Friday, March 21, 2008

The Reluctant Hermit

So Thursday was a holiday. And it goes downhill from now on.

My newly friends-turned-lovebirds won't be up for a drink, another friend had to go buy some stuff for his new place and another is going for a birthday party. Then the fact that there's no one in my apartment today doesn't help either. So yes, if you fancy, do come and rob me; I'll give you cookies (filled with sedatives) and when you wake up, there's you, all tied up and we WILL have a decent conversation (...or else -snarl-))

Evidently, someone needs a life. And sadly, between you and me, it's not you.

But hey! I nearly went out for a movie with a colleague, but then the weather decides to turn traitor and become all lullaby-like; and we both become collaborators in the inability to move our butt outta the house.

My day's itinerary; Woke up at 12pm, daydreamed till 1, turned my computer on (oh yeah baby), MSN-ed, took a bus to the bank, bought lunch and some artsy fartsy stuff, did my laundry, berak-ed, let my hamster Si Gemuk run in her plastic ball, did TaeBo exercise, read 'Chicken' by David Sterry (you know, I want to say 'meh' but it's someone's autobiography so... that's totally mean, right?), drew a little, defrosted some meat for dinner, cooked, got distracted a lot, overcooked dinner chicken and a few other mundane things.

Hence, a reluctant hermit.

Well, technically, what I'm doing now is not a hermit-like behaviour. I've been on the computer pretty much the entire day you see, so there's the element of reaching out to the outside world XD. That intangible touch anyway.

It's odd in a way. You know, the computer, the internet. I mean, you are able to gain so much, and yet at the end of the day there's this emptiness inside of you, longing to be filled.This has probably been discussed before, but it's so true; how come now in this age and time when we're so connected... we're so detached?? We're so close, yet so far. The paradox of it. The downside of technology. Don't even get me started on globalisation; I find that the magic of traveling is somewhat gone precisely because of globalisation. I dread the day when I fly halfway across the world and to find that I could get everything there if I didn't leave home.

Back to technology. Then there's the new age of reading stranger's blogs. I do it too, all the damn time! It's kinda weird, sort of, hey, I know you. And yet I don't... know you. But of course, there's always more to someone than what you'd read on blogs ;P. But logically, logically, why do we spend time reading about other people's lives when they would have no hand in yours? Would we care more of the stranger's life than your friend's? Even as I type this, a part of my brain has jumped to defense; what if their writing touches you, makes you a better person, and most importantly makes you think?? True true, I know some blogs like that; I love them for being opinionated (not the dumb kind of opinionated...) and yes, makes my brain cells run a marathon or two. That's probably a small bit of the blog population though... most of the time, we're all just raging kepohs.

Anyway, I've reached the end of my solitary Thursday. Don't think I can take it any longer; I'm like that Sim character whose social bar is red and blinking and an imaginary rabbit will fall from the sky and I'll start talking to it wtf. Can't wait for my roommates to be back and to be in work tomorrow.

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Charlene said...

Hmm...well look on the rainbowy side of things (i'd say 'bright side' but its cliched, & besides u love rainbows..) -- without the Internet u'd be even more alone. without MSN u really would be talking to imaginary fluffy rabbits falling frm the sky. not that that's so bad, i imagine. i wouldnt mind an imaginary half-naked clive owen feeding me chocolate coated grapes ....Oh wait, off topic. sorry.

So, let's start a sort of school essay debate.. Internet is good because
1. u get access to all sorts of illegal and interesting information

2. u connect with people from all over the globe

3. no stranger has cause to disbelieve u if u say u are a 5'8-foot-tall statuesque Slovakian princess with an Amazon queen for a great-grandmother

4. u get to upkeep this wonderful & insightful blog

5. u get interesting comments from fascinating, intelligent people like me (BUAHAHA)

Internet is bad bcoz
1. u tend to have more of a life on the computer than outside it

2. u are (if im not mistaken) addicted to RPGs ;P which can cause bad habits such as suppressing toilet urges and surviving on conveniently packed junk food

3. u do get all sorts of dreck from bimbos and himbos whose online communication & blogs consist of worthless fluff

So far i count 5 pros vs 3 cons, which basically means I Win. Becoz im childish & i like to win. so there. ;P

dudette, i'm a hermit too. i dont lead all that interesting a life -- at least, not outside the computer. i wish i had more money to be a party circuit babe or some shit like that, but im not. bleahh.

We'll resume this debate in a short while, folks. But now, we break for a commercial featuring a half-naked Clive Owen and lots of strategically-placed grapes!