Friday, August 08, 2008

Farewell, my sweet flip-phone

... And we gather here today to mourn a loss. (we = only me wtf)

I lost my darling SE W300i back in May in a mysterious, wtf way. Imagine this; I had it when I was in Bangsar LRT station... then it was gone by the time I reached Taman Bahagia station. It was nesting nicely in my bag, -within- another bag. It wasn't rush hour, so it wasn't packed at all. One jialat thing was that I had it in silent mode because I was running out of battery -____-;.

Perhaps I misplaced it. I'm still in denial, okay, so don't force me to admit that wtf ;_________;. Anyway, the ticket counter guy was really helpful, and tried helping me locate it by asking his colleagues to check the train and station. Obviously, with no avail.

Surprisingly, I was just like.... -shrug-. I wasn't reduced to a hysterical lump. Didn't fume at the gods, or lament tragically. It was pretty peaceful for me actually. Yes, I lost all my contacts, funny messages (my brother declaring that he will eat my dog Mylo) and also the pictures (like, my first cupcake attempt, where I made the icing too watery and it overflowed and resembled a uterus wtf)... and yet, it's sort of a fresh start. I felt sad, but relieved. My loss is not as drastic as a house burnt to crisps, but still.

I'm definitely one of those people who love hoarding memories, and in a way, the burden of it. I'm not saying it's bad, but it pulls you back at times. Sometimes a clean slate allows you to run freer. You can't run like the wind when you're dragging your house of memories behind you. And you can't let go. Every step, something is added to the pile. Then when the rope snaps, and whatever you're pulling along is gone. After you deal with the shock and sadness, maybe we could appreciate the blank state of things.

I started saying this in the very physical sense, but it sort of darts back and forth to the intangible side of it. Makes me think of this movie that I really like, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. Where the main character went through a process of erasing his memory of a girlfriend he loved because she hurt him really bad by erasing her memory of him. But as the erasing process was going on, he was watching the deletion... and in his horror, they are also erasing the memories most dear to him. Despite all the arguments and sadness, there will be the sweetest moments you've ever experienced... and to lose that?

Anyway, that's another blog entry. This is supposed to be a farewell to my handphone, dammit! I have yet to buy a new one; instead I'm using my old Nokia 3330 (because I'm that cheap wtf). My mom's phone is more technologically advanced than mine orz.

The thing I missed most after losing my camera handphone is that I can no longer take random pictures inconspicuously.

Like inconsiderate idiots on a train.
Had to wait till the train was less crowded before I could take this photo wtf. Full tram, and she had her stuff on both sides of her. Oi!

Criminal eye box for you!

Si Gemuk!!!!

Fat hammie is fat.


Brains for dinner.

But mom doesn't want us to know.

... much better.

Madie acting cute effortlessly.

I catch her to camwhore wtf.


There is this Japanese food store in The Gardens. My cousin and I love love love going there. Usually we aim for the near expiry ones because it's cheaper wtf. Also, one time we managed to get their Hokkaido milk at RM2 because it was expiring the next day, and omg, that milk tasted so friggin' good okay!! It's rich without being nauseating... We have since aimed to get the milk when it's near expiry, but oftentimes, we're too lazy to keep track of their shipments and too poor to buy it at normal price....

Honestly though, any slip in self-restraint would result in my bankruptcy.

Eat first, take picture later wtf.

One trip's haul

.... we sauce for you....


Miss Anis said...

fine. dedicate an entry for your stupid phone. and not me. FINE! *throws terence-like tantrum*

p/s: i'd sauce you

gianne said...

be patient my dear lembu....

Charl said...

Oh god. oh GOD. OH GoDdddD. what is that? whatever did u guys do to those poor cauliflowers? what did they do to deserve death by drowning in cement-mayonnaise and made to look like tumours protruding from The Blob's belly? What??? You're against cruelty to animals but not cruelty to food??

AWWWWwwwww looook cute hammie!!!!!
(short attention span? orz)

why now only mourn? has the greif of the loss just sunk in after (counts)3 months? oh well... (clears throat, reads eulogy) It was a faithful phone. A stylish phone. A phone that is gone before its time. Plastic to plastic, bytes to bytes. Ye shall be missed. But though ye walk through the shadow of the valley of Lost Gadgets, ye shalt feel no dear.

Charl said...

*fear! i meant fear.
(goddamnit, facepalm) "you shall feel no fear."

(serves me right for not clicking Preview befroe Publish)