Monday, July 09, 2007

The Day Before

     Bronchitis, bronchitis... I never knew the extent of your annoyance, (nor your existence, really...) until you have befallen me. As complained to Linh (a friend from Project Vietnam!), I think I've generated enough snot, phlegm and lung mucus to fill up a kiddie pool. For once, I'm not exaggerating. Dammit.

     That's not even my biggest problem; I don't care if I cough up enough snot/mucus/phlegm for a Olympic-sized pool, but what irks me is the force of the coughs. I coughed so violently in the past 3 days, it should be given a 18-SG rating. Seriously. If I wasn't so heavy, I might had propelled backward... I could say the same for fartin- no no, I didn't say that ;P. SO! The upper part of my torso hurts and I haven't started on coughing yet! Let's just say that it's painful enough to make me dread coughing. It's probably sore muscles but I feel as though I cracked some bones or something...

     Health is very important. Do take care of it. I didn't, so it's the whole 'Been There, Done That, Filled a Kiddie Pool With Snot...' thing. This is a public service announcement from Confessions Of a Confused Soul. Thank you for reading.

    Before unloading my another long-winded entry, here's a shoutout for MOONY!!! Also known as the Bouncy Oompha Loompha in our circle XDXD Welcome home, babe! Wished I could had been there T__T

18th June 2007
Still in Singapore.

Adventure of the day: I remembered that my EZLink card (like TouchNGo card, only more effective hahah) had money in it from my last trip to SG (Dec 06), so when my grandma asked me if I'd like her card, I said no. I boarded the bus with it... and I was right!!!

Amount left in card: 3 cents

I'm amazingly smart. Mensa, please endorse me.

     To not bore people, I bonded with my grandma. Also, I encouraged her to scold my mom wahahahahah! (I love it when my mom is being 'put in her place' by my grandma.) Visited a four-storey library (GLEE! GLEE!!!) which was only a 10 minutes walk away (DOUBLE GLEE! GLEE!!!) and spent the rest of my day there. Had an interesting chat with the housekeeper, Michew (?), about her own country Myanmar. On Suu Kyi... so many united voices with powerful support for democracy but guess who has the guns? Phooey =(.

Trying not to think anything about the next day... flying to Vietnam and I did not wish to have any expectations.

     I was commanding brain to not think about what's ahead so much until my brain got numb. It's like self-applied anaesthetic on brain cells or something. One bad habit of mine is imagining too much of what's to come, and when I actually get there, I'm often disappointed, so expectations = gets no-no this time.


runawaycat said...

Hoi! It seems that you went to a lot of places during the hols. Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand? I lost count! Hahahaha! Crazy chick!

gianne said...

runawaycat: I was a sick chick! XDXD yea, just those 3 places. Oi, don't tell me you can't count to 3! Back to kindergarden, you!!! XDXD I just went to Singapore to catch a flight though... I miss their libraries T____T

runawaycat said...

*psst* Libraries here suck.
1,2,3! I can! Yay no need to go back to kindy :P