Thursday, May 17, 2007

*drumroll drumroll*

Guess what is done? Like so totally done?

My assignment that's what!

Hurrah! The end of absolutely appaling sleep patterns (if I slept at all)!

Sometimes I feel happy with my animation, and the other I'm disappointed because it couldn't come out exactly the way I want it to. Lack of skills, orz.

Let me do a William Hung moment: I have done my best and I have no regrets at all.

And she bangs! She ban-..!


Okay okay, I was lying about the totally done thing, because I just managed to put in the important sound effects and not the rest, so during my nap two days after my submission, my lecturer gave me a call asking me to complete that part, orz.

Pity her because I still have one foot in LalaLand and nonsense spews out of my mouth like a bulimic on a roll.

Anyway, been tweaking my animation. The good thing that when it's personal to you, you'd want it to improve etc etc. I'll upload it when I get back from Bangkok, will work on it more after that.

I actually took a before-assignment and AFTER-assignment photo of myself to see the difference. Of course, the only reason I'd do that it's for my blog.

But after viewing the before and after, I decided that it would be too traumatising (for you) hence it shall be destroyed. Torn in itty bitty pieces, drenched with gasoline, burnt, scattered in the wind at the edge of the world... the whole works la.

You know how some people say that their eye bags looks pregnant and mine's with quadruplets.


My mom suddenly bought me these.
Whitening cream and revitalising (regenerating?) serum.

I wonder if she's trying to tell me something. =(

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