Tuesday, July 08, 2008

maybe i should change the name to "confessions of an orz-ed soul...."

My Gmail status is; Gianne thinks she did smthg embarassing today wtf orz. With that.....

puiyee: ??
8:21 PM me: hmm?
so today right
i was listening to my mp3 player
then i had a tummy ache annd i walked past all the cubicles to go to the loo
8:22 PM puiyee: mmhmm
me: when i got there, i took off my earphone and realised that my silent farts isnt silent
now i cant remember if i farted on the way out anot
puiyee: hahahahahahaha

... I'm not sure if I'd want to remember or not orz.

Maybe it's not wise to put this up wtf. But I mean, pfffft, don't be hypocritical, y'all do silents farts la.

At least I'm more vocal abt it =_______=;;;;;; (lame pun intended). ... ONLY IN THIS CASE!!! Dammit, there goes my muka....

Shall never wear earphones for both ears. Ever again.



Miss Anis said...

your crush entry is far more interesting than your fart entry. so tell up!

Charl said...

First of all, let me recover from the stitches now eating away at my abdomen from laughing at your not-quite-silent gaseous trail of destruction.

OK. Now that I've climbed back up off the floor, let me congraulate you on your honesty and barefaced courage. I mean, actually coming out about your flatulent adventures in the public blogosphere takes some guts. I shamefully admit i would never do such a thing, despite my straightforward and generally shameless nature. It would destroy the false image of foxiness I have carefully built in my online profiles, which is of course a mere illusion as I do fart at least as copiously as the next human being.

why on earth is a simple fart one of the top five funniest things in the world, anyway? inserted in just the right place, an ordinary anal emission delivers humour like a knife to the gut -- undeniably, inexplicably funny in almost any culture across the globe.

what more if the deliverer of that flatulent humour does so unintentionally while listening to music at a volume high enough to drown out the sound and sensation of the warning bursts of pungent air that signal it is time for a long toilet break.

- - - -

by the way, you owe us Pictures of you with your new hair. People, watch this space for hi-res pinup quality photos showing off Gianne Yap's new babe-worthy tresses. Available for free download for a Limited Time Only! Guys, make your girlfriend jealous by putting a babelicious Gianne in your phone! Coming soon to a blog near you.