Friday, August 29, 2008

Lumps in the carpet

Everytime you sweep unresolved issues under the carpet, meant to be forgotten... you forget that i'll forever be tripping over these lumps in life.

This is my friggin' carpet!!! Stop adding lumps because I cannot remove it. But you can.


And I'm waiting for the day that I know will never come.

Until then, I will never be truly happy. This is my premonition for myself.


Silhouette said...

Maybe you should vacuum it every once in a while. Or even move to a room which isnt carpeted and things cannot be piled into closets or beneath the floor boards. Sometimes sheer starkness is the best.

gianne said...

you know my story. it'll be so damn releasing if i just go on a fresh new start, but that's not how life is. i can, but i can't.

the carpet is my foundation that i'm standing on, my history that i cannot move away from... the lumps will only get bigger unless it's solved.

it's not that simple.