Wednesday, April 04, 2007

LUCT invasion at IMAX

I usually dislike it when time and time again, our lovely TV stations bring in reality TV imitations. Ever seen Malaysian version of Punk'd? Aiyyeeeeee. Then all the copycat singing competitions popping up like weeds, GRAH.

But make way for a big fat hypocrite. Because I saw this audition ad for a local Project Runway and aaaahhhh!! I can't bloody wait for it to reach the telly!

     Shall calm self down and empty self of ANY expectations, because often I get rather disappointed when the quality of the local show doesn't come up to par with the 'original ones'. I guess when it's already there, you'd kinda have an expectation of how it should be like. In my case, I expected better quality because the standards are already there. I remember watching Malaysian Idol 1, and I was speechless at the number of silent parts. Even at one point when they brought audience in, the audience were collectively kayu and when they cheered, it's like there's a cue card from the producer.

-twitch twitch-

And even the judges seem to be shadows of Simon, Paula and Randy.

I shudder to imagine a Malaysian Tim Gunn wannabe. I'd rather they be themselves than go for a lame, "Make it work!" I don't think anyone else other than Tim Gunn could make it sound cool. And the contestants better be good.

I'd hate to see my favourite show butchered.


LUCT students invasion @ Times Square's IMAX!!

     I seriously didn't know that 200 students were going. What I did know before that was that my friend's class, different course from mine, will be there as well and the only difference is that MY class does not need to write a report on IMAX but THEY do, wahahahahaha!!!

I love it when that happens. Like how I love it when my grandma lectures my mom.

We're supposed to tour the insides of IMAX, but considering the number of people, you gotta wait. And wait. We were all standing around bored out of our minds when the photo-whoring began: 

Kezia, Seiji and Christina

Petro and Julia(?) jumping in the bandwagon XD / Bashing the

Invasion of peace sign!! (Or two wantan noodlez plz)

Hahah! Petro has chubby cheeks here!


We ended up sitting on the floor and chatted. Terence, our lecturer, joins us and sat in a very I-am-too-sexy-for-this-floor pose.

"Hohum, these tiles must be honoured."

 Then... the LUCT-razzis strike. They leap into action, whipping out their cameras and camera phone and:

The Razzi-s: Look here! No, here! Big smile, sir, big smile!

Ba-da-pa-pap-pa!! He's lovin' it!

Even Eugene (another lecturer) came by and went something like, make love to the camera baby! And we're all ROTFL!


The insides of IMAX. There was this guy explaining how IMAX worked and stuff, but I was too far back and far more interested in the equipments there. 

There's an air vent-like thing in front of the camera (to keep things cool?). William or Seiji was trying to make someone go do a Marilyn Monroe, but instead they settled for a 'Modelling with a Fan' plan.

William : I am too sexy for this air.

There was this window behind William where you can see the screen. You will also have a great view of couples fooling around the seats.

Finally I managed to see the guy. Knows his stuff well.

Isn't he animated?

Back outside:

Seiji: Oh Hanks!!! Save the last dance for me~

The shark thinks I'm tasteless.

Kezia (holds the fin): Bring me kai-kai?
(kai-kai = bring me out/shopping etc)

The IMAX movie that we watched was Sharks. We were all given some big ass glasses.

We look like we belong to some really bad 80's movie.

Groovy, baby.

     Sharks, in a seashell, induces sleep. I mean, the 3D effects are hunky-dory and all, and the jellyfish scene was great, but wonder at 3D effects could only go this |------------------| far. It's a documentary I know, and it's not bad for a documentary, but it's so mild. I'm used to National Geographic's raw takes on animals; births, deaths and the harsh food chain.

There was a scene that shows a manta ray gliding gracefully through the water, and I couldn't help thinking of ikan bakar...

    Despite the show being a snoozefest, it points out that sharks are endangered animals. You could scoff and say that sharks are dangerous evil man-eaters, therefore they deserve to be eaten. As their number dwindle? Makes no sense at all. Perhaps these type of people have been watching too many reruns of Jaws because there are very few cases of humans becoming shark meal. It's humans, in fact, that are the most dangerous creatures on the face of earth. So if you were to follow the principle of eat-because-dangerous, I could think of plenty dangerous humans to chow on. Yummy. Keep the numbers down too!

     So think twice before eating anything that contains shark. Sharkfin soup is usually a must in Chinese wedding dinners. It's not like it has any nutritional value at all, but it's just for the 'status' sake. So if you're a Chinese planning a wedding, think of bloody shark carcasses over your wedding tables...

On the way back: 

What I wore; turtleneck (?) and tartan skirt

Something tells me to lay off the chocolates/butter. And to grow 3 inches.

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