Saturday, December 22, 2007


Usually on Fridays and Saturdays I have the whole apartment to myself. Sometimes Thursdays too. So one of those days I was just like brain-dead in front of my computer because I don't have my cousin to disturb.

Then... ding dong!

Cerita panjang, I jadikan pendek okey? (mesti tipu punya wtf)

Basically it's these three people asking me if I've ever thought of the meaning of life. What's the reason why I'm here on Earth etc. They were holding small booklets, and were Christians trying to spread the message la.

It's kinda ironic because on that very day I wrote this entry, A Textbook Life.

I have mentioned it before, but I'll just say it again; I'm Buddhist. Call me biased, but of all the religions or paths that I've read about, Buddhism is the one that makes most sense to me. It's also the most versatile, the most adaptable? But this is another entry, so I'll just moosey back to the main story...

Okay, so these three people wanting to talk to you about something that most people would just slam the door in their face right? Well, I didn't. Slam the door, I mean. Call me stupid or too nice, but I know these people believe in their faith whole-heartedly. I'm not saying that this is the right way to go (as in, ringing on random people's door...) but they aren't doing anything wrong imo and they are still... well, people like you and me. Besides, I could learn smthg =D.

I did tell them straightout that I'm a Buddhist and not intending to change, but I don't mind listening to what they want to say.

After talking to me for a while, they showed me a little diagram of how Jesus was reincarnated into a human, then he was crucified for the peoples' sins etc.

I was always puzzled by this. It doesn't make sense to me. Why should one man dies for everyone's sins? It's their own damn fault, their own responsibility. I don't need a middle person to pay for my sins. So I asked them that.

They said smthg about people are always sinning, even if they atone, there's still leftovers, and that, if Jesus don't help them, they will be denied the entrance to heaven. Or I might have remembered wrongly. (Any Christians care to enlighten me?)

Though the serious talk, I actually joked with them a lot (no worries, no insensitivities), but met with blank stares [;_____;]. I wanted to make them more human to me, as opposed to mere messengers.

Or possibly it's just me, syok sendiri wtf.

them: Also, before Jesus's cruxification, goat, cow etc gets slaughtered for people's sins.
me : What? Oh my god! I'm gonna need a whole farm...


them: As you can see, Jesus was reincarnated as a human, then he was crucified, and now he is a spirit. And he wants to get inside you.
me : ..........................................................................

Okay. That just sounded SO wrong. I mean, whatever happened to dinner first? =( . Can you imagine someone telling you that with a straight face? It was hilarious. Or maybe my brain is just more corrupted than my government. I tried not to laugh. And succeeded. For about 5 seconds. I felt damn bad, okay and told them, sorry, but THAT sounded odd.

They told me that they want to come by to talk to me again, but I guess when they got back, they realised how scary I was and decided against it [;___;]


Here's some random events that heralds my crappiness:

Where I work, some of my colleagues are trained to be 'drummers' to greet visitors with some nice percussion music. So one day, while waiting for their arrival, my colleague have nothing to do; came over to me and poked my knees with his drumstick.

me: ... I thought you were going to lift my skirt or smthg. Perv.
him: what! what's there to see anyway?
me: ...tentacles....
us: ..............................................................................................................................
me: wait, that didn't sound right
him: i'm walking away now
me: ...but tentacles are cool!!!
me: i should really stop talking. like, now.


I was thinking for a name for my online pet giraffe in Facebook, and the only name that flew in my head and got stuck was Mooji. So Mooji it is.

The moment my finger pressed 'Enter', my colleague came behind me and handed me a student's work. Mongolian guy.

Whose nickname is Muuji wtf.


Quick sketch in the office:

HAMMIE LOVE~~!!!!!!!! it wasnt a hamster at first... but a bottle spurting floaty liquid, but my colleague kept looking over my shoulder and laughing like mad because he said it has a strong sexual innuendo -_________-'''

Then when I changed it into a hamster, he laughed again at the finger's positions -__-;. So redrew the finger.
I feel so uncorrupted when I'm with these guys hahahah!


runawaycat said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! He wants to get inside you! Joke of the day!

Why must cows and goats be slaughtered for people's sins? What did they do wrong!? Hmph.

Tentacles....random word of the day :P

eelaine said...

Okay that's funny. He wants to get inside you.

You're not the only one with the corrupted mind haha.

It's like, offerings. Like how Buddhists will slaughter chicken and offer it on special occasions. Something similar. The reason why Jesus can cleanse our sin is because he's The Son and Jesus knows no sin (:

John 3:16 - "For God so loved the world, He gave his only begotten Son. that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life."

Just my two cents on my belief. Don't come bombing me with questions! I'm still learning. (:

Charlene said...

Gianne -

Incidentally, yesterday Jesus called me & asked me if he could get inside me. I told him "You're looking for Gianne not me." He asked if you were open to new and ecstatic experiences. I replied, "She's open to a lot of things, but if you think she's gonna 'open' herself to just any dude who knocks first, you are SO wrong." Then he said no, there's been a misunderstanding; but I said don't worry, nobody's mad at you, but you HAVE to get a new dating agency because the current folks are just not doing it for ya. "They make u sound like a male slut, JC. Honestly! They're practically pimping u around; tellin girls you 're in a hurry to get in them and all. I know you're more of a gentleman than THat."

After a while he asked me what you were doing now, coz u know how guys like to know abt the more intimate daily routines of the lady they fancy. I said, "she's busy fondling a hamster so I guess she must be single after all." If that doesn't get him interested, i dunno what will.

So, do let me know if he rings. :)

runawaycat said...


gianne said...

runaway cat: i bet there's many innocent farm animals souls seeking revenge. imagine if someone dies and they are greeted by animal holding clubs, rotten bananas, porcupines etc wtf

eelaine: actually, if i were to really TOTALLY follow buddhist teachings, the chicken would be the one slaughtering me wtf. and i can't bombard you with questions??? =(

charlene: HAHAHAHA!!!! if only we're both lesbians, i'd run off into the sunset with you hahahahha wtf

runawaycat said...

Hahahah! Rotten bananas. Porcupines. You're crazy when it comes to words!
You know I'm beginning to wonder if your wtf is what I think it is. You say it all the time whether it fits or not. It's like your trademark. whenever I think of you i hear the words 'what the fuck' in my head.
Ok I don't think as in 'think' of you. Argh whatever. wtf. Hhahahaha!

Charlene said...

"I'm beginning to wonder if your wtf is what I think it is. You say it all the time whether it fits or not. It's like your trademark." -runawaycat

I know. it's like a malaysian 'lah'.

its kind of endearing. makes each sentence end with a kind of confused tone, as in "huh what did i just say?" suits her, though. ive said it b4 & i'll say it again: GN u r such a goofball! hahaha