Saturday, May 12, 2007

Random MSN chats

Chatting about one-shot backpacking trip through southeast asia someday. Because paying for multiple plane rides would make my wallet suffer severely from gastric.

oh hippo said:
but from thai, u can travel by bus to each country mah
oh hippo said:
so it's like just two plane rides
oh hippo said:
and 5 countries kind of thing
PsYchO pHilOsoPHer said:
PsYchO pHilOsoPHer said:
PsYchO pHilOsoPHer said:
but sit until butt numb
oh hippo said:
beggars cant have healthy butts


Kezia's MSN nickname: Ganbatte to my GoGo & MuiMui too free here...hehe

GoGo = Seiji
MuiMui = Me

The message translates that there's one person watching drama and anime non-stop while the other two is still trying to complete their assignment, orz.

Kezia: go go dun be so lazy. u the role model of mui mui le
Seiji: roll model got lar.. see me roll on the floor when kenot submit on time

Better for your imagination if you're familiar with japanese animation XDXD.

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