Monday, November 05, 2007

I'm somewhat troubled.

Let's just say there's this project that helps a minority, and at the same time, they are missionaries.

And because I'm an idealistic twerp, I dislike the idea of assistance with underlying intentions. Personally I'm against the mere idea of it.

But let's pull back the focus, much further away until I'm just a dot in your view; but the minority will benefit from it; shelter, food, skills, transport, education etc...

The good seems to outweigh the bad. It's something like, so what if they are converted.. at least they get good out of it.

I don't know. My brains seems to be going through some rewiring...

What do you think?


Beer Brat said...

I am with you on disliking assistance with underlying intentions.

Silhouette said...

Well the good does outweigh the bad. You are trying to get whats best for these people and they need all those things. I think the people should be forewarned that these people will try to pass on teachings but they do not have to follow or agree with it. Its a free world and they ought to know they're free to make decisions for whatever they're most comfortable with. And also remind these missionaries that religion is free and that you cannot force into believing something they dont or else its just being insincere and mocking the religion.

Charlene said...

I'm totally with u on religion. You wanna help, then help. Don't give em that old "we're feeding ur empty stomachs & all we ask in return is that you adopt a *proper* religion, you bloody pagans" routine.

I suppose (to give those damn missionaries the benefit of the doubt) they really believe they're doing some good in the world. Such as converting 'bloody pagans' who might otherwise fill the world with all sorts of earthly witchcrafty influences, oh doomed be us. (BIG rolling of eyes)

All i know is Jesus never twisted nobody's arm. And who are YOU to do so?