Tuesday, May 06, 2008

{Art post} Pink-Haired Girl

Sat down in front of my computer yesterday and I think, okay, that's it; I'm finishing this once and all.

And I did. I is prouds of meself. -pats self on head-

Inspired by Ai Yazawa's Mikako and Miwako;
(click here for bigger image ...brings you to my devART~)
... previously appeared in a March '06 post and February '08. The delay is due to procrastination + getting stumped over technical difficulties orz. Anyway, I do hope you'll like it!

Off to clean my hammie's cage ^^. Her name is Si Gemuk~~~


Charl said...

can u combine the head of Ms Eyes with the drawing in ur previous post? :) oh wait, Ms Eyes is a 12-year-old & doesnt hv boobs yet....

i dunno that pink & mint-green are the best color combo. and will someone pls tell Ms Eyes to calm down, the world is not yet coming to an end & she doesn't need to look like the sword of Damocles is hanging over her innocent lil head.


OK now i've pissed u off by insulting ur artwork. if its any consolation, u're much, much better at drawing hair than me.

gianne said...

hahaha, that's miwako's personality actually. she's timid and worries a bit too much (miwako's the character inspiration for this~)