Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The tip

Her day started out like any other ordinary morning.

Of course, that is the beginning sentence for a not-so-ordinary day.

Near noon, her phone rang.

You could say that after she pressed the 'End' button to that call, someone had pulled the carpet out from under her, and beneath the carpet there's a big gap in the floor. Only physically she was sitting still.

She sat there clutching her faxes while her face turned pale. She felt her heart stop, and felt it grow back abruptly with a big thump. The caller was done talking and she blurted out many questions, some of which went unanswered. Keep my name out of it, the voice warned. From her, a 'Thank you' at the end, because that's what people automatically do upon receiving something that is helpful theory-wise.

Wanted or unwanted. It's like a stranger suddenly thrusting a baby into your arm and runs off yelling, "He's yours now! Take care BYEEE!!!" And you're loaded with responsibilities.

She has her head in her palms now, wondering what went wrong. What had she done wrong? A plant that wilted even with sufficient sunlight, fertilizer and water.

Perhaps what the caller said was untrue. Perhaps it's not. For the moment she couldn't decide. The truth will come out soon enough before it causes damage.


Even though it's impossible, she wished that life were simple.

Like a math problem with a definite end.

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