Friday, July 18, 2008

Bursting my bubble wtf

A few days ago....

"YOSH! I shall practice my painting skills!" - grim determination-

What happened right after that;

Grab tablet. Open up Photoshop. Draw nice nice. CRASH. Gianne = orz. Close program.
Shrugs. Reopen Photoshop. Draw nice nice. CRASH. Gianne = orz. Close Program.
Shrugs. Restarts computer. Reopen Photoshop. Draw. CRASH. Gianne = ....... WTF! Close Program.

Rinse and repeat.

Resorts to pencil and paper. orz.

Bollocks. I can't draw happily on Photoshop without it dying on me!!

It doesn't matter that some months ago I did a massive surgery on my CPU; tossing out the innards and fixing in brand spanking new 'organs', enough to be a pretty l33t computer for decent pwnage. I don't get it. It used to be able to support when I was painting an A4 sized, 300 dpi with no problem. And now I'm only working on a 1024x768, 72 dpi file. And it hangs wtf.

This really sucks because it's probably nothing to do with the hardware, but my womanly intuition tells me it's a goddamn virus @$#@%$#^%^$. So GRAH! I'll have to reformat my computer orz. Man, I seem to do reformatting a lot... I kinda wish Windows could just record my movements when I reformat and reinstall all the programs, so next time I could just press a button to replay the recorded actions wtf.

EDIT: Okay, so Felix asks me to scan my system for spyware. And I do. 218 infections ftl orz. Photoshop seems to be cooperating now so yay!!! Quick sketch~
a month old sketch; painting practice + attempting to understand human facial structure
(don't ask why they all look to the left wtf. i still suck at drawing bodies. and colouring too orz. imma shall find a posing victim soon. watch out for the wannabe artist stalking you with her pencil and paper. and rope =D. yay!)


Charl said...

u know wat's intresting? if im not mistaken, the 'facing to the left' thing is smthg to do with being right/left handed. coz i do that too, bg right handed. so u kinda feel more comfy drawing certain angles facing left. and vice-versa.

sorry to hear abt ur comp crashing, but viruses are viruses, at least theyre being weeded out now. hope none of ur files hv been eaten up.

err. ok i know i recently volunteered to be ur amateur model, but about the rope...? i charge for bondage and overtly erotic scenes, u know that rite? LOL

gianne said...

charl:you know smthg.... i live in a perpetual guilt for not being replying to your comments =__=;;. it's like, i would start to reply you, then i get overwhelmed by it then delete, write again and procrastinate.

anyway, yea, i read abt that too... i'm right-handed. and thank god, no files has been eaten up, hope i dont jinx myself...

"i charge for bondage and overtly erotic scenes" -> that's not in our agreement. the charging part that is =P

Charl said...


how can u possibly be overwhelmed by the very thought of replying to me? I'm not that intimidating, am i??

(sulks bcoz gianne thinks she is 'overwhelming' to respond to)

LOL. well i'm off to reply ur next bloggie now haha. even if *sniff* the efforts are not appreciated. =P

btw, hotness next to me is sooo attractive... He's not like dashingly handsome (becoz i don't chase unreachable carrots) but gawd his voice drives me up the fucking wall. and yknow when someone u hv a crush on says your name for the most casual of reasons? it's like...all u wanna do is reply "yes, baby?"(in an Angelina Jolie purr).

that smooth velvety voice will be the death of me. and that sweet, sweet smile.

i mean, he's not the sort of dude to look in the mirror and say "hey, good looking." i dont think he knows how hot he is.

goddamnit he's 31, a wee bit too old ...altho it would explain the sexy, subtle self-assuredness that is not the least bit cocky.

OK why am i hogging the commentbox like this? oh riight -- bcoz i am a closet narcissist. scuse me.