Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Broadway life

Okay, so I've been hacking coughs ever since I got back from Bangkok, but...

Me : Aiyah, feel so unwell.
Dad: Why?
Me : Erm, I'm sick?
Dad: You are?
Me : What, you didn't know?
Dad: Nobody tells me anything in this house!!!

Maybe I should had done a more theatrical cough. You know, LOUD with the flailing handkerchief, launching myself 3 meters backwards upon releasing a cough, fake blood, fainting and falling down the stairs dramatically (i.e.: remembering to hit every step with all my limbs).

But I have a nagging suspicion that it might end up like this;

Dad: Did something drop?


On other news, PY, speedy-blog-entry goddess, has already written about Bangkok.

Talk about pressure.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Cracked zen

Touchdown from Bangkok!!

Waiting for pictures from PY before I blog abt it... but then again, it may just be a repeat of my last Singapore trip, where it took me 3 mths and took PY closer to strangling me hahahah!

I haven't done a picture spam in a long long time so I can't wait, hohohoho!

Bangkok, in a nutshell, was like climbing from the bottom of hell to the peak of heaven. In a more straightforward term, it didn't start off so well but it was greatttt towards the end.


You know what I like?

Being the only one in the house.

My mom is worried out of her wits, wanting me to ask my friends to stay over or for me to stay at their place, which I deem very unnecessary.

I LIKE to be alone in the house. With my dogs of course =DDD. God knows, my imagination runs wild and it's often with scary creatures (pontianak, ju-on, etc) and ghosts wtf.

I would list out the reasons, only I'd hate to appear selfish and ungrateful. Fine, fine, I'll give you one reason: I can walk naked in the house, wheeeeeee!

... okay that's probably too much information, but don't worry. I'm not typing this in my birthday suit. You'll know the reason soon.

Perhaps I'm just that sort of person who likes a little detachment once in a while. To own a place that is usually occupied by other people is sorta nice.

And here I am, bundled up in my comforter (reminder: not naked) with my dog Madie next to my feet (curled up next to her new squeaky toy and sleeping soundly) and an arm's reach away is a cup of hot steaming crysanthemum tea. There is barely any sound except for the soft whirring of my computer fan and the staccato of my keyboard keys.

Aaah, how zen-like.

But of course, I live an existence where a priceless Ming vase, that had been missing for a few centuries, was found and upon being passed to me, I drop it. In a more familiar context, I wear out my favourite white shirt (fresh from a shower, going to see some hunk for a date etc) and being careful to not dirty it etc but not a moment later, a kid comes barreling towards me covered in paint.

Not entirely the same, because the former is my fault and the latter is the circumstances of another's action. And latter always happen to me because the God of Circumstances leads a boring life and I'm subject to his/her twisted sense of humour.

And so, back in the real world. Suddenly, the silence of the place is broken.

........... by a hacking cough.

Delivered by yours truly.

-Hacking cough x10 commence-

Poor Madie would jump then toss me a reproachful look before trying to get back to her doggie dreams.

It doesn't even stop there, because someone is knocking on my throat's door and it's Mr Phlegm wanting to get spitted out, only Mr Phlegm is one irritatingly sticky bastard. Very indecisive too.

Mr Phlegm: Hmmm... maybe I should stay. Should I? Maybe I should go, but it's just so comfortable here. To go or to sta-
Me: For the love of Smoochy, get the fook out!!!

Then my nose gets stuck from mucus.


After I've spitted out my phlegm and blown my nose, everything is calm again. At least for a while until the next time.

If this coughing goes up another notch, you'd see me bestowed with a hernia or spitting out my heart or smthg (Not an entirely pretty sight, still it would be an interesting change from phlegm)

Sucks to be sick. At least I wasn't sick in Bangkok I suppose.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

*drumroll drumroll*

Guess what is done? Like so totally done?

My assignment that's what!

Hurrah! The end of absolutely appaling sleep patterns (if I slept at all)!

Sometimes I feel happy with my animation, and the other I'm disappointed because it couldn't come out exactly the way I want it to. Lack of skills, orz.

Let me do a William Hung moment: I have done my best and I have no regrets at all.

And she bangs! She ban-..!


Okay okay, I was lying about the totally done thing, because I just managed to put in the important sound effects and not the rest, so during my nap two days after my submission, my lecturer gave me a call asking me to complete that part, orz.

Pity her because I still have one foot in LalaLand and nonsense spews out of my mouth like a bulimic on a roll.

Anyway, been tweaking my animation. The good thing that when it's personal to you, you'd want it to improve etc etc. I'll upload it when I get back from Bangkok, will work on it more after that.

I actually took a before-assignment and AFTER-assignment photo of myself to see the difference. Of course, the only reason I'd do that it's for my blog.

But after viewing the before and after, I decided that it would be too traumatising (for you) hence it shall be destroyed. Torn in itty bitty pieces, drenched with gasoline, burnt, scattered in the wind at the edge of the world... the whole works la.

You know how some people say that their eye bags looks pregnant and mine's with quadruplets.


My mom suddenly bought me these.
Whitening cream and revitalising (regenerating?) serum.

I wonder if she's trying to tell me something. =(

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Random MSN chats

Chatting about one-shot backpacking trip through southeast asia someday. Because paying for multiple plane rides would make my wallet suffer severely from gastric.

oh hippo said:
but from thai, u can travel by bus to each country mah
oh hippo said:
so it's like just two plane rides
oh hippo said:
and 5 countries kind of thing
PsYchO pHilOsoPHer said:
PsYchO pHilOsoPHer said:
PsYchO pHilOsoPHer said:
but sit until butt numb
oh hippo said:
beggars cant have healthy butts


Kezia's MSN nickname: Ganbatte to my GoGo & MuiMui lol...im too free here...hehe

GoGo = Seiji
MuiMui = Me

The message translates that there's one person watching drama and anime non-stop while the other two is still trying to complete their assignment, orz.

Kezia: go go dun be so lazy. u the role model of mui mui le
Seiji: roll model got lar.. see me roll on the floor when kenot submit on time

Better for your imagination if you're familiar with japanese animation XDXD.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

4 things. 2 months.

This holiday is going to be awesome on several levels.

At first I can't decide whether it's hectic or exciting, but I think I'll settle with exciting, because I'm so looking forward to it.

4 things.

2 months.

1 hippo dancing to the macarena


A month or two ago, I was greeted with a very tantalising SMS (although it's probably the fifth time I received such a message...). The temptress is PY and her poison is Bangkok.

We've been itching for Bangkok since our initial plan foiled and we went to Singapore instead.

The only thing that has been the barrier for me is moolah. At least I want to save up enough to go on a 1-2 mth trip to Thailand/Cambodia/Laos/Vietnam etc.

But then again, unless I'm going for degree, I'd be walking into the working world, not knowing when is the next time that I'll have enough accumulated leave to take for travel.

Not to mention, it's hard to have a period of time where both of us are free.

Withthese factors combined, I gave into absolute surrender and bowed to the travel bug in me.

Land of Tomyam I come to youuuu!!!! (... also can consider Land of Random Bombings, wtf...)

Five days, possibly 3 cities.

Tickets bought a month ago. No turning back. I still don't have a proper backpacking bag (at the moment, my trips aren't long enough to warrant one) so I'll prolly be carrying a bag that resembles a school bag.



Okay, okay, it IS a school bag, orz.

It's not that sad if you think about it... (I hope?) lol



I think this is the first trip evaaaa with my collmates, hohohoho. I haven't been to Ipoh in my entire life, could you believe that?

Who? Kezia, Seiji and Me.

At first we wanted to go for a road trip on the West Coast (from KL to Penang/Kedah and many stop overs) but it came to naught because of too many problems.

Seiji: Road trip ah... sure get lost.
Me : Nvm, can just roll down the window and ask for directions.
Seiji: Hmm ya
Me : Sekali, the person you ask replies back with "Sawadikap~".

So Ipoh it is.

Ipoh for what? Isn't it obvious?


Yummy yummy I need love in my tummy!

(^ totally Malaysian....)


I'll be going to the AIESEC's MIRACLE Youth Conference!

So far I've only convinced my cousin to go as well. Both of us are skipping the family gathering.

I feel kind of bad, but I'll probably regret more if I didn't go for this.


"Xin chao Gianne, (it means Hello Gianne!)

I'm Tu Ngo, one of the 2 co-leaders for our project (and Misha Tran is the other co-leader), and I'm very happy to inform you that you have been accepted to SEALNet's Project Vietnam 2007!


Then the feeling..... which I could only describe as jumping through the roof, passing into space and hitting the stars.

Multiple times, can?

Like a goddamn pinball machine.

But this is one overjoyed, deliriously happy rolled-up hippo you'd ever meet at that moment.

In the midst of rushing for my assignment, I made time to fill up the application. Very very surprised when I got that email because I shrunk about 1000 times my size at the experience and skills section of the form. Like a minuscule dust that can only be seen when you shine your torchlight on it.

But I'm so glad that I applied. It didn't hurt to try.

The project is basically about creating a sustainable English program for street children, and I'd also get to hang out with a local high school student and a kid from the 15 May school (where we're volunteering).

At the moment, I'm planning my route to Saigon. Finding the cheapest and something that will be worth it. I'm very keen to take AirAsia to Phnom Penh, then by bus to Saigon. The same route as another Malaysian who is also accepted in this project. It's cheap and the journey would be fantastic!! Cheap, as in RM600 for flight & bus two-way? But then again, only if my ma allows me to do so. =(

I'll write more abt 15 May school soon!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Cup of Tea

Even though the way I do things may seem unsavoury to others, it's my choice. I'm no mule who doesn't listen; I do. It's just that I have my own reasons, as much as you have yours. If I fall or fail, I will have myself to blame... and to learn from it. Despite your assumption that I did not think things thoroughly, I did. With homework to the boot.

Sometimes I wish you could just trust my judgement more. Let go a little more.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Hello hands

My hands are small I know,
but they are not yours, they are my own

I was just looking at my hands today. My hands is like a crack in a fairytale version of a female. The cracking sound effect oso very loud wtf.

They look really rough. Thinking about how I dislike them for looking masculine on a female and yet loving them for always being smaller than a guy's hand *insert warm mushy feeling*.

Turning them back and forth, back and forth, like a a super slow game of lat-ta-li-lat-ta-li-tam-pom.

Despite my grouses for not possesing a slender feminine hand, I love them. Without them I won't be able to do a lot of things that I adore. At least, not as easily.

And then I suddenly I find myself clasping them together. Adjusting them so my middle fingers are even from the top. Still together, I opened them as if I'm about to pray.

You see, back when I was wee youngin' in primary school, we had this game where it 'tells' us whether we have a crush on someone or vice versa. If the top most line on ur palm is even with each other, it means there's no crush and crushees (<-- xD). If the line on your right hand is higher than the left's, it means that someone likes you. If the left is higher, it means that you like someone. That's for girls. For guys, it's the other way round, like if left is higher, someone likes you etc.

Now that I think of it, the whole thing is kinda useless because I'm from a girl's school in primary =__=;;;;

Currently the lines are even for me and it's true.

In secondary school, my friend Nazatul told me that there's another meaning to it. She instructed me to do as above. Mind you, she told me all these in a careful definite way, and even though it's a crock of shite, but you'd listen because damn, that girl knows how to make you interested. So with my palms open, I looked at her wide-eyed, expectantly.

She looks at my hands for a while, then she went, Gianne.


That's your uterus.

I'm like WHAT?!?

For reference image, see below.


Photo is a random find thru google. Don't know about you but I generally don't like people knowing how my uterus looks like xD.

Just then Kai Liang spotted us in our 'suspicious chat' and in a second, he was bouncing around, going, "Ape you korang buat ni? Tengok tengok!"

So to satisfy our curious friend, we made him go through the same motion that I did. When he had his palms together finally, we told him with a very straight face, "Okay, that's your uterus."

Kai Liang:

Then there's us, doubling over in laughter.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Rising to the occasion

After the second incident where my computer semi-died on me, I was hovering around the house in a depressing manner.

As usual, my mom calls home before she leaves her office, asking whether if we need her to buy anything. Usually the answer is, "Hmmm, not any at the moment la." But now...

"Yes, " I said, in the most forlorn way I could muster. "Chocolate. Lots of chocolate."

Suffice to say, she rose to fulfil my wish beyond my expectation. [Glowing review from me!! A++!!]

I don't know how I could had coped without them.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Swim, my little workhorse, SWIM!

I'm beneath the high crashing waves of fatigue.

And yet I am not heading to the comfort of my bed anytime soon.

Weeks ago, Hobbit told me that if I don't finish my animation, all my hard work will go to waste.

And it seems.. No. It IS going to waste and I feel so disappointed.

It was a sink or swim situation.

I was floating and now I'm sinking.

In 12 hour' time, I'd be looking up at you from the bottom of the ocean, partially weighed down by my massive eye bags.

In a week, I'll be floating belly up.

Quite dead, really.