Saturday, June 23, 2007

Is she still breathing?

Yes, I'm still taking up oxygen space if you don't mind =DDDDD.

Seven days later after MYC, I find myself on the  plane heading to Ho Chi Minh City. Even though I'm saying this as if I just happened to wander into the plane while sleepwalking, I assure you that it's a completely conscious decision. Despite being a total blurcase.

Before that, I was in Singapore for a couple of days and I hung out with my relatives there. If you were to rewind back a couple of years before this, I would probably dread going to stay with relatives because I'm not particularly close to much of them and also I was still a selfish little brat. But now, I spent some time walking with my grandma, playing with my ickle cousin and spoke loads with my uncle and aunt, and the verdict surprises me.

I liked it.

To keep it short because some other people need to use the internet, I caught a plane from SG to HCMC, and I've been here for 4 days. Xin chao, people! Loving my time here, and hoping I'm not jinxing myself with that. The kids at the 15 May school are great, and the curriculum team (that I'm in - we are compiling an activity book for the teachers) is pretty much done I think.

Anyway, hope my computer has risen from the grave by the time I get back. A certain person has beeen bugging me for pictures.

Buy me a new computer dammit.

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