Friday, August 22, 2008

Forgetting the ultimate heroes

Lee Chong Wei is getting a Datukship. Well, he won an Olympic silver medal for Malaysia. Made us proud (despite the final match being somewhat orz....). Datuk Lee Chong Wei? Awesome. Congratulations.
Not Olympic medal ;___;

I have utmost respect for athletes. Being a former volleyball player, I sort of understand the willpower, dedication and sacrifice needed to push yourself to the best you can be. The training to get to -that- point can be a heck of a torture, to your mind and body. It's not easy; people would say, that the sky is the limit! But in this case, we're simply human beings with limits (unless you take happy sports drugs wtf). Sometimes you just worry whether your super aching limbs will give way with your sports 'career' as the possible expense.

Therefore it's only fair to award these people for what they deserve.

Which brings me to this Malaysia forgetting about Misbun Sidek and his brothers?

I just happened to be discussing this with my colleagues when we were eating dinner together. So, I'm not being random, okay.

Chong Wei has only been in the badminton scene for 4 years, but Misbun has been in it for wayyyy longer than that. Until today, we have yet to win a Thomas Cup since Misbun's time. Even though he has technically retired from personally winning medals for this country, he still IS winning medals by training the future athletes of Malaysia.

I remember my favourite comic when I was in primary school was the 'Anak-anak Sidek' series. Damn nice, okay! Their antics, their nakalness, their strict father, their hardship and their love to 'lastic' lizards off their wooden house (<-- not recommended wtf)... made me laugh and wait impatiently for the next book. It's so enjoyable and Malaysian youths can relate to it (it was a hot buy in my school then).
During that time, my brother and me damn gungho played badminton until we were tanned like we're not our mother's children wtf. I could still remember my Po Po scolding us hahahah. In school, it was some of my friends' favourite sport as well. So in a way, they have instilled the love of the sport in us. It's just not right. This country owes him a recognition of appreciation.
Malaysia needs to hug Misbun like how CW is hugging him wtf

I recall vaguely that there were some conflicts between the Sidek brothers and Badminton Assos. of Malaysia or something like that la... but it's just strange that a somewhat fresh-on-scene badminton player would be awarded a Datukship over someone like Misbun. Don't tell me he KO-ed only they give the title because it'd be really -____-;.

I wonder if anyone else found this strange. Have yet to read this week's papers, so I have no idea.


Beer Brat said...

Gianne, you got your wish.. he is now a datuk

Charl said...

BIGGO DEAL. Like a Datukship still has prestige in this country... I'm kinda sad that any half-witted sycophant can get a title nowadays, when it truly should be reserved for heroes like C.Wei and Misbun.

Btw, and i dun wanna sound like self-pitying or anythin, but.... WHY was i the only kid in class who couldn't hit a shuttlecock for shit? i mean from day one right till secondary school years. always seems like in the whole class, i'm the only one who truly sucks. other ppl at least mediocre, hit & miss. i hated PJ period whenever we had to play badminton. hated it with a vengeance.

till today all my friends can play better than me. [sob, brood, angst, emo-fit]

(OK bitterness over lol) o__O

Also, was reading ur kepoh-board & laughing away at that idiot's comments which reek of "DESPERATE PLEA FOR ATTENTION becoz i have issues with my parents and my wee-wee is really small and i can't get a date" .....LoL.

Oh, and.....
AWESOME new layout design! u do it urself?

gianne said...

[beer brat] oh yea, i saw that too! -happy-

[charl] true, it's not a big deal to us. but it would be nice on his part la.

i know why u suck at badminton. in your past life, u treated the shuttlecock's ancestors very badly. it's karma. my womanly intuition says so. wtf.

yep! i dids it yay!~ although i'm not hardworking enough to change the rest of the layout lol.