Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What the heck I've been up to?

In short and repetitive words, I've been drawing, inking, drawing, scanning, drawing and tracing.

Oh, did I mention drawing?

My initial workplace:

Blinded yet? It's not that bright irl, so it's okay!

The superstar of my animation (my gloomy baby XD)

However, I have since moved on to use my computer instead.

Does this look blur to you? You should really give drinking a rest... XD

It's actually easier to work on the lightbox, as well as to test your animation (line test).

Poor man's version of a line-test machine

Tripod and my webcam. I don't know why, but I love makeshift stuff like this XD. The picture was taken during an power outage in my house (while I was line-testing, orz...)

     Basically, it's just taking quick pictures of your drawings to check if the animation is alright and doesn't look wonky. If it's too fast, you have to add in more drawings, or if it's too slow, remove some drawings. It'll look something like this:

     Mind the watermark. Not mine, it's Digicel's (great program, but demo version have a big ass watermark on it , so have to capture image on the sides wtf). The last part is inked but the timing is out (I put this together quickly to show my lecturer)

     The downside of the traditional way however is that you'll have to scan and retrace every single dang drawing. Imagine, one second = 12 drawings. Multiply that by 60 and then 4. That's the amount of drawing I have to do. Been scanning stacks of paper lately. I have about 200 pieces of papers more to scan... so yea, it saves time to work on the computer.

     I wonder why I never thought of it earlier orz. My brain seems to be malfunctioning lately (please allow me a moment to weep its possible demise...). I've been going around asking for a brain massage and Charlene told me she could do it for me; all she need is 2 lemons, a few thunderbolts, lots of electricity and an Igor.

Sounds like a great plan, but where the hell can I get an Igor?

Random animation sketch plan while working on my computer

     Anyway, since it's my first time doing 2D traditional animation, it can be frustrating at times. Like how I was stuck at one scene for a week plus because I couldn't bloody draw the effect I want. And yet really fun when you see the still images move -dance around-. I can't dance for long though. Deadline is a'creepin' and despite me looking serene on the outside, inside someone is teh-tarikking my blood. I don't look calm normally. Only when I'm freaking out inwardly....

Considering my only teacher for this came in the form of:

Sensei! *bows*

Not sure if I'll be able to colour it in time for final presentation. Anyway, here's a peek for my sort of coloured animation, minus the effects:

My break is over and it's back to work. Hoping I'll be able to complete at least the animation and the sound in 2-3 weeks time -faint-. I've been -headdesk-ing for being overambitious.

Good luck wishes are welcomed (and very muchly needed!)

[To my college mates reading this (or any artist for that matter), here's something that might interest you: MSC Malaysia IP Creators Challenge Series 2007. Submissions are open until 28 June 2007!!]


fattien said...

weee.... this remind the Animation class that I did in the college but I do different things that time. I was doing clay animation. South park versus The Grudge.

gianne said...

fattien: ooh, which college were you from? claymation is awesome really... got upload in youtube?

fattien said...

I am a cosmopoint student from Jalan Raja Laut. Not yet upload to youtube. I try to upload it later...ahhahah

gianne said...

You'd better... claymation is too cool. Although I probably won't be able to attempt it since it needs loads of patience and steady hands, and i possess none of that >.<

CY said...

Wow. First time seeing a self-made, hand-drawn animation. You're really talented! Keep it up, girl! :)

gianne said...

CY: hahah, a peek into the life of an animator, tada! PS: I'm still workin' my way to be talented (got such thing? XD), not yet though... but hope I will reach the point!

Eddie said...

Hi gianne,

Delighted to find a local blog of an animator (2D Traditional animation no less!).I am one too,recently graduated but sadly unemployed at the moment. I'm in the process of building a makeshift studio..

Just a few questions, if you don't mind answering... Where did you purchase your lightbox from? I am absolutely clueless as to where to buy one in Malaysia. Pointers? Also, impress with your D.I.Y line tester. I might just rip off your idea of using a webcam too! heh.( I used to use a digital camcoder,taped to some sort of mic stand,and capture it with a software call Frame Thief. Where are you studying at?

You sound really passionate about animation.That's always a good sign .You will go far if you keep it up. And never stop drawing and learning! (I am struggling with what I preach on a daily basis, believe me). Also, if I may recommend you an animation book by Preston Blair ( the TRUE bible of animation !). It's old, but not dated and it really stips off all the complex technicalities of animating, and go straight to the very essence of what animation is all about. Don't be fool by the seemingly childish characters.Like the saying goes, the basics never go old. check it out.

I'm Eddie by the way. You can reach me at
Hope to hear from you soon.

jacko wacko said...

keep up working on it and dont despair. it looks promising =)hopefully you can finish it on time.

gianne said...

eddie: heya, small world after all eh? XD Well I'm actually a multimedia student, but for my final project my course allows us to do any dang thing we want. Ddin't plan to do the traditional way, but it would suit my story best, so I quickly learn the techniques and just wing it while hoping it will come out alright (<-- bad way to do things, lol).

Ohoh, you can get a lightbox at this art shop behind The One Academy! But it cannot be tilted up, if you know what it mean. It's quite flat and you have to hunch over to draw (genius at work pose, haha)... It's RM150 for animator's lightbox (perplex sheet) and RM95 for a normal lightbox (glass)). The art shop's name is Vision Art, 03-56360163. Also, you have to order a day ahead if you want it. Hope this helps! I didn't get my lightbox there though... my friend sold me his.

Is frame thief a freeware or will it have a big ass watermark like Digicell TT_TT. I'm an LUCT-ian... are you? I don't know any other college that offers 2d traditional anim courses...

Thank you for your words; I definitely want to improve. Will check that book out, and your email add is... very interesting XD.

hobbit: yes yes, keeping positive attitude~~~ Hope you're not saying that just to make me feel better (well it did XD 'cause I'm simple like that, hahah)

Oh, and thank you both for the encouragement~!

Eddie said...

Hey gianne,

thank you so much for the info.I will check art shop out asap. Sounds like a treasure trove.I hope to find some animation tools there (peg bars,dope sheets etc.)

I salute you for your bravery ( and i question your sanity, as you might've yourself for youre choice haha) of choosing trad 2d animation for your project.It's one of the most demanding and energy sapping task..but upon completion, brings the most wonderful satisfaction too. I wish you luck.

I finish my postgrad in animation from Aus recently. I was an ex multimedia student from LICT too ,(yes, b4 it became an "uni").decided to delve deeper in to 2D animation during my degree years. I'm much older than you are =(

by the way, is Eugene Foo by any chance, one of your lecturers? He was my classmate. Nice blog. Kee us Update with your endeavor. Will like to see the completed film in the near future?See ya!

gianne said...

Eddie: Not sure if they have peg bars... actually the art shop in the old LICT place (Tmn Mayang) has lightboxes too if I'm not mistaken and they definitely have peg bars because I got mine there (friend got it for me though). Hunting for art supplies can be fun (provided you have time, of course)

I agree with the energy sapping bit... and can't slack either, else all my hard work will go whoooosh! down the drain. And yes, I question my sanity a lot too XD. Thanks for the luck! =P

Oh hi, senior! XD Eugene taught my class 2 semester ago... He's pro in motion graphics! I hope I'll see my animation completed too. Now looking at it, I could feel my energy drying out, hahaha. Nvm!