Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Broadway life

Okay, so I've been hacking coughs ever since I got back from Bangkok, but...

Me : Aiyah, feel so unwell.
Dad: Why?
Me : Erm, I'm sick?
Dad: You are?
Me : What, you didn't know?
Dad: Nobody tells me anything in this house!!!

Maybe I should had done a more theatrical cough. You know, LOUD with the flailing handkerchief, launching myself 3 meters backwards upon releasing a cough, fake blood, fainting and falling down the stairs dramatically (i.e.: remembering to hit every step with all my limbs).

But I have a nagging suspicion that it might end up like this;

Dad: Did something drop?


On other news, PY, speedy-blog-entry goddess, has already written about Bangkok.

Talk about pressure.


fattien said...

Oiks, take care ur body!!! ^_^

gianne said...

fattien: thank youuuu!!! my body don't appreciate my utmost loving care towards it T__T