Friday, February 15, 2008

artsy fartsy fluffs

Pipit forum K.O challenge; the theme, futurism.

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3ds Max (for perspective help), Photoshop CS2 + tablet

Been a busy week at the office, and the dateline was on Valentine's day, and I actually shot past it by 3 hours. So... there's more to touch-up on. I forgot to put some elements in. TT__TT

As for the concept/story, I have one but I hope you would be able to tell me =D. [-cricket sounds commences- ... orz)

I really enjoyed drawing this. It's definitely a challenge 'cause this is not something I usually draw (vehicles, poses, perspective etc). I always ALWAYS draw girls (mostly from head to shoulders only wtf, so boring right??).

Self-grippings (ignore this if you dislike whiny hippos): The impact is missing. I mean, so what if I can draw, but it doesn't engage the viewers? Someone needs a lot and LOTS of practice... it makes my head spin, really, when I see the amount of things I need to understand. I want to reach that point... maybe possible when I'm 99 years old wtf


Another artwork:

Photobucket Photobucket
1. blocking in hair
2. adding details

Photoshop + combination of mouse (face) & tablet (hair, body etc).

My humble homage to the mangaka that is Ai Yazawa (Nana, Gokinjo Monogatari, Paradise Kiss, Tenshi Nanka Janai etc).... the first comic from her that I read was Paradise Kiss. Am a huge, huge fan because that one pretty much changed the way I think about myself and the way I do things. For the better, definitely. This girl is Miwako Sakurada (although now she looks more like her older sister, Mikako Kouda from Gokinjo...)

Somewhat process: 01 & 02

Started 2 years ago. wtf I know. Such a fucking procrastinator. Got stuck at the hair ages ago (it was previously orange and VERY poofy) and restarted before CNY. Changed the hair to this current colour.

Snippet of New Year Resolution: Less games, more hermit-like existence (...orz)

(mumbling to self: ... Ganbatte)


Charlene said...

I know!!! i always hv trouble coloring in hair too.

yeah i like futuristic themes but i suck at em :) well, the people look a little funny but u actually did quite a nice job on the ship/shuttle thingy. (i'm sorry i'm hopeless at these terms! what exactly do u call it, a skybus? apologies)

hmm, now that i notice it yeah...why do u only draw girls? :P not that it's a big flaw, some artists specialise in one particular subject.

Btw (this is not a critique, just a comment) why does ur lovely pink-haired girl look so nervous? i like the apprehensive raised eyebrow; just wondered whats behind it.

adam k. said...

do more la wei... your stuff always so colourful .cun hair texture

your futuristic one looks like they're leaving the metal city for utopia. render it more!

gianne said...

char: i sort of feel that the character is somewhat unsure and worries a lot... so that's why. tell me more abt the people's flaws!! cuz i'm still working on it...

adam: ... and u are the saturated ggod, hahah! yes yes, rendering~

Charlene said...

I think they (dad & daughter?) just look funny bcoz they're kinda flat while the rest of the pic is shaded & textured. also the lighting of the whole setting doesnt appear to affect thm. (smthg i have a big prob with, probly way bigger than u.) they look like they sorta walked into the pic at the last minute, haha...

sorry :P

but i like their apprehensive, hurried pose. it says "we're not supposed to be here but we need to get on that space bus for some reason the artist has failed to specify"

is it even called a space bus? i dont think so... u havent told us what it is :)

wow, i'm listening to helena for like the 20th time today on my iTunes. hahahahah (random fact of the day) So loooongggg and goodniiiiiiggght!!!

gianne said...

char:... actually you can see the reason why they are leaving in the picture... dammit. this drawing failz because you cant see it.

i forgot to bring my battery for my mp3 player =(((

Charlene said...

wait wait wait. the reason for their leaving is smthg to do with the plant, right? did i guess right? it's OK, i love ambiguity. if u cant handle ambiguity u cant handle life.

anyway....was reading ur latest jurnal entries &...ok u know what, i'll go comment there. but u shouldnt worry 2 much abt being a good daughter. i'm a crap daughter & my mom aint perfect either, but i think its just abt -

u know what, i'm gonna go comment there. in the meantime keep drawing. kay