Friday, May 04, 2007

Swim, my little workhorse, SWIM!

I'm beneath the high crashing waves of fatigue.

And yet I am not heading to the comfort of my bed anytime soon.

Weeks ago, Hobbit told me that if I don't finish my animation, all my hard work will go to waste.

And it seems.. No. It IS going to waste and I feel so disappointed.

It was a sink or swim situation.

I was floating and now I'm sinking.

In 12 hour' time, I'd be looking up at you from the bottom of the ocean, partially weighed down by my massive eye bags.

In a week, I'll be floating belly up.

Quite dead, really.


Ichitaka Leingod said...

ouch, looks bad... nvm, at least u try ur best right? good luck... and be happy!

Silhouette said...

baka...if you sink, i'll drag your sorry ass out of that 50 cm deep pool and slap you till you come round...focus on positive energy *goes into yoga pose*

gianne said...

ichitaka: untalented ppl have to work harder, orz... thanks for the luck and happy comment! i WILL be happy, because the other side dont have choccies XD

moony: i get stuck doing yoga... like literally. you'd have to carry me to the hospital, hahahaha