Wednesday, May 09, 2007

4 things. 2 months.

This holiday is going to be awesome on several levels.

At first I can't decide whether it's hectic or exciting, but I think I'll settle with exciting, because I'm so looking forward to it.

4 things.

2 months.

1 hippo dancing to the macarena


A month or two ago, I was greeted with a very tantalising SMS (although it's probably the fifth time I received such a message...). The temptress is PY and her poison is Bangkok.

We've been itching for Bangkok since our initial plan foiled and we went to Singapore instead.

The only thing that has been the barrier for me is moolah. At least I want to save up enough to go on a 1-2 mth trip to Thailand/Cambodia/Laos/Vietnam etc.

But then again, unless I'm going for degree, I'd be walking into the working world, not knowing when is the next time that I'll have enough accumulated leave to take for travel.

Not to mention, it's hard to have a period of time where both of us are free.

Withthese factors combined, I gave into absolute surrender and bowed to the travel bug in me.

Land of Tomyam I come to youuuu!!!! (... also can consider Land of Random Bombings, wtf...)

Five days, possibly 3 cities.

Tickets bought a month ago. No turning back. I still don't have a proper backpacking bag (at the moment, my trips aren't long enough to warrant one) so I'll prolly be carrying a bag that resembles a school bag.



Okay, okay, it IS a school bag, orz.

It's not that sad if you think about it... (I hope?) lol



I think this is the first trip evaaaa with my collmates, hohohoho. I haven't been to Ipoh in my entire life, could you believe that?

Who? Kezia, Seiji and Me.

At first we wanted to go for a road trip on the West Coast (from KL to Penang/Kedah and many stop overs) but it came to naught because of too many problems.

Seiji: Road trip ah... sure get lost.
Me : Nvm, can just roll down the window and ask for directions.
Seiji: Hmm ya
Me : Sekali, the person you ask replies back with "Sawadikap~".

So Ipoh it is.

Ipoh for what? Isn't it obvious?


Yummy yummy I need love in my tummy!

(^ totally Malaysian....)


I'll be going to the AIESEC's MIRACLE Youth Conference!

So far I've only convinced my cousin to go as well. Both of us are skipping the family gathering.

I feel kind of bad, but I'll probably regret more if I didn't go for this.


"Xin chao Gianne, (it means Hello Gianne!)

I'm Tu Ngo, one of the 2 co-leaders for our project (and Misha Tran is the other co-leader), and I'm very happy to inform you that you have been accepted to SEALNet's Project Vietnam 2007!


Then the feeling..... which I could only describe as jumping through the roof, passing into space and hitting the stars.

Multiple times, can?

Like a goddamn pinball machine.

But this is one overjoyed, deliriously happy rolled-up hippo you'd ever meet at that moment.

In the midst of rushing for my assignment, I made time to fill up the application. Very very surprised when I got that email because I shrunk about 1000 times my size at the experience and skills section of the form. Like a minuscule dust that can only be seen when you shine your torchlight on it.

But I'm so glad that I applied. It didn't hurt to try.

The project is basically about creating a sustainable English program for street children, and I'd also get to hang out with a local high school student and a kid from the 15 May school (where we're volunteering).

At the moment, I'm planning my route to Saigon. Finding the cheapest and something that will be worth it. I'm very keen to take AirAsia to Phnom Penh, then by bus to Saigon. The same route as another Malaysian who is also accepted in this project. It's cheap and the journey would be fantastic!! Cheap, as in RM600 for flight & bus two-way? But then again, only if my ma allows me to do so. =(

I'll write more abt 15 May school soon!


Silhouette said...

we should form an itchy feet club! LOL. Hey, make sure you enjoy yourself as much as possible without catching an STD okay...I know you aren't there to teach English... ;)

Ichitaka Leingod said...

wow, u also like to travel so much like Daniel wor... Ipoh is a nice place to eat but not much place to go shopping like KL, but still enjoyable!

gianne said...

moony:... what the. Turn something innocent into that TT_TT. Don't worry. I'm smarter than you think, wtf XDXD. YES! ITCHY FEET SOCIETY!! Got diff ranks; I'm like, the budget one and you're the high flyer, lol.

ichitaka: Siapa Daniel? -eyeing potential travel buddy =DDD- Yeapppp, wanna go there to makan only... know of any nice place?

Ichitaka Leingod said...

eh, I thought u also go to weird rukawa's blog at . He's daniel lor... XD

hmm... I know the bread chicken or 'mim pao kai' very nice, especially the curry ver. Donno the place wat name though... >.<

-3xile'd- said...

Offering a feasible solution for your fourth problem but it would probably send your faithful readers running in all directions:

-> Set up a Paypal account and ask for donations in your blog >:D

--> Or.. urm. Set up a webcam page and charge a fee for accessing it (for the sake of charity). I guess no need for me to suggest what you should do in front of the webcam hoh? As the government says, "Think out of the box", be creative lar. Just don't let your viewers see a nude hippo dancing to the macarena XD

p/s: on second thought, scrap the second suggestion. I bet it wouldn't work.

gianne said...

ichitaka: Thought it was the Malaysian Idol's Daniel... XDXD Shall hunt for mim pao kai!

seiji: ...feasible? wtf, you got infected with business language, gahhhhh!!!

actually that could be a good idea. the webcam one. But knowing me, it wouldn't work. Not the normal way anyway. It'll be more feasible to hack into computer systems, making my victim's computer display my webcam 24/7 fullscreen and i'll do vomit-inducing activities... And they can pay me NOT to put such things in their computer!

.....brilliant idea!

runawaycat said...

Hah what a coincidence! We also planned for Thai but it didn't turn out. And now we have plans to go Ipoh. I have plans to go Singapore to just that there's nobody to accompany me. And you're into the Thai/Burma/Cambodia/Vietnam plan too? Damn! I was thinking of going right after my degree. Gotta save $$$

gianne said...

runawaycat: wow, that IS a coincidence! Didn't know you were a travel bug too XD. I'll be in Singapore for a day or two to catch a flight sometime in June ;P. I'm actually into the 'Whole World' plan, lol, but of course, see if I have the money to do so first or not...

Go, go!! After you start working, it's hard to take a long holiday (about 3-5weeks~). If you're into hostels and budget travelling, you might need a few thousand only... Not that bad, considering you'll be going to 4-5 countries.

Then would you be going alone or gonna hunt for travel kakis?

runawaycat said...

I'll be hunting for travel kakis. Someone who wouldn't mind budget travelling. Bo lui ma...=)

A few thousand is a wide range. But it sounds good. KAkakakakak!

Yea I'm into the whole world plan too but whole world is just so expensive even if you were only to go to one country. If I earn in pounds...Heh that would be a different story.

gianne said...

runawaycat: come travel with me! hahah! Btu after this I doubt I'll be travelling soon... saving up for SEA and Europe *dreams*

Yea, was just telling my friends on how I love this country but her currency exchange sucks DDD= If in Ringgit, we'd prolly need more than 20k to go aorund Europe. If you earn Pounds, you'd only need around 3000 of that, wtf.

Jade said...

Thailand, huh
I'm heading there too this Aug for a 5 days trip. But not as good as ur plan of exploring 3 cities. Me gonna just stuck in Bangkok.

gianne said...

Jade: Cool! Oh yea, PY and me only explored 2 cities in the end, hahah! 5 days in Bangkok is good enough ;P What are you planning to do there? Oh oh, If you need any accomodation recommendation, I could give you some!