Friday, January 04, 2008

First 2008 post!!!


I will put up my resolution list soon. It's probably futile, but it'll be good to have a concrete list, so I can beat myself up at the end of this year.

I'm such a horrible person. I have messages on Friendster wishing me and Superpoke-s on Facebook greeting me, but I haven't replied to it yet.

New Year's Eve was spent in a restaurant on a hill, overlooking the entire city. It's so so so breathtaking. The city of lights looks so small and fragile. As I stood there, I kept thinking of snow globes. I wish I could capture that image, and put it into a snow globe that I could put by my bedside and everytime I shake it, it'll be raining men wtf hahaha.

Most importantly, I was with my friends. Any place feels better when you have your friends with you. Was with Kezia, TJ, Charlene, Seiji, Alex, Zoe and Seiji's friend, Wai Loon(?). A clown came by and made us 3 balloon bears and a poodle. And... let's leave it at the poor balloons suffered indignity at our hands.

seriously, one had sausage, the other didn't...
thoughtfully noticed by char

At midnight, we saw about 7 fireworks. Brag-worthy, right? The downside is they were about an inch tall from where we saw them hahahaha!

All the pictures courtesy of Charl ^__^

Yesterday I had made beehoon soup with oyster mushrooms and fishballs. So proud of myself for making a 'proper' meal by myself (and for myself, obviously, I don't know what nut would eat things I cook).

And then I realised (sigh, yes, as always the 'AND THEN I REALISED wtfknncb') that in my haste to calm my rumbling stomach, I haven't washed the mushrooms before dumping them into the pot.

In that moment, all the things my mom had warned me about decides to pop up and scare me. I didn't even remember I KNEW some of those things, but I guess despite me going, "Ya ya, I know, later first" whenever my mom nags me, everything she tells me is embedded into my subconscious. It's like that hidden Satan track in Teletubbies' theme song old records and entice people, who somehow wakes up one day taking a liking for horns and forked tails and sacrificing goats.

On brighter news, I'm alive. And blogging... hahaha!

I saw Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind and Reign Over Me this week. Those shows are so good. Features usually comic actors in a different face. I especially love the former... no matter how bad life treats you, there's these little sweetest things in the world that comes TIED with it and you'd just never want to forget them. Ever. Michael Gondry is a genius... he also directed Science of Sleep (simply amazing too).

I think my housemates thinks I'm a bit odd. Only recently la... Let me explain myself; whenever I'm addicted to a game, I tend to get a bit lost and blur (more blur than usual, and that's saying something!) when I get back into the non-clickable world. And I've been addicted to this MMORPG called Tales of Pirates (TOP). So, there's me and my random conversations. orz.

It's insane! Okay, when I was obsessed with the Sims, I would have thoughts like, "Oh shit, I haven't called [insert name] for a long time... My relationship meter with her must be zero by now...". And now, with TOP, I would be practicing my 3D skills in the office and I'd be thinking, "...This is so gonna make me level up!!!"

.... I know. What the fuck, right?

To be honest, I never touched MMO. Didn't plan to. I know the danger, yet not experience it. Only recently I've been getting curious abt it. Also, my students play MMO and it'd be great to not look blank.

But I'm proud to say that, besides me playing for 6 hours straight the first two days into it, the rest of the days I've practiced ENORMOUS self-control =DDD I mostly play 2 hours a day only and the only time I broke that was because I received a random act of kindness there; this guy suddenly approached me while I'm killing some goddamn sea snails and he offered to help me level up.... WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED!! Seriously. I was damn suspicious, but in the end, he was the real deal. Next time, when I'm a higher level, I'd do the same for newbies too.

And... that is all. (I'm the goddess of abrupt endings bwahahahah!)


runawaycat said...

Haha notty kids...made the poodles suffer indignity!

Charlene said...

So this is the result of being 'marooned' in cyberjaya......becoming MMORPG-obsessed? What was with the killing snails? :D at first i thought "....did gianne go fishing recently? and aren't snails a somewhat uncommon bait?" then i realised: "ohhh - must be the rpg game. Maybe fearsome, intrepid pirates are occasionally required to handle....snails. Maybe Gianne's pirate alter-ego is a dashing aristocratic buccaneer who has a refined yearning for escargot."