Wednesday, January 16, 2008

what to put here, what to put here....

Alright bloggie and people.

The word you need to know here is photograph.

With an 's'. And many 's'es if you will. Add a 'shit load' to it too.

It's been piling up and staring at me indignantly for the months... with that inanimate object's fear that it will never surface when it's been specifically taken for this purpose. But still, their lazy bum of their owner would not budge, no matter how.

They changed tactics.

Finally I could not stand the daggers in their imaginary eyes no longer.

Hence, the following:

{21/11/07} A Chicago! date with Charlene

The set

The cast posing onstage at the end...
Someone yelled, "FACEBOOK!!" XD

After the show:

Red dress, black tights; Black dress, red tights.

This was not planned. Some unknown forces made us bend to their wills unconsciously into becoming a sort of fashion twins.

Inspired by the musical XD (i posed too, but very retardly...)

Pose, take one.

Pose, take two.

Pose, tak-... hahaha omfg i love this so much!!

And inspired by the position of my arms:



Madie doing her daily elongating exercise. What for? To reach the table of food, o' course! (I imitate her sometimes.)

(Only, I look cuter wtf.)

(Actually I lie. More like beached whale.)


some of my students~

{09.08.07} Her Bounciness @ Marmalade

"One day hor, I go out with this girl on first date hor,
but aiya I dunno she likes me anot..."

"Becuz hor, she keep avoiding my adoring gaze like how a proper lady should...
all she missing is a nice little handkerchief oh!
she touching her hair coquettishly,
this probably hor mean that she likes me horrr?!?
Wah, I so happy liau...)

"Then hor she shyly took a tiny sip of her cappuccino."

" Suddenly, she waved the waiter nearby saying it needs more milk
with a clear voice."

"Then she caught my gaze and play with her hair again~~ "

"At last our meal comes oh! I choose wan...
the food we eat must has significance~
I hope she likes oh..."

"Yellow for wealth and happiness~~ Very ong colour hor???"

"Green for fertility... very important oh. (Hopefully 10 or more~)"

"Once the cake is here, she become a different person, so happy and excited oh!"

"I tell you ah, the way to a girl's heart is through her stomach oh!"

Intense concentration mode!

"This is why hor i love her lor."

(Note to self: when ML comes back, she'll strangle me)
(Note to self 2: Find perfect hiding spot...)


{Total and absolute randomness}

Guess what I found in Watson's?

...very near the condoms.

From my room:

Unhappy Candle needs more excitement.

Okay, okay, so one day I woke up as usual... and was shocked out of my usual blurness in the morning.

.... Can you see the face?!??!

My roommate is a natural artist!!

(Yes. The hippo is easily amused.)

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Charlene said...

That last photo looks so much like the morning me it hurts.

i dig the 'date' story. i can actually see it in a real comedy, haha ..u have a gift for assembling storyboards out of random pix. immensely useful skill. really. we do the same all the time (for TVCs) for clients who can think better with real photoimages than sketches. & its sometimes murder for the studio dept to come up with appropiate pix for the storyline. maybe bcoz they dun hv ur particular collection!! haha

rotfl at GN starting her own stock photo company, specialising in goofy moments - 'Real People, Real Life! Not Necessarily Pretty!'