Sunday, August 19, 2007

Modern Chinese Foot Torture and Lonesome-NOT

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With all the dodgy politics these days, I stumbled upon a brilliant idea:

Allow voters in political elections to cast a vote against a candidate. Voters would still have only one vote but each against vote would nullify a for vote. This system would give voters who are disenchanted with party politics, and perhaps unlikely to vote at all, at least the chance to express their feelings about a party they really do not want to be in power.

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... so what's up with this lazy arse? 
For weeks, I have been blending into the night, scaring random people. Don't worry, no super powers involved, but it's just the clothes. Black, black and moarrr black. Where I work, the dark garbs are compulsory. So emo hor? Hahah jkjk. I only dig out my house keys around 8-9pm because that's the time I reach my doorsteps. Which sucks majorly.
I think the previous sentence makes it very obvious as to where I am now, but don't mention it -cough-. Even when there's spotlight from heaven upon you and hark! angels singing, just... don't. Kapish? (This is the cue for you to nod your head at the screen while going, "Kapished.")
   And heels are simply the modern version of Chinese foot binding torture. Okay, it's only a little over an inch, but I've been bestowed with flat feet, that splays out from my ankles then closes politely at my toes. I like and yet hate heels. They make me look good... the downside is it makes me walk like a duck after a whole week wearing them wtf. I have since given up, and wore flats... which probably makes my spine really really happy. So much for my grand plan to be professional looking like. Faillll. 
     Back to dying at my doorste-, I mean, the whole coming home late thing, the continuous rinse-and-repeat is really getting to my energy levels. By 6.30am, I'm out and I only get back earliest by 8pm. That gives me about fours hours for myself (lest if I want to look like a zombie from hell the next day...) until sleeptime. At the rate I'm going, I'll probably die early. Halfway to the trip and a roadside grave. Boohoo for me. Hence, I'm moving closer to that place.
    Sigh. That's the killer for my plans to continue my Japanese Studies and maybe try dance or yoga. You don't get much at a place emptier than the Sahara.Yet I can't wait! I always wanted to move out. It's not that my homelife is terrible, it's just that the idea of independence and self-sufficiency is very appealing to me. Here's to hoping that I won't be crawling back home with my tail between my legs. Not literally, of course. I wouldn't want to have a tail even if i have a choice; I'm already bad enough with keeping my emotions under the surface. Like, if I had a tail, and I see someone that I like like, I'll prolly be airborne due to very vigorous tail wagging.

     Yumcha debts, down to two! A little skeptical about one of them though... if you haven't hung out with a bunch of people for ages, it's bound to be a little awkward. Well, not in all of the cases la... more often, we would pick up where we left of. Anyway, I met these previously mentioned bunch briefly, and instead of feeling comfy and happy like I used to, I felt as though plonked back in high school among the outgoing peeps and where all my words could only sound wrong. Damn, I hate that. It's some sort of thing that I can't seem to graduate from.
   Oh, I finally watched Transformers yesterday. Because I'm like, the 0.001% of people in Malaysia who hasn't watched it, not only was it tough trying to find somebody to watch it with me, I feel a bit ancient. I felt like Astro's  Magnificent Shiny Disc Hero guy. Everyone keeps telling me, 'Tai jor lor!!!!' wtf.

And the people who HASN'T watched it was either grounded or working or has best excuse I've ever heard; she can't stand Shia's nostrils.

So I went alone. (And often distracted by someone's nostrils due to said friend's comment...)

    Before you gasp and go, "Oh that's so sad!!!", I'd like to kindly inform you that I don't get the hoohaa about needing someone to accompany you. Same goes to eating alone in a restaurant. It was never an issue until a whole group of my college friends stared at me with glittery sympathetic eyes when I happened to mention that sometimes I watch movie/eat alone. Some jumped and immediately offered to be my accost, which is really really sweet of them.

    It's not to say that I do not like company and that I'm a lonesome hermit who probably has mushrooms growing in dodgy places.... far from it actually. I mean, the mushrooms grows in... jkjk. Hanging out with people and discussing movie plots over a cuppa after are two of my joys in life. However, at the same time, I enjoy my own company. Especially when I have personal chores to complete. I'd feel bad for dragging my buddies all over the places. Like dragging a manly man into stores with a decorating theme called Pink Madness Overdose on Rainbows and Unicorns and Gay-Looking Elves in tights.

    Besides, I'd like to think that my brain is capable of entertaining itself thankyouverymuch. How? Bombarding self with own lame jokes/observation (and actually getting it, because, well, it's me? XD). Daydreaming weird situations (which explains the glazed look while walking...). And of course, thinking of immensely important things ("Should I go to the loo on this floor or below? Why is that floor tile a tad shade darker than the rest? Why is that bitch cutting my line? etc)

Spending time with yourself is rejuvenating, to say the least ;P. Just think of the whole thing like rechargeable batteries.

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adam k. said...

ahah..yeah same here. i go to movies alone and makan alone not because im a loser ait.. :p