Friday, April 13, 2007

Reason number #1...

...why you shouldn't leave your cellphone with friends.

But before that.

Let's talk about alarm clocks. (It's relevant, I promise.)

Ever wonder why after a certain amount of time, you could sleep past your alarm clock even though it possess the decibel prowess of a launching rocket? We were chatting about how after a while, your brain tend to filter out that sound thus enabling you to resume snoozing (even though the entire neighbourhood wakes up but you. Mob of neighbours at your door, can?). This condition doesn't necessarily afflict everybody, however I happen to be a sufferer of it. Like, a serious case one orz.

Anyway, while I was in the loo, pissing oh-so-happily without an inkling of what's gonna happen, my dear friends in class thoughtfully changed my cellphone's alarm song.

So, instead of waking up to this:

LOURDS - Astropop

I woke up to this:

[WARNING, it's so totally not work safe at all, so faham faham la. Don't find me if you get fired or your parents starts looking at you differently or that your 3 year old knows more than she/he should etc ]

Listened? I.. I.. I.... wtf-ed x 38945928728967!

Well, it sure as heck woke me up alright. In the midst of being in Lalaland, this personalised recording permeated the land in an abrupt manner and everyone there looked at me like, I sprouted 3 heads and gave birth to a dugong. Sucked back to earth without a farewell, blinking and wondering what the bloody hell...?

In a split second, I knew. I just knew it.

I scrambled up to turn it off, and in my blurness, grabbed my aircon's remote and kept switching my aircon on and off.

Actually, they didn't only change my alarm to that, but my ringtone and sms alert as well.

Damn, I feel so lucky that none of my friends were feeling sociable and decides to call me up during my period of obliviousness. I mean, imagine -that- being played in the midst of having my dinner and with my family in the vicinity of hearing?

Flying regurgitated dinner coming through, can?

Sigh, they got me.

I admit it!

They got me good.

[Oh, anyone interested in hiring a male pr0nstar, please leave a comment and we'll get back to you. -mamasan mode-]


Ryan said...

No comments...

Okay. I've just commented. Now..
But seriously, what a good friend you have there! He/She was actually kind enough to help you change the alarm to something that you'd definitely wake up to. This person is a god-damned genius, I'd say. That's one alarm you won't be immune to. It'll help induce wet dreams (or nightmares in your case) during your REM sleep too XD

gianne said...

ryan: .............................. -twitch- Me = speechless. Very speechless indeed. XD

~SHiAwAsE~ said...

Oh my god. This is so funny! Hahahaha! And i think in front of parents is still ok. You can just say a friend did this. But in front of a crowd of strangers....NoOo

gianne said...

shiawase: Hahaha, you may join my thoughtful friends who were ROTFL-ing when they knew I found out.

Hmmm...I think I'd prefer it to happen in front of strangers. I mean, at least I can split and not see them everyday lol. But could you imagine if you're stuck in an elevator with this ringtone and someone calls? omfggggggg...!!!!! will quickly chow on the next floor, hahah

Silhouette said...

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA Eh, you woke up because you wanted to join in the fun okay...admit it....

gianne said...

moony: ... that sounds more like your reaction actually hahhaahha! If I do that to you, I bet you'd be pissed with me big time, but only because it's just a recording and nothing more ;P. am i right? am i right?!? XDXD

~SHiAwAsE~ said...

Elevator!!! I didn't think of that! OMG! Ultimate embarassment!Horribleeee!!! I'll definitely slay my friends if that happens

gianne said...

Hahahah! My friend's the one who said the elevator one. Yea, will be preparing to slay someone if that happens, lol

BTW, I like ur icon! Honey & Clover no Morita-san deshou?

~SHiAwAsE~ said...

Hai! Morita-san suki! unfortunately...can't use this avatar anymore.

gianne said...

Eeee... doushite?

Morita-san is such a wild card XD

Oh, Hagu-chan in the H&C live action is so adorable!

~SHiAwAsE~ said...

I haven't watched the movie! Where can I get my hands on it!? Morita is a happy-go-lucky person=shiawase

I'll tell you why in friendster

William nanka janai said...

I clicked both and the song goes like:

"...throw your hands all up and moan moan moan ah ah cherish all the moan moan ah ah freedom..."

gianne said...



hai! meseji ga yomimashita! (please tell me you understand some basic japanese, else i have been making a fool outta myself lolol)

gianne said...

oiiii, william da! XDXD

HAHA addtional soundtrack eh?

nanka janai William said...

male pronstar remix version