Saturday, May 26, 2007

Cracked zen

Touchdown from Bangkok!!

Waiting for pictures from PY before I blog abt it... but then again, it may just be a repeat of my last Singapore trip, where it took me 3 mths and took PY closer to strangling me hahahah!

I haven't done a picture spam in a long long time so I can't wait, hohohoho!

Bangkok, in a nutshell, was like climbing from the bottom of hell to the peak of heaven. In a more straightforward term, it didn't start off so well but it was greatttt towards the end.


You know what I like?

Being the only one in the house.

My mom is worried out of her wits, wanting me to ask my friends to stay over or for me to stay at their place, which I deem very unnecessary.

I LIKE to be alone in the house. With my dogs of course =DDD. God knows, my imagination runs wild and it's often with scary creatures (pontianak, ju-on, etc) and ghosts wtf.

I would list out the reasons, only I'd hate to appear selfish and ungrateful. Fine, fine, I'll give you one reason: I can walk naked in the house, wheeeeeee!

... okay that's probably too much information, but don't worry. I'm not typing this in my birthday suit. You'll know the reason soon.

Perhaps I'm just that sort of person who likes a little detachment once in a while. To own a place that is usually occupied by other people is sorta nice.

And here I am, bundled up in my comforter (reminder: not naked) with my dog Madie next to my feet (curled up next to her new squeaky toy and sleeping soundly) and an arm's reach away is a cup of hot steaming crysanthemum tea. There is barely any sound except for the soft whirring of my computer fan and the staccato of my keyboard keys.

Aaah, how zen-like.

But of course, I live an existence where a priceless Ming vase, that had been missing for a few centuries, was found and upon being passed to me, I drop it. In a more familiar context, I wear out my favourite white shirt (fresh from a shower, going to see some hunk for a date etc) and being careful to not dirty it etc but not a moment later, a kid comes barreling towards me covered in paint.

Not entirely the same, because the former is my fault and the latter is the circumstances of another's action. And latter always happen to me because the God of Circumstances leads a boring life and I'm subject to his/her twisted sense of humour.

And so, back in the real world. Suddenly, the silence of the place is broken.

........... by a hacking cough.

Delivered by yours truly.

-Hacking cough x10 commence-

Poor Madie would jump then toss me a reproachful look before trying to get back to her doggie dreams.

It doesn't even stop there, because someone is knocking on my throat's door and it's Mr Phlegm wanting to get spitted out, only Mr Phlegm is one irritatingly sticky bastard. Very indecisive too.

Mr Phlegm: Hmmm... maybe I should stay. Should I? Maybe I should go, but it's just so comfortable here. To go or to sta-
Me: For the love of Smoochy, get the fook out!!!

Then my nose gets stuck from mucus.


After I've spitted out my phlegm and blown my nose, everything is calm again. At least for a while until the next time.

If this coughing goes up another notch, you'd see me bestowed with a hernia or spitting out my heart or smthg (Not an entirely pretty sight, still it would be an interesting change from phlegm)

Sucks to be sick. At least I wasn't sick in Bangkok I suppose.


Silhouette said...

stupid woman, wrap wanton again ah? get well soon! and you better tell me all bout your trip to bangkok...did you come back with one? xD

Beer Brat said...

Just where did you contracted that? And you said you just came back from bangkok.

CY said...

Must be liberating to walk naked around the house. Just remember to pull down the curtains though, or you might end up in Youtube xD

runawaycat said...

Hahahah! Let's go check Youtube now!

You might wanna spare some Fluimuicil at home. Ok I'm not sure if I got the spelling right.

gianne said...

Moony: Yealo. Wrap wanton again. Again. And again. So much until can open a stall wtf. Oi woman, never see you online these days... faster online grahhhh! And yea, i came back with the 'beginnings' and it just escalated from then on.

Beer Brat: Well, half from my travel buddy XD and the other half is due to the fact I was quite weak when I left for Bangkok. Sigh.

CY: ... now that you've mentioned it... GAH!

Runawaycat: You guys memang youtube-crazy... very dangerous, can? Hahaha! Fluimuicil sounds like some fluffy creature in a toybox land. Or some deadly virus... Is that a sort of medicine?

runawaycat said...

I think it's Fluimucil. Yea it's acetylcisteine if I'm not wrong, which is a mucolytic. I hear it's quite effective.