Monday, April 30, 2007

Oh Rubbish!

[GAHHH, no internetz in mah home!! Bad luck really does come in threes ; __ ; . At cybercafe now, bloggin' from my mail (gotta love blogger). Written on 28 April '07]

My butt has been parked here the whole day, trying to complete my business plan. And I've probably only typed 5 or six short paragraphs in 24 hours. I suck at this, really.

All these business jargons like revenues, venture, expenditures, 'aggressively prospecting new relationships' and etc simply throws me off my feet. I mean, I understand what it means ... but to ask me churn out a 20++ page report using business language simply stumps me. As in, you could see my pupils getting larger and my mouth forming these words: Oh God, I'm Screwed.

For example, the whole "aggressively prospecting new relationships" sounds more like a playboy-on-heat hunting for fresh meat, rather than seeking potential customers to me. And when I think aggressive, the feedback my mind gives is:

Man: I'm sorry for being such a bad bad boy, forgive me...
Woman: Are you really? *tests leather whip on ground* And call me 'Mistress', b*tch!



You should really read my business plan; it looks more like an story-based essay. I'm stuck, and I've only got up to 15 pages. And not only that, my lecturer asked me to elaborate on the points more.

Oh lord, bless me with the magical power to write believable fluff.

Either that miracle, or I'm getting a C or worse for this class.


Oh yea, my imaginery product is an self-powered eco-friendly bin which basically shreds and compresses rubbish and uses the liquid and compost for energy. My imaginery company's name is... BravoBin!! Cute, right? xDxD

SO I've been reading loads about waste facts and management in Malaysia. Did you know that an average Malaysian in the city generates at least 1.7kg trash a day? Shame on you city ppl! (---> also from the city, hahaha)

I did enjoy researching about it though. I'm those sort of people you'd like to punch because I don't eat shark's fin soup, often found erasing the content of an A4 paper to use it again, saving even the minuscule pieces of paper for recyling etc. Anyway, throw me general questions about environmental issues and waste management, and 80% I might be able to come up with an answer. Either that, or I'd be able to cook up some fluff for you (I've had enough practice for that).

Anyway, I was just thinking. This Thursday I'd be up front, presenting my 'business pitch' on Powerpoint, probably shaking enough to bring the entire building down... and guess what I'll be doing?

Talking trash, wtf.

(Literally weh!)

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