Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ramblings @ 2am-ish

..... for absolutely no reason at all, here's me starring as a camharlot;

that's pants, not underwear okay.

and for fun, this is me after a 40 minutes jog:

... i wasn't called tomato in high school for nothing wtf

the end of camharlotness.


i'm sick again.

my nose is currently crying buckets. of mucus. wtf. (speaking of crying buckets, one time i had eyeliner on when i cried. i was emptying my woes to my cousin, and then i glanced at the mirror and burst out laughing because i look so damn ugly okay wtf, i don't know how my cousin could stand looking at me like that wtf)

left work at 5pm sharp, reached home at nearly 6pm and promptly did a superman thing of getting outta my workclothes and into my comfy wear, then crashing onto my bed; occasionally waking up to talk to my cousin (sleepy ramblings) or to check the time (only to decide, "screw it. i'm gonna sleep more." -ZZzzzzzz-)

so, here am I awake at the lovely hour of 2.40am, fresh after a cold shower, eating my porridge, and still debating as to whether I should take the drowsy flu pill or not. to take or not to take; that's the very-used hamlet quote of recent centuries (i bet shakespeare is somewhere out there, vomiting every time someone utters, "to... or not to...." as he laments, why oh why i created such a phrase!).

the risk is waking up very late for work or actually waking up on time and looking very drugged when i go for my morning class.

actually i could had gone home earlier from work. if i weren't such a dumbass ;______;, after visiting the clinic and not getting an mc, i was still hanging around my office when my superior bumped into me and say, "eh? why are you not going home?"

me: i didn't get an mc.
him: why aren't you at home?

much much later, the same scenario repeats itself... only THIS time he added, "when i said that, i'm giving you permission to go home la."

.............. celaka!!!

i fail. massively.


(think i'll take the pill anyway. and sleep. omg druggie at work in 4 hours!)


Silhouette said...

Do you still have a camera? I bet the only reason why there aren't more pics was because the camera lens cracked and died a terrible death...:P

Charlene said...

Camharlot (noun): a more learned version of a camwhore who probably is well-versed in other literary equivalents of 'whore' such as tramp, floozy and jezebel.

[randomness there.]

Yeah well, i understand. as the sort of person who was supposed to be on a minimum 2-day MC after her nose op but came back to work the very next day. I tell u, I am underpaid for my dogged detrmination to carry on as if nothing's wrong.

do u sleep like the dead when u consume medication? lucky u. even anaesthesia failed to keep me drugged for a reasonable period. flu pills? i'd need to seriously OD before i could ever conk out. blehh

Anonymous said...


Actually, I told you to go home so as to not infect everyone else. Your nose was dripping clear fluid like how a bulldog drools...

Charl said...

anonymous, don't be gross.

besides, at least the fluid was clear. you should see the insides of *my* nose on bad mornings...

adam k. said...

awww.. so tomato!

gianne said...

munnie: ... on the contrary, my phone seems to be -extra- effective lately. hence, i should give it more dosage of... ME!!!! ahahahahaha

charl: oooh, i like the idea of a cam-jezebel. what??? anaesthetic (or however you spell it...) doesn't work much for you? okay, let's do this the manual way; you stand there, DONT MOVE! -waves baseball bat- (wtf)

(also, i'm intrigued. how -does- the insides of your nose look like in mornings? no worries, it takes a lot to make me grossed out)

anonymous: hey everyone, anonymous is also known as Mr Saturday Night Fever. He boogies to the air-con. =DDDD

adam: fruits are good for humans XD