Friday, December 07, 2007

A Textbook Life

Why do you not steal?
Because The Book says not to.
Why do you not kill?
The Book states that it is wrong to kill.
You should not steal because people worked hard for the things you have stolen. They earned it; you didn't. Satisfaction comes in earning it. Stealing only results in emptiness. You should not kill, not only because it's a human life, they are also someone's brother, sister, mother, father,  husband, wife, daughter and son. By killing, you tear not only one flesh, but the souls of plenty others.
Reason and rationality.
A chance encounter with my colleague taught me a new word; Dogma. He was carrying his artwork; a book bounded and held up by chains on a canvas, with the word 'Dogma' under it.
Life is not a textbook. Life is not a PMR or SPM examination; where you swallow and vomit, without ever digesting.
I'm proud to say that I'm very much my own person. I'm always, first and foremost, a good person (or at least, trying to be) before a good Buddhist. The true pious people I've met are always good people first before anything else. The world would be a better place if there's more people like that.
The sad thing is, these days, some people define themselves first by their religion, and then, a good human being in second place. Take away their religion and they're lost. If they are good human beings in the first place, they won't be. Their lives will still go on; with or without the book. 
What about you?


Charlene said...

Why is the world filled with small-minded people? Why?????? (Sorry, in angsty mood today.) why can't people see beyond their goddamn noses whywhywhy! Why are intellectuals doomed to be the minority in every society across the globe??

Alrite, sorry. i scared u, right? u didn't know ur friend was demented, did u?

No really, i'm not a cynic. People are beautiful. Life is beautiful. But it frustrates me when people wave their dogmatic codes frenetically in the air, but they fail to see that without the moral code they so heavilu uphold, they are nothing. their life is hollow. they are purposeless. why? it doesn't need to be that way.

Take a good hard look, people. Something is seriously NOT OKAY with this picture.

puiyee said...

if only i am a lesbian and you could be my lover :(

fuck, you wrote that so profoundly.

gianne said...

Char: i guess that they'd rather take the easy way out :/. Chosen by themselves, their parents, their educators and their country.

PY: Two words. Teddy bears. WTF.