Sunday, April 22, 2007

Is this a filler post or what?

... previous post reveals inner-keganasan.


But fear not, I'm a pretty non-violent person in real life (that's what I think anyway). I'm a Buddhist and as you know, everyone kills Buddhists (sauce source: 5th paragraph from the bottom).

So no, I don't support a mob of vigilantes beating up snatch thieves (even if they are morons who deserves a hundred more crazy mobs on their ass). And yet, somewhere in my mind, I do think that the victim could justify just one *little* revenge, that comes in the form of a swift kick to where the sun don't shine the shins.


No time, can't type much. But here's some pictures that was supposed be up here earlier, if only the blog owner could stop procrastinating and be more of an attentive one.

There's outer beauty and inner beauty.

There's also outer pimples and inner pimples. You'd find yourself cursing more to the latter though.

It made one side of my nose grow bigger (than it already is, orz), and I can't even have the satisfaction of squeezing the white goo out.

One side is bigger!! Can see??

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Red Pimple.

Better lighting. God, my nose is so bulbous-y.
(Why do I look like a man here?)

Inner pimples = pain pain ;__; Sigh. Couldn't dig my nose on that one side for a whole week.


Don't you love cooks in your family? (Me mam)

Wayyyy overdue, but I like this one.

The left page is so gung-ho about the beauty of big girls, how curves are in, how people like Jennifer Hudson could grace the front cover of a mag,so curves are greattttt... then you have the right page going, "Wutevaaaa."


CY said...

Lol to the last pic! Really ironic xD

gianne said...

CY: Glad you like it! But I still think the winner belongs to this time, when on the left page, the authorities was trying to banish the pirated CDs saying how they will lower the original price, support original and whatnot.

And on the next page, there's the censorship board (ever so mutually "loved" by Malaysians) saying that they will censor more or smthg like that.

wtf right? lol