Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lazy shit criminals

Hey look, crime closer to home!

Guess who's infiltrated my neighbourhood?

In front of my house no less?

Snatch Thieves.



... these little lowlifes should be strung upside down on a cable laced with broken glass, beaten up with a rusty spiked club and then doused with a big pail of chilli padi essence *breathes fire*

Damn, they better not be reproducing. I HOPE ALL YOUR SPERMS ARE LAME AND EXPIRED!!!

-takes deep breath 10 times-

Okayla, here's what happened:

Quiet night shattered by my mom yelling, "CHEONG YE AH! CHEONG YE AH!" Me and my dad dashed to the front gate, my dad grabbing this metal baton he had, but we reached there enough to hear my mom and her friends going, "Aiya, just drove away already." Wtf. The thief and accomplice fled off in their car. (...CAR!! WTF happened to motorcycles? Upgraded??) just as me and my dad reached the front door.

(*CHEONG YE AH = snatch thief la...)

By then, I saw that my mom's friend (the victim) and her young daughter was alright, and my mom's friend was already lamenting that she should had thrown her phones over the gate. Luckily, she and her daughter wasn't hurt, man. She was actually clutching her daughter tight, thinking that he was going for her (Kudos! Smart move! <-- not being sarcastic btw). You know, from reading reports and stuff, I wouldnt be surprised if they resort to that. You know, fits in with being a conscienceless bastard after all. Another blessing was that she didn't have her purse with her. - 10 deep breaths run out -


I simply ABHOR such people. Not only they're pieces of lazy SHITS, they're more than happy to cause harm to get what they want.

Last year, my friend had a concussion, though she's fine after about a week, just because this moron shoved her down for her handbag. And I call THAT lucky. I mean, see the news la... comas and deaths. That's just so bloody sick of them. Because of them, we have to be suspicious all the damn time! Now even non-victims get paranoid and have a habit of hugging their bags whenever a vehicle passes by, heart pounding.

IN ADDITION TO THAT, those sorry excuse for humans just made my mom 10000000% more paranoid than she is, and my dad is going to join her club soon, which translates to I'm going to have to go through hell and back just to wait for the bus in front of my own house.

So so pissed off. This is like a security breech. This ain't the first time it happened near my house. Shit, don't troll near my house!


And those hands and legs? YOU DON'T DESERVE THEM!


Ryan said...

Those bull-headed horse-faced tormentors down at the 18th level of hell would love to tie souls that were snatch thieves while they were alive to a fiery moving carriage. Then they will be dragged along a load laden with pieces of smashed glass and burning charcoal.

runawaycat said...

Whoa down cool down...They get what they deserve...

gianne said...

ryan... make the vehicle Ferrari racer.

runawaycat: cooled down =P. wrote that when i was still boiling mad, and i think i sound v ganas -cough-...