAR!! WTF happened to motorcycles? Upgraded??) just as me and my dad reached the front door.

(*CHEONG YE AH = snatch thief la...)

By then, I saw that my mom's friend (the victim) and her young daughter was alright, and my mom's friend was already lamenting that she should had thrown her phones over the gate. Luckily, she and her daughter wasn't hurt, man. She was actually clutching her daughter tight, thinking that he was going for her (Kudos! Smart move! <-- not being sarcastic btw). You know, from reading reports and stuff, I wouldnt be surprised if they resort to that. You know, fits in with being a conscienceless bastard after all. Another blessing was that she didn't have her purse with her. - 10 deep breaths run out -


I simply ABHOR such people. Not only they're pieces of lazy SHITS, they're more than happy to cause harm to get what they want.

Last year, my friend had a concussion, though she's fine after about a week, just because this moron shoved her down for her handbag. And I call THAT lucky. I mean, see the news la... comas and deaths. That's just so bloody sick of them. Because of them, we have to be suspicious all the damn time! Now even non-victims get paranoid and have a habit of hugging their bags whenever a vehicle passes by, heart pounding.

IN ADDITION TO THAT, those sorry excuse for humans just made my mom 10000000% more paranoid than she is, and my dad is going to join her club soon, which translates to I'm going to have to go through hell and back just to wait for the bus in front of my own house.

So so pissed off. This is like a security breech. This ain't the first time it happened near my house. Shit, don't troll near my house!


And those hands and legs? YOU DON'T DESERVE THEM!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ah moi! Leng zhai!! Mali tolong...

Mali tolong gua fill in survey, can? XD


It's for my Business Studies class; we have to do a business plan and I'm doing something related to environmental issues and an eco-friendly product. So if you have free time and want to help out a poor hippo, I'd appreciate it muchly...

Update on the Virginia Tech case: They couldn't find out who the gunman was at first because he shot himself in the face. Now they have ID-ed that guy.

The gunman is of South Korean descent, a loner. They've also published some of the victims' names and gave a little story on each of them, which is, well, just damn heartbreaking to read. Because they're no longer cold statistics anymore; they have a story, a name and a life that they left behind.

There's this one lecturer, a survivor of the Holocaust and communism in Romania, who pushed against the door as the gunman tried to enter and told his students to run away. They ran and Liviu Librescu, the lecturer, was shot. A final gift before succumbing to his wound.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech Massacre

Is this thing of entering a house of education and raining bullets on students starting to be some kind of sick trend?

Another massacre in the US. This time in a college, four days before the anniversary of the Columbine High School incident. And of course, the gunman shot himself. If I ever come across that asshole's grave I'll fucking piss on it. For more: MSNBC

At least 33 people are dead and possibly, but hopefully not, more to add to the death toll.

For a life to end, at the brink of something so much more, it's raw tragedy.

It's like looking eagerly at pupas, wondering what kind of butterfly will come out.

But then we will never find out.

It's so unfair isn't it? It's not like they're in the frontline in a war. It's not like they're putting themselves in danger by strolling the back streets in a bad neighbourhood.They are simply going to college, where the threats probably come in the form of silly college pranks or failing a class. They are not prepared to die!

For fuck's sakes, if you want to die so much, just fucking shoot yourself and save humanity the trouble. Don't go trigger happy on innocent people. What are you trying to prove? Because of one prick's doing, someone out there loses a lover, a friend, a child, a sister, a brother and who knows, even a mother or father.

Condolences to the family and friends of the victims in this senseless killings... I can't truly imagine the pain they must be going through. A mother losing her child, especially.


I managed to scan a big portion of my animation drawings (nearly 200) this morning before I slept (10am). Sat on the floor. Mind-numbing and shoulder-blade-hurting work, but I amused myself with my smelly fugly feet.

(flat feet: stilletto's choice for hapless victims)

The right one makes me think of a certain Chun Li fan. And my fourth toe is abnormal; it's too dependant on the middle toe. If that makes any sense anyway...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Go away!!!

Don't you hate bad habits that resurrects without warning and proceeds to give you the usual distress?

It's something I haven't been bothered by for a few years, yet a few days ago it returned and puffed out its chest while grinning, going, "Missed me much?" (The answer to that is hell no!!)

A nightmare who promised to leave forever.

Ladies and gentlemen and other random creatures... the cold sweat and palpating heart is back.

You see, I've been beating myself badly over things that I cannot change. Every ounce of logic and happiness in my body yells, "Go go! Don't look back!"

But I do. I feel like Orpheus because I would lose something. Many glances over my shoulder; walk one step ahead but stop to twist my head around to the see a video playing the same track over and over, the volume rising until it drowns everything else except the wishes that I could had done or said something better, or at least, less mortifying or embarassing.

Even though I know that I will never be able to move my legs back to fix the situation and am doomed to forever watch from the future, to watch behind an invisible shield.

The thing is, I understand all these. Theory-wise. Friends telling me that we're all imperfect creatures. Proverbs and quotes about changing the NOW and not the past has been read. How worrying or being overly self-conscious will make you unproductive and sad yada yada yada. In fact, I put mental Post-it notes all over to remind myself, and it worked for a few years.

And yet.

Dammit, I just want to stop regretting. Cringing repeatedly in the past three days is seriously not good for the soul. Brain, please stop the flashbacks, can?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Reason number #1...

...why you shouldn't leave your cellphone with friends.

But before that.

Let's talk about alarm clocks. (It's relevant, I promise.)

Ever wonder why after a certain amount of time, you could sleep past your alarm clock even though it possess the decibel prowess of a launching rocket? We were chatting about how after a while, your brain tend to filter out that sound thus enabling you to resume snoozing (even though the entire neighbourhood wakes up but you. Mob of neighbours at your door, can?). This condition doesn't necessarily afflict everybody, however I happen to be a sufferer of it. Like, a serious case one orz.

Anyway, while I was in the loo, pissing oh-so-happily without an inkling of what's gonna happen, my dear friends in class thoughtfully changed my cellphone's alarm song.

So, instead of waking up to this:

LOURDS - Astropop

I woke up to this:

[WARNING, it's so totally not work safe at all, so faham faham la. Don't find me if you get fired or your parents starts looking at you differently or that your 3 year old knows more than she/he should etc ]

Listened? I.. I.. I.... wtf-ed x 38945928728967!

Well, it sure as heck woke me up alright. In the midst of being in Lalaland, this personalised recording permeated the land in an abrupt manner and everyone there looked at me like, I sprouted 3 heads and gave birth to a dugong. Sucked back to earth without a farewell, blinking and wondering what the bloody hell...?

In a split second, I knew. I just knew it.

I scrambled up to turn it off, and in my blurness, grabbed my aircon's remote and kept switching my aircon on and off.

Actually, they didn't only change my alarm to that, but my ringtone and sms alert as well.

Damn, I feel so lucky that none of my friends were feeling sociable and decides to call me up during my period of obliviousness. I mean, imagine -that- being played in the midst of having my dinner and with my family in the vicinity of hearing?

Flying regurgitated dinner coming through, can?

Sigh, they got me.

I admit it!

They got me good.

[Oh, anyone interested in hiring a male pr0nstar, please leave a comment and we'll get back to you. -mamasan mode-]

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What the heck I've been up to?

In short and repetitive words, I've been drawing, inking, drawing, scanning, drawing and tracing.

Oh, did I mention drawing?

My initial workplace:

Blinded yet? It's not that bright irl, so it's okay!

The superstar of my animation (my gloomy baby XD)

However, I have since moved on to use my computer instead.

Does this look blur to you? You should really give drinking a rest... XD

It's actually easier to work on the lightbox, as well as to test your animation (line test).

Poor man's version of a line-test machine

Tripod and my webcam. I don't know why, but I love makeshift stuff like this XD. The picture was taken during an power outage in my house (while I was line-testing, orz...)

     Basically, it's just taking quick pictures of your drawings to check if the animation is alright and doesn't look wonky. If it's too fast, you have to add in more drawings, or if it's too slow, remove some drawings. It'll look something like this:

     Mind the watermark. Not mine, it's Digicel's (great program, but demo version have a big ass watermark on it , so have to capture image on the sides wtf). The last part is inked but the timing is out (I put this together quickly to show my lecturer)

     The downside of the traditional way however is that you'll have to scan and retrace every single dang drawing. Imagine, one second = 12 drawings. Multiply that by 60 and then 4. That's the amount of drawing I have to do. Been scanning stacks of paper lately. I have about 200 pieces of papers more to scan... so yea, it saves time to work on the computer.

     I wonder why I never thought of it earlier orz. My brain seems to be malfunctioning lately (please allow me a moment to weep its possible demise...). I've been going around asking for a brain massage and Charlene told me she could do it for me; all she need is 2 lemons, a few thunderbolts, lots of electricity and an Igor.

Sounds like a great plan, but where the hell can I get an Igor?

Random animation sketch plan while working on my computer

     Anyway, since it's my first time doing 2D traditional animation, it can be frustrating at times. Like how I was stuck at one scene for a week plus because I couldn't bloody draw the effect I want. And yet really fun when you see the still images move -dance around-. I can't dance for long though. Deadline is a'creepin' and despite me looking serene on the outside, inside someone is teh-tarikking my blood. I don't look calm normally. Only when I'm freaking out inwardly....

Considering my only teacher for this came in the form of:

Sensei! *bows*

Not sure if I'll be able to colour it in time for final presentation. Anyway, here's a peek for my sort of coloured animation, minus the effects:

My break is over and it's back to work. Hoping I'll be able to complete at least the animation and the sound in 2-3 weeks time -faint-. I've been -headdesk-ing for being overambitious.

Good luck wishes are welcomed (and very muchly needed!)

[To my college mates reading this (or any artist for that matter), here's something that might interest you: MSC Malaysia IP Creators Challenge Series 2007. Submissions are open until 28 June 2007!!]

Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Gas Chamber

My brother has been smoking in his room recently. I honestly don't really give a shit about that, only our rooms have a connected bathroom and I do give a shit when the smell is seeping into my room like an uninvited intruder that you can't even punch in the face.

You know how cigarette smoke is, right? It would unpack its bags without permission and settle down in curtains, bedsheets, clothes, your hair and heck, even the toilet paper tak terlepas (uhm, I just happened to smell it...). Then stays longer than it should. And any attempts to evict it will be met with an upturned nose and an obnoxious "HAH YOU CAN'T GET RID OF ME THAT EASILY! HERE! SMELL MY 2ND HAND SMOKE!!".

My mom used to drive herself up the wall trying to remove the smell from my dad's clothes (also a smoker), but now she couldn't be bothered, hahah.

Just now I entered the toilet and my nose was overpowered by an army of perfume molecules. I think I heard a sort of *whoosh* sound when I opened the door, because the toilet's compressed air was rushing into my room where air molecules hang around chillin' with loaddddds of space. Oh My Gas-Chamber, my brother drowned the toilet in perfume.

I guess the good news is that the attempt worked because I can't smell the ciggie smoke. In fact, after a few seconds I couldn't smell ANYTHING at all.

That bad.

Thankfully my nose has since resuscitated.

Feel like chucking my bro into the loo and ordering him to smoke.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, off to blogspot we go!

Long time ago, a creature is known for going:


It went on for centuries because the little bugger





Finally the wise old creature with many beards (= more to raba when thinking) came down from his mountain after listening to that for centuries (also another case of JWD) and inquires: 

"Is something bothering you, little red screaming one?"

AAAAaaaaa-YES! Could you please...!?!

... please remove the pin from my back?!?!?!??!
please help!

Level of crappiness is rising. Oh, it's something I made out of felt many months back. Looks like a drunk Domo-kun wth. I had a yellow happy version, but I gave it to Geu Rie, this little Korean girl for her birthday (she requested a yellow or pink; I only had yellow felt)

Gee, I'm blogging more than usual. I wonder why. It's assignment season, dammit!! 

    Naturally my ass have been planted in front of the computer for so long, I'm starting to grow mushrooms. Let's not speak of where. Knowing how good my concentration skills are, the cursor would scroll nonchalantly over to the firefox icon once every hour. When I do have free time (also known as standing up, go downstairs, have a snack and to remove mushrooms), I kick myself repeatedly for not choosing to do website or at least something simpler than drawing frame-by-frame animation for my final assignment evaaaa. 

Bad habit of doing other things when I'm busy and a bad tendency to bring problems to self. Meh. 

Also, big news:

blog-city is no longer offering free accounts.


Therefore my glorious ode of adoration should be furiously torn into pieces, chucked into a bin and burnt. Burn for a long long time.

Friggin' disappointed really. Not much of the fact that it's a superb blog host or something, but it's more to the fact that it's been, in a way, a sanctuary for me for the past four years.

LC started it first; he kept jumping up and down like a hobbit he is, until he got what he wanted, which was for me and Pui Yee to sign up in blog-city, so we can spam each other's blogs. I admit, it was great fun because everytime we update we'd force each other to have a look at it. Force as in:

ME: I just updated my blog. Go read.
LC: Malas.
ME: Don't malas, faster read!
ME: You'd better leave comment too!!
ME: Don't dot dot dot. Proper comment ok?
ME: Have you read it yet?
ME: It's <insert URL>
ME: Read yet?
ME: Read yet?
ME: Read yet?
LC: I'm reading la, fat.
ME: Oh good.
ME: Leave comment ya?
LC: ... - regret for asking gianne to sign up-

... or something like that. Forced by annoyance and harassment via ICQ/MSN XD

I started blogging when I was in Form 5. -reads it- Oh my god, I can't believe I was that sort of juvenile delinquent.

     Since then I have shedded the blue pinafore, received a much needed scholarship, went to college, yumcha-ed for the first time, got lost in the labyrinth of life, found out what it is to be a friend, went through a turning point of my life, got bitten by the need to see the world, learnt more than I ever had and am about to graduate with a diploma.

Maybe it's not much, but these four years mean a lot to me. 

     In a way, all that has happened in the past few years was just me, as cliche as it sounds, trying to be a better person and to seek this elusive creature called 'Happiness'. Yet I'm still essentially me. I'm still making lame jokes. I'm still finding humour in the seriousness of life. I'm still saying the wrong things at the wrong time. I still stammer and shake in front of an audience.  I'm still the person who digresses a lot in her writing (haha). I'm still that confused person; only I used to grope in the dark with only a dim flashlight. My world didn't go beyond the reach of my hands. But now the lights have been turned on and I'm marveled by the vast world that surrounds me. It's scary and it's humbling, and I'm glad with a dash of gratefulness.

    I don't really know how to put it in words, but I've come to a point... I'm not afraid of myself anymore. I'm being me, more and more each day. My heart has grown bigger by the things that I've experienced and seen. To say I've totally found myself would be a lie, but I'm getting closer. My dreams are not materially lavish anymore. I could see what kind of person I truly want to be. Not the ones I had idly dreamt of while in class. Not the ones that lives a golden glitter and glamour life. Not the ones that snickers and leaves you behind because you're scrambling and tripping and you will never reach it. Not the ones where I try to fit my feet in another's shoes, but discover I might have to chop off two toes to do that. 

Surprisingly, it's the one that I dreamt when I was a child, with a sprinkle of adult sense. Not the perfect ones. An ordinary dream with flaws and a Swiss Army knife for safety. It's the one that pisses you off in the morning, but you return to it at night. It's also the only one whose smile can fill your heart up to the brim, and makes everything worthwhile.

Whilst I writing in here, the tempurung that I lived in cracked open, and the tentative steps out has turned into skipping footsteps. I'm laughing more, and living more. 

My journey resumes here: 

If you link me, please minus the '-city' and replace it with 'spot', thank you for your kind co-operation (said thank you already, therefore you gotta do it XDXD).

I've been slowly shifting there since 2003, though I have a few more to go. I apologise for the stark layout because currently my assignment is eating my life.

I better put this shifting announcement in another short entry because I don't know who the heck reads my long entries till the end, hahah (suddenly feel sad orz XDXD)

Adios, Blog-City. 

Thursday, April 05, 2007

How will this tree reach greater heights?


Bloggers may have to register.

Habisla the local servers, no one will layan them anymore.

You know, I rarely write about political shit. Unless there is supply.

Although I didn't write about this gem over here: We're all liars. As well as jobless. Especially women.

But only because I was overdosed by the sight of severe stupidity upon laying eyes on the comment.

It pains me when people who has so much power in their hands, lack just that in the brain department. Where's the foresight? Where's being real? 

Let's be fair. Not all who wields power makes Malaysians bury their face in their hands, cringing. Not all makes us lament or break out in indignation.

     A few months back, during the whole khalwat raid uproar, this Perlis Mufti, Dr. Asri if I recall right, spoke up on the hullabaloo. I don't know why I'm bringing this up now but anyway, what struck me most was his calmness and rationality. Especially in Malaysia, where things like these could get sensitive, he handled it well. His words were not driven solely by emotion, and it made things better. 

     I always think that when you're in front of the media and your choices and words will affect people, I feel it's best to be more rational than emotional. Take a step back, consider the whole and then open your mouth. You know how people are like when they are surfing high on personal feelings, or simply, emotions, they start saying things that they don't mean, or they put the words in a wrong way or they jump to silly assumptions that make them feel ever-so-smart for say, 10 minutes. Or worse, expose to the public their silly prejudice that is better off kept hidden in a hole, with a big boulder over it and then covered in cement. 

Oh shit, how did I end up talking abt old news instead?

     Anyway, the idea is silly; there's so many loopholes in it. Malicious contents? How would they judge what is malicious, and what is not? What if someone posts up something exposes something that the Gov rather keep under the carpet? How far will registering help? Did it help the girl who got harrassed by smses and received that dead foetus? They can't even track the sender because the prepaid number belongs to her apparently. First things first, can they handle it? 

     Maybe I'm overreacting. After all, these are my words and I ought to stand by it. And I will, of course. But to agree to this , I could already feel a trickle, an onset of a possible oppression. People aren't stupid, like duh, they could avoid hosting their blogs locally. The government will not be able to control what they say then. If so, what next? Ban and block every foreign blogging site?

     If you keep striking at the branches, the tree will still grow because the roots are still there. You could cover it, and lock it up. The cover will become strained and tight, and branches will seep through small openings. The tree will do anything to feel the sunlight. To breathe.

Malaysia is like that. We are growing, especially intellectually, but there's some really diligent branch-cutters out there.  

 If they start monitoring and censoring the internets, aka the people's voice, I'll lose hope in this country. For real.

Somehow it reminds me of a story I once read:


There's this bunch of people living in a dark cave, facing one side of the wall only. They lived like that for centuries, until one day one of them got curious and decides to turn around and have a peek. What he saw amazed him beyond words; the sun, the grass, the rivers, the trees etc. He rushes back to tell the others.

Instead of sharing his delight, they began to fear and mistrust him and finally bludgeoned him to death. They returned to face the wall.


Very tiny relevance, but it's that sort of fear they have, you know? Only they can't go around swinging clubs to murder bloggers. 

 I used to snicker at countries who has to go through internet censorship, like China and Iran, and suddenly I realised we could possibly be on the receiving end of it.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

LUCT invasion at IMAX

I usually dislike it when time and time again, our lovely TV stations bring in reality TV imitations. Ever seen Malaysian version of Punk'd? Aiyyeeeeee. Then all the copycat singing competitions popping up like weeds, GRAH.

But make way for a big fat hypocrite. Because I saw this audition ad for a local Project Runway and aaaahhhh!! I can't bloody wait for it to reach the telly!

     Shall calm self down and empty self of ANY expectations, because often I get rather disappointed when the quality of the local show doesn't come up to par with the 'original ones'. I guess when it's already there, you'd kinda have an expectation of how it should be like. In my case, I expected better quality because the standards are already there. I remember watching Malaysian Idol 1, and I was speechless at the number of silent parts. Even at one point when they brought audience in, the audience were collectively kayu and when they cheered, it's like there's a cue card from the producer.

-twitch twitch-

And even the judges seem to be shadows of Simon, Paula and Randy.

I shudder to imagine a Malaysian Tim Gunn wannabe. I'd rather they be themselves than go for a lame, "Make it work!" I don't think anyone else other than Tim Gunn could make it sound cool. And the contestants better be good.

I'd hate to see my favourite show butchered.


LUCT students invasion @ Times Square's IMAX!!

     I seriously didn't know that 200 students were going. What I did know before that was that my friend's class, different course from mine, will be there as well and the only difference is that MY class does not need to write a report on IMAX but THEY do, wahahahahaha!!!

I love it when that happens. Like how I love it when my grandma lectures my mom.

We're supposed to tour the insides of IMAX, but considering the number of people, you gotta wait. And wait. We were all standing around bored out of our minds when the photo-whoring began: 

Kezia, Seiji and Christina

Petro and Julia(?) jumping in the bandwagon XD / Bashing the

Invasion of peace sign!! (Or two wantan noodlez plz)

Hahah! Petro has chubby cheeks here!


We ended up sitting on the floor and chatted. Terence, our lecturer, joins us and sat in a very I-am-too-sexy-for-this-floor pose.

"Hohum, these tiles must be honoured."

 Then... the LUCT-razzis strike. They leap into action, whipping out their cameras and camera phone and:

The Razzi-s: Look here! No, here! Big smile, sir, big smile!

Ba-da-pa-pap-pa!! He's lovin' it!

Even Eugene (another lecturer) came by and went something like, make love to the camera baby! And we're all ROTFL!


The insides of IMAX. There was this guy explaining how IMAX worked and stuff, but I was too far back and far more interested in the equipments there. 

There's an air vent-like thing in front of the camera (to keep things cool?). William or Seiji was trying to make someone go do a Marilyn Monroe, but instead they settled for a 'Modelling with a Fan' plan.

William : I am too sexy for this air.

There was this window behind William where you can see the screen. You will also have a great view of couples fooling around the seats.

Finally I managed to see the guy. Knows his stuff well.

Isn't he animated?

Back outside:

Seiji: Oh Hanks!!! Save the last dance for me~

The shark thinks I'm tasteless.

Kezia (holds the fin): Bring me kai-kai?
(kai-kai = bring me out/shopping etc)

The IMAX movie that we watched was Sharks. We were all given some big ass glasses.

We look like we belong to some really bad 80's movie.

Groovy, baby.

     Sharks, in a seashell, induces sleep. I mean, the 3D effects are hunky-dory and all, and the jellyfish scene was great, but wonder at 3D effects could only go this |------------------| far. It's a documentary I know, and it's not bad for a documentary, but it's so mild. I'm used to National Geographic's raw takes on animals; births, deaths and the harsh food chain.

There was a scene that shows a manta ray gliding gracefully through the water, and I couldn't help thinking of ikan bakar...

    Despite the show being a snoozefest, it points out that sharks are endangered animals. You could scoff and say that sharks are dangerous evil man-eaters, therefore they deserve to be eaten. As their number dwindle? Makes no sense at all. Perhaps these type of people have been watching too many reruns of Jaws because there are very few cases of humans becoming shark meal. It's humans, in fact, that are the most dangerous creatures on the face of earth. So if you were to follow the principle of eat-because-dangerous, I could think of plenty dangerous humans to chow on. Yummy. Keep the numbers down too!

     So think twice before eating anything that contains shark. Sharkfin soup is usually a must in Chinese wedding dinners. It's not like it has any nutritional value at all, but it's just for the 'status' sake. So if you're a Chinese planning a wedding, think of bloody shark carcasses over your wedding tables...

On the way back: 

What I wore; turtleneck (?) and tartan skirt

Something tells me to lay off the chocolates/butter. And to grow 3 inches.