Friday, July 04, 2008

Oi, Mr Bala......

..... ARGGHHHHH!!! What's this cheap low-quality drama going on in my country's political world?!? Just when I was feeling, WAY TO GO BALASUBR------oh.

Celaka!!! Or as Patrick Teoh would say... NIAMAH!!!

So dodgy. So sketchy. Actually I'm really insulted......How dumb does the upper management think the citizens are??? Seriously, what a stupid move by them. Way to get yourself reelected, man....

My heart really goes out to Altantuya's loved ones. And sheer embarrassment when the international community, especially the Mongolian government, gets a wind of this. Malu betul.

1 comment:

Charl said...

i so hate that man right now.

Mr Bala, i hope you can live with yourself for being a right pussy. And to Ms A's REAL murderers (you know who you are), may you never have a peaceful night's sleep ever again, you HEARTLESS BITCH.