Saturday, February 23, 2008

Forgivable aspect

Random corner
(I definitely need one...):

[PSP game - Patapon] Listening to this makes my pumping heart tilt to the side and go, "SQUEEEEEEE!!!!" (in a bubbly gurgly blood-filled way wtf)

You know, usually I would draft up my blog entry in a notepad and edit it many times before posting. It's surprising how shifting a same sentence from the bottom to the first paragraph would make the whole thing sound less hostile/rude/ditzy. Or vice-versa. If only people could do the same before they talk eh?

Today, however, today, it will be a different story. I shall type straiiiighhht into my blogger text box and finish it in one sitting! Fast!!! Not couple of hours, wtf!

The premise for this change is simple; I can't be arsed about my usual blogger-analness. Because time is precious my dear... though Gollum would disagree.

Here's something I mulled over lately;

What is your forgivable aspect? That... I don't know how to say it... draws people to you, include you in their activities and not ignore or avoid you? Let's just say, you have a college mate who is supremely lazy and doesn't fulfill his part in teamwork, pisses you off mad, but at the end of the day, you'd STILL invite him to your party because he is uberly funny and is the life of any party.

I believe that everyone has an annoying trait... and a forgivable aspect to counter that. It might be imbalanced for some people; some may be nearly perfect that their nisbah of forgivable and annoying is like 100:1 (<-- I hate you people.) (But I forgive you....)

...Which brings me to another point. So if my theory of everyone having an annoying and forgivable aspect, why are there still friendless people? Is it because their forgivable aspect is not enough to cover for its evil twin?

I'm not friendless, but there's a sort of sadness when I was thinking about that. What is my forgivable aspect?

What is yours?


jacko wacko said...

voom voom
interesting thought.

i never did ponder friendship/relationship/social life in that way but i guess it make sense.

mmm ur forgivable aspect is that.... you are fun to talk to if one really get to know u.

mine is... i dun really know. u tell me?

altho i think soemtimes its combination of alot of things, not tangible like one point and another for some.

lets play TOP

Charlene said...

well b4 i can answer that, i wanna know what is it abt URSELF that u personally find unforgivable.

(god knows i have my ghosts too. the hardest person to forgive is urself.)

that aside...imagining that u do have a demon, and who doesn't... i'd say what makes u forgivable is [not necessarily in order]:

1. ur ability to be goofy even when things r gloomy

2. ur loyalty & unconditional frendship

3. ur chin-chai-ness (my aunt said it abt u too, not just me)

4. ur colorful clothes - it's intresting & it adds dimension to ur persona

5. ur modesty -- just the right amount, nothing saintly or sickening :P

6. ur penchant for saying WTF after every sentence

7. ur smile & signature laugh

8. (frm the POV of ur parents) for doing ur share of chores like ironing clothes etc

9. ur ability to adapt to the moods & company of different kinds of ppl

10. ur intellect & depth

11. the type of person u r - like one can tell u just abt anything & u can listen well without judging

12. ur natural cheerfulness (even when things look bad) which is NOT faked or sunshiny or happy-bunnies, but just u

anddd....i can go on the whole day. but u get my drift. & u worry way too much abt being perfect for other ppl. Maybe 'perfect' or 'good' aint the thing to focus on. maybe the whole point is being...fulfilled. however u wanna achieve it. could be career, love, family, hobbies.....

Being fulfilled. that oughta be the life goal of everyone.

Not that i always do what i say. lots of times i'm pretty unhappy with myself too.

"You should never want to hurt yourself. You should love yourself. Sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself and become a new person." -G.Way

always helps me put things into perspective, that

it's a slow arduous journey, but i'd like to think that ive gotten started. & i think when we're like 30 we'll be --if not a lot more successful --at least a little happier.

gianne said...

hobbitness: you're so random. i wuvs you. in a non-sexual manner like puppies rolling down the hill (like an indian movie, not like ouch ouch wtf my tail oh shit oh noes a big rock ahead). let's play top!! (btw, to the ppl who doesnt know, top stands for tales of pirates okay, we're not doing anything ftw okay wtf...)

char: what abt myself that i find unforgivable? being useless, being dull the lack of self confidence, my tendency to say the dumbest things, my awkwardness, my fumbled words, my inability to function in society sometimes, my penchant for dwelling in dreams rather than action, and some other intangible ones.

just things that warps inwardly, twists and turns when i'm moody. i understand that we'd have to try to be better and not perfect, but sometimes i feel like throwing the towel. i bet guys reading this hopes that i'll do that right after i get out from the shower wtf.

you are too friggin' generous with your comments... and thank you. i'll keep that close to me and if i ever feel down in the blues again, i'll bring that list out and slap myself with it.

another thank you for the quote... i do practice the dying-inside part hahah. which is why my gmail is ephemeral.suicides.

but most of all, thank you for spending time to write the comments for the recent entries. it meant a lot to me. really. especially when it's those depressing posts that ppl would rather avoid.

we'll make a toast, in 8 years, and even if we're still pretty much the same, i hope we'll be happier.

cheers :)

puiyee said...

what i want to say, charlene said already. wish i'm a better friend to you...

but gianne, its so true what char said, you know. what are your forgivable aspects? i'd reiterate:

1.your sense of humour in unexpected moments

2. your generosity..and not just the financial have been a very giving person

3. your ability to tolerate me at times when i know i can be a pain in the ass

4. the way you may seem to fumble with words, but when you write, you write abstractly and from it, a clarity arises (god knows i've been your fan for years when it comes to writing!)

5. your depth, your personality, your dreaminess AND your dreams

6. YOU.

believe me, no one is perfect and while we can strive to be that, i suppose...we all have baggage and demons and blemishes. its just what makes us human.

never doubt who you are or call yourself useless, cos you've been an extremely awesome friend and traveling partner to me. at days when you're down, you know i've got your back.

me *hearts* you, gianne. REMEMBER THAT!

puiyee said...

yah, i personally adore those WTFs you pepper in your msn messages, lol.