Friday, November 30, 2007

The windy evening

Walking out to the balcony, I accosted the clothes hangers. Hangers that were swaying side-to-side like a hula dancer wannabe. With my arms resting on the balcony rail, the wind swept over my entire being. My shirt fluttered happily in response and my hair danced unobtrusively around my face.

My heart and mind were put at ease.

No lover can ever brush your cheeks and kiss your neck so gently.

While enjoying this and sometimes looking at hot, sweaty boys shooting hoops below (...I hope you take 'hot' literally -innocent look-), I happened to glance to my right and was greeted by a pleasant surprise.

The girl next door was also at her balcony, with her arms rested on the rails, looking as though she's loving the wind just as I am (and perhaps the boys too... you wouldn't know =D)

We both smiled at the same time and waved at each other... it was such a nice feeling.


A photoshop drawing!

Click for high res... it'll bring thee to my DevArt.
Click it there again & it'll be big.

I should really be drawing more.... I need something to keep me going. I wonder if a whip-wielding person will do...? My skills are growing molds and housing odd colonies.

Sometimes you just want perfection so much; you end up doing nothing because of the fear of screwing up.


Charlene said...

yay for simple joys! and having hot boys cavort around for our viewing pleasure!

"I need something to keep me going. I wonder if a whip-wielding person will do...?"

GN: Ohh, yes, yes!! Harder baby, harder! Give me some inspiration!! yess!


gianne said...

hahaha, the joy of living in an apartment... directly above the basketball court ;P