Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Badminton Showdown, Retail Therapy and the usual randomness....

I was watching the badminton match between Chong Wei and Lin Dan. Was sitting in front of the telly feeling jittery and my dad kept commenting on how he WILL lose... wtf not the best time to tell me that when I'm hoping so much. I kept hoping Lin Dan will 'Ling Tan' (get zero) wtf.

I don't like Lin Dan simply because he is damn cocky weh. But I guess it happens when you're that awesome in badminton -____-;. Chong Wei had the super skills, but no confidence, which explains the lack of attack. You got to the finals!! Have more faith in yourself!

Maybe they should had someone to put him in the 'zone' before walking out on court (That's what my cousin's volley ball team did; have the athlete lie down with their eyes closed, while someone talks to them in a way that they have no fear or won't get influenced so easily by the crowd etc)

Speaking of which, why did Misbun's face look so glum even before LD started scoring -____-;. I feel damn demoralised when I see his face wtf.

Anyway, Chong Wei's the man! Malaysians everywhere are proud of him~



If there is a word to describe my sense of being now, or at least, the growing feeling within, it would be bimbotic.

Don't ask me about my current sudden obsession with makeup. (I friggin' curl my lashes these days okay!)
Don't ask me why my body seems to gravitate towards cute stuff.
Don't ask me why my eyes go sparklesparkle when I see cute stuff... like feeling awwwwwwww-i-want-i-want when I saw a pink Nintendo DS or Sony's pink laptop.

Cosmetics obsession started from a simple premise. I just happened to be depressed. Ooohhhh, what's that? Depressed? No fear! Retail therapy mood is here!!! wtf. And somehow I ended up in cosmetic shops like skinfood, elianto and sasa.

Being in a secluded "city" is no excuse either... especially in the internets worldz, where you could shop online and poslaju/pos express is your saviour. For about a week, Lowyat's Stuff for Ladies marketplace was where I was at, yo'!!

A bit paiseh to write these down my purchases but what the hell;

1) Maybelline Volume Express Waterproof Mascara
2) Orca eyeliner pencil
3) Lioele BB beyond the solution 10ml
4) Elianto eyebrow pencil (which I use as eyeliner wtf)
5) Elianto Nourishing Lip Balm (?)
6) Elianto Cream Concealer
7) 88 Color Eyeshadow Palette (I haven't seen it yet because it was mailed to my parents' place.... I can't wait to play around with it when I go back this weekend!)(<-- macam main dengan mom's make-up... nostalgia.... hahaha)

See number 3? I stumbled into a thread selling BB creams and somehow it was fascinating...

What is BB Cream?
BB stands for Blemish Balm. It was first designed by German to soothe and conceal the skin of people who underwent laser skin surgery. It contains healing ingredients to protect recovering skin and at the same time provides coverage of the blemish skin. Korean celebrities use BB cream to look radiant ( ...because they go under the knife a lot...? - GN) and people are impressed by its result. It starts to be popular in Asia.

Good for your skin... Then it turns out to be a pretty good make-up base and foundation as well. AWESOME.

The original brand was BRTC, though Skinfood, Etude, Missha and Elianto have them now as well. Other brands are Skin79 and Lioele. There's this Singaporean chick who is obsessed with them... on the bright side, she gives really good bb cream reviews.

I wanted to try BRTC BB cream, but no one is selling samples yet (dun wanna get the 2ml sample -___-;). I got Lioele instead. It's quite good. Makes my face look dewy and bright and less oily. I like it a lot.

In make-up mode. Minus mascara.
Make me look very the Korean, kan?

Only, the trouble with products from Korea, it would work best if you're fair to medium. I'm a little tanned (because I just got back from Lang Tengah with ML and her buddy, Jonny... will post abt that soon!!!). I like being tanned actually. IMO it's a really rich and sensual tone to possess. But just for one period of my life, I'm gonna try to make the tanned area of my body to resemble the tone of my stomach (the proof that I'm actually born fair wtf). So I got;

8) L'oreal UV Perfect (SPF 50 UVB, UVA PA+++) in Transparent Skin
9) nanowhite cell moist whitenor - actually this is to hydrate your skin
10) NIVEA body Whitening Milk Repair

I really want to try BRTC, because I hear that it blends into your natural skin tone. I'm debating whether to get a full tube of Lioele or to try out BRTC first....

Omg. I'm turning into my own worst nightmare -_____-;.

Well, in all honesty, I didn't splurge to the point of my wallet begging for sweet mercy. Even though someone up there has been screwing up my life a lil, that someone at -least- had the decency to do it the time when massive sale is going on. (I don't know if that's good or bad, because part of retail therapy joy is spending a decent amount of your hard-earned money for ultimate satisfaction)

(OOT: when my mom gets depressed, she starts buying excessive street food or indulging in fancy mancy bakery stuff. But she won't eat it. She makes people around her eat them -_________-;. Cunning, but smart.)

(OOT: reminds me, I also tend to eat expensive Japanese food when I'm depressed. The funniest part is, this time when I did, someone paid for my bill because he lost to me in sudoku ahahahahha innocent victim wtf. Sorry la, I really didn't know he'll keep his word...)

(UHM: Ya I know I say at first, 'don't ask, don't ask," but in the end I'll tell anyway -__-;. Ultimate fail at being coy and mysterious)

Maybe it's another of my fleeting obsession (past obsessions includes dabbling in dressmaking, candlemaking, modern dancing, computer gaming, making beads curtains, sewing... and so on). Just a clarification though... I don't think I'll EVER get super obsessed with make-up to the point of recognising the brushes' codes -____-;. I've been watching make-up tutorials, and they would hold up a brush and go, "Okay, this is MAC 219. We'll be using this for blablabla."


I was doing freelance for a friend. Then he was asking me, "Hey, do you want a Nintendo DS?" And I declined because it's not like I'm into that sort of thing. I mean, I do play games, but never serious enough to actually consider getting a PSP or a Nintendo DS. But then he took it out and it was PINK~~~~


So now I'm an accidental owner of an SD-less, no-game-yet Nintendo DS Lite in Coral Pink.
See la, my life damn celaka, do freelance supposed to have money coming in wan, but in the end, I have to fork out money to get the SD card and games orz.

I must make sure that my brain doesn't die T__T. Bimbohood wasn't my childhood dream wtf.

Other randomness

+ Have a look at this picture. See anything worth mentioning?

I will love you long long time if you
say it's the plug behind me wtf

... I has a huge gigantorrr pimple on my forehead. RIGHT SMACK MIDDLE RED AND BULGING. My colleagues keep pointing that out for me. As well as students who are close to me wtf. And my friends too -___-;. Really celaka lo... The first time I used the BB cream, I asked my colleague if he notice anything diff about my face. And he just poked my pimple -____-;. why pimple whyyyyy.

Oh well, don't wanna be arsed with it. It'll go soon. (It'd better disappear pronto!!)

+ Today my colleague asked me on gtalk if i needed a lift back home.
Then she went offline -___-;.

+ Office is sorta quiet and slightly boring. Because an evil lovable creature hath left the building. She is also known as my lembu wtf. More on that in a future post ;P


Miss Anis said...


gianne said...

yep, that's it.


future post la!! budak dewasa evil yang tak bersabar sabar betul... i is gatherings evidence of the insanity wtf. how come u no post on budak kici T___T

gianne said...

BTW!!! did you realise who is the innocent victim was who paid for my obligatory gluttony sushi meal when i was depressed?

donch donch donch donch ahahahah

Miss Anis said...

jyes. i realized eet long long time.

poor kid.

Charl said...

Oh i shouldnt worry if i were you. Ppl do strange things when they are depressed. when u are a little happier you will suddenly find urself with loads of makeup and coral-pink gadgets on ur hands & nothing to do with it.

worry? nahh.

well i mean, yknow maybe. yes. i mean..
a little. just a wee bit.

As in......

....WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON????? is our next girls' day out gonna be spent at shops previously reserved for fluffy giggly girls who idolise himbo boybands?? (runs around like a headless chicken for fear of losing good friend to strange virus)

OK. CALM DOWN. calm down. (deep breath)

u. are like. ur mom. no it's not quite a bad thing, it just happens. i'm a lot like my mom too, especially the bad bits. when u r depressed, u reach out for things that make u feel good. and pretty. which girl doesnt like to feel pretty? (cue song: "i feel pretty! oh so pretty! i feel pretty and witty and liiight! and i pity any girl that isn't me toniiiight!")

*personally i prefer to feel drop-dead sexy complete with Angelina lips, but maybe that's aiming a lil too high lol*

smtimes these things that make u feel pretty (and witty and light) brings abt a tremendous hormonal boost. it's logic i guess. by the way, and i swear to buddha i'm not sweetly lying, the last shot u posted in this entry is lovely. not head-turning, but ...well, i actually like it better than the makeup shot. mainly becoz u shot the makeup one awkwardly haha. if someone had taken it for u would look lots better. =P

Pimple? i thought that was a spot on my computer screen.


Anyway if this is another one of ur short-lived interests, then yes, it will go away. Though I'm not sure how u can afford things like Maybelline Waterproof Mascara, unless u're earning more from freelancing than i thought.

but...seriously, woman.

coral-pink nintendo??

gianne said...

[charl] i shall drag you to places filled with pink rainbows, unicorns, cotton candies, cupcakes, sugary sweet old ladies (not for eating ahem)and much much more pinkness in the worldddd!!!

i have a feeling that you'll just scream bloody murder and burst into flames from insanity if that happens XD

anyway, my skin looks too eerily perfect when i have that cream on. -is scareds somewhat-