Friday, May 02, 2008

Before I hit the sack.....

Guess who has a blog now?

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad!

Besides mixed feelings for him (NOT of the romantic-kind), this amused me muchly.

Best blog profile, can? Shot down by singular line. You bloggers with fancy words... can you beat that???


Quick doodle of the day; I really need to study figures more... can't keep drawing cut-away people all the time orz....

(boobs supposed to go here wtf)

... I wished Malaysia allow naked models for life drawing ;___;


Charl said...

I've always wanted to use my body for art.

(volunteering...?? maybe)

then again, me naked is not the prettiest sight in the world. although i did draw myself naked in the mirror before...intriguing experience. u oughta try it. It gives u some perspective into what a real woman's boobs oughta look like opposed to those inflated plastic things u see on billboards.

btw this sketch u posted is not half bad. once again i envy ur ability to draw hair.

btw there are loads & loads of beautiful naked pictures on the web. all sorts of positions u can think of, and some positions u *don't* want to think of .....

Charl said...

yeahh i know about the blog. just abt 5 minutes ago, hehe...frm one of my multiply mates

i've already bookmarked it

gianne said...

hahah i did drew myself naked from the mirror before. but then again, very limited poses i could do wtf

i'm somewhat tempted to ask you to pose for me... or i'll just stick to the pictures for the moment wtf